Homeopathy Tips for 1/26/10 The Machines

I often get questions about the machines used in homeopathy. These machines are not really machines as there are no moving parts but are electronic or computer instruments that are used to diagnose or treat patients with. There seems to be a bit of confusion if this is homeopathy or not. Please let me explain.

In our modern world of homeopathy we have many doctors who have been allopathically trained and want to do alternative medicine. Unfortunately for them there are not many places in the USA that have an alternative medical board so they are not allowed to do anything outside of what is AMA approved. This really limits the doctor who is regulated by a state medical board that does not recognize alternative treatments.

In Nevada we have a Homeopathic Medical Board that regulates homeopathy and alternative medicine. Many doctors come to Nevada to get licensed so they can legally use alternative treatments. Because the scope of practice is much greater than homeopathy and these doctors are allopathically trained, there are really no other true classical homeopaths here. This leads to a lot of confusion from clients and students who say that they have been to a homeopath only to describe a doctor who uses some machine to diagnose and treat.

The machines used come in a variety of forms from the Vega tester, based on electroacupuncture by Voll, to the CoRe computer program used to diagnose and treat, and many others in between. These machines are really electronic instruments that operate  by electrical resistance and capacitance of the individual being tested. A probe is used to press against the skin and a meter or signal sound is used to hear or see the response to the probe. Many times these are used in diagnosis, where by process of elimination positive responses are narrowed down to a “correct answer”.

In many cases the practitioner can be anyone and it is not required to be a doctor or homeopath. Some doctors rely on these machines to do all of their diagnosis and treatment plans. To quote a familiar commercial for Gieco Insurance, “It’s so easy even a caveman can do it.”  To me this is not homeopathy or good medicine.

If the device is used to verify a treatment or diagnosis it is acting in a capacity similar to kenisiology or muscle testing. But even kenisiology has a little more validity since the involuntary muscle resistance and the answer to the questions are provided by the patient’s response and not a machine.

Others use a random sampling generator to give percentages of  “hits” to a disease diagnosis name, remedy or mode of treatment. Some have receptacles to hold water or a substrate that can be used to “infuse” energy into the medium. In real homeopathy the medicines are prepared by exact methods described in the Homeopathic Pharmacopia of Medicine and regulated by the FDA. Real substances specifically described must be used and succussion of remedies must be done manually. These medicines are prepared in Federally licensed homeopathic pharmaceutical laboratories.

The instruments or computer programs have no moving parts and the operator is told that he/she has influence in the process. This is supported by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle that says that the observer effects the outcome of what is being observed. In reality inside the computer is a collection of electrons that when projected on to the screen are organized as characters that we interpret as letters. These letters are then further interpreted as words that have meaning. So when   b-e-l-l-a-d-o-n-n-a   is selected it is meant that this is the remedy Belladonna. It is not. The potency and treatment plan may be selected in the same way as well. This is NOT homeopathy.

Homeopathy means similar suffering. Hahnemann gave us a very clear guide for the practice of homeopathy in the Organon and made many references to the qualities that a physician must have to do homeopathy correctly. It is a sacred moment in time when the homeopath and the client come together if the faculties of pure observation by the unprejudiced, observing physician are used. The physician then becomes a part of the process of case receiving and must be a clear channel so that the morbid disturbance in the vital force can be seen and understood. This requires that the homeopath be trained and experienced.

Doctors who use the machines have usually been trained to think allopathically long before being introduced to homeopathy. It is a special doctor who can let go of materialistic assumptions and embrace a true understanding of the vital force. If the doctor uses a machine to do the critical process of case analysis, remedy selection and the treatment plan, he is not doing homeopathy. Homeopathy is not the medicine, but the reason to give the medicine.

In my opinion it is much easier to become an allopathic doctor than a classical homeopath. The doctor has a lot of didactic learning and is guided by diagnosis. Once diagnosis is done then the protocol is described by the AMA and the state Medical Board. If the doctor does not follow this protocol then he is very susceptible to malpractice lawsuits and the loss of his license. There is no individual approach to the patient or treatment.

Becoming a homeopath requires great clarity and personal evolution to be an unprejudiced observer. Knowledge of materia medica is vast, and much experience is needed to learn the art of homeopathy. There is a closer connection to the patient and every case is different. This is something that is learned after many years of cases and much diligence by the homeopath. It is an ongoing process akin to a spiritual evolution for the homeopath. It is not a cut and dried approach to medicine and healing. A machine cannot do this process.

So if you come across one of the many doctors using machines that are doing “homeopathy”, be very careful. They may not hurt you but they may keep you from seeing a real homeopath and doing real homeopathy. Remember that the machine or the doctor using them is not what real homeopathy is about. When the machines do not work and are represented as “homeopathy”, it gives real homeopathy a bad reputation. Do not fall for the electronic wizardry of the machines.

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  1. Virginia R Ghaziri on

    My own daughter in New Zealand who is a cranial osteopath was led to believe that homeopathy is that simple and questioned my studying for 4 years. It all comes down to the quick fix that everyone is looking for .

  2. Sarah on

    The sad thing is these regulated MD’s can prescribe actual poison from the drug companies but can’t prescribe something that might actually help healing.

    Also sad, the baboons who are going to prove homoeopathy doesn’t work by mass overdosing on Jan. 30 are either going to feel nothing and ‘prove’ their point or get incredibly sick and sue Boots Pharmacy for selling it.

    Truth has a hard time existing these days.

  3. S K Kalra on

    I know a Doctor in Kanpur who has MD degree in Physiology. He is a son of a reputed Homeopath. Seeing allopathy failure in many cases and successful results in Homeopathy by father, son with MD degree studied Homeopathy thoroughly. He is earning in 5 figures per month, with the help of his deep knowledge in physiology, good command over materia medica and a computer programme on his table. Still some cases that defy the solution reffered to his old father,who solves them without knowledge of physiology and without computerised rubrics, only with his pure Hahnemanian approach.


  4. Dr.G.K.Mohanachandran on

    In my opinion A Homeopath can only select the correct remedy
    only by his vast knowledge materiamedica & the knowledge of
    taking the totality of symptoms from the patient and the
    by stander,and also by his vast experience of casetaking.

  5. Anna Christensen on

    I’ve experienced great benefit through the use of a couple of these software programs. The zero point infoceutical and biodecoding work of Fraser and Massey has much to recommend it. Through it I was able to get a definitive diagnosis of celiac disease after a lifetime of suffering that NO doctor had been able to pinpoint. I honestly feel it would have mutated into cancer if it hadn’t been caught when it was.
    These technologies work, is my point. No, they are not homeopathy, though their therapeutics have a familar feel once in the system. The practitioners using them do need specialized training. Rather than feeling threatened and condemning them for what they are not, a more intelligent response might be to do some thorough research and perhaps even experience them for yourselves.
    They are new, and don’t yet have the proven track record of homeopathy. It kind of feels as if you are persecuting their concepts/use in exactly the same way as homeopathy has been persecuted, and still is in some places.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Anna,

      The problem is that the machines are most often represented as Homeopathy. I am not persecuting them. There is not really any science to this new field of medicine. Energetic medicine has many feathers in their caps and if it were represented as such then I would not have a problem with them. The machines that treat a person are NOT giving a remedy as we refer to it in classical homeopathy. I do not dipute that something could occur but it is not based on pure observation of the unprejudiced homeopath and knowlege of materia medica with sound principles of the homeopathic healing art. This is the point of this article. Thanks for your comment and I am really happy that you have benefitted.

      Robert Field

  6. B.K.Khurana on

    In my opinion, with a view to derive optimum beneficial results for treating patients homeopathically, instead of blindly relying on the mechanism of available softwares/machines, it would be worthile to seek its simultaneous assistance in diagonising the symptoms of ailment by aplying continus mental skills, for administering medicine.


  7. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Homeopath is a unique way of curing chronic diseases which could not be cured by the experienced Allopaths and they sometimes told to patients’ relative to relax. This is an electronic age we can use it with experience to diagnose and reduce time and also correctly select remedy with potency. proceed with HOEOPATH!

  8. waqar ahmed shamsi on

    Really very tough to be a real homeopath as compared to Allopathic doctor

  9. Philip Joseph on

    It is very tough to be an accomplished homeopath but desirable after many years of study & experience & guidance. Many of the machines for homeopathic remedy diagnosis didnt succeed or last. But I was intrigued by a book written long ago (in 1932 by George Henshaw) called ‘Flocculation test for determining Homeopathic remedy’. I read it more than 10 years back (it is probably out of print now) and vaguely recollect it suggested a drop of the patient’s blood to be dropped into samples of the closest remedy solutions (arrived at by careful case taking) and observed for specific changes in 24 hours. I would be very interested to know if anyone has experience of this method. Nothing should replace good, detailed and careful case taking to arrive at the similimmum, but sometimes young homeopaths would like to see confirmation of their remedy choice. Certainly, I would. Or am I looking for the Holy Grail or some Utopia? I don’t remember the principle behind the flocullation method and I hope some reader here will have more information about this method to enlighten me and my homeopathic brethren.

  10. naseermuhammad on

    Homeopathic two words art & science. arts methods is mechanical methnods like machine science methods

    proving medicine . doctor work as machine to put out similar medicne of the case taking history trace out similar. it require great experience materia medica repertory Pathology.another important on experience of
    computer knowledge with care programme of repertorization
    of similar medicine.

  11. K.Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Can a machine find out the mental condition, whether he has as detailed in the homeopathic repertories? What type of pain he has? What are the modalities & other sensations?

    • dr shahab khan on

      study kent metria medica book

  12. Dr.Sarfaraz on

    Homeopathy seems to be medicine of future,the article gives a very informative discussion.


    • dr shahab khan on

      this is good web side

  13. Arthritis Pain Relief : on

    alternative treatments that are based on natural and organic stuffs are the best ~

    • dr shahab khan on

      calc – phos 6x

  14. Dominic Henshaw on

    Hello, I am a medical student who’s yet to finish his studies but on discovering this technology, I want to devote my entire life to studying, applying and improving on it and also willing to drop this form medicine I am studying and go further with these remedies because I believe this what my people need, this is the future of health development to take away from adverse(unwanted) effects of drugs. But my problem is now how to get the finance to do this because my people don’t see any future in it and are not ready to help me do anything concerning it. So how can I be helped?

    Dominic Edet Henshaw
    Calabar, CRS

    Thank You

  15. Adusei poku lshmeal on

    l like homeopathy treatment.

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