Homeopathy Tips for 1/24/12 The Universe is Screaming at You

Do you ever wonder why things work out the way they do? Why we suffer the myriad of ways in life aside from our health. Or why things seem to work out despite our fears? I know that the universe is not just a random chaotic accident. I do not believe in accidents. Everything has its purpose and the universe is always reflecting to us exactly what we need.

In homeopathy we focus mainly on health and the relationship to the body. But what if one considers the entire realm of a persons experience an extension of his/her body. Then things outside of our sphere and control seem to have a different effect.

It is never about the “outer world” of our life experience. Our outer world can not exist without our inner worlds interpretations. Often though we feel victimized by life circumstances and events seem out of our control. Often they are out of our control but they may also have significant meaning to us. If we look at a person’s life story as an extension of their body then many metaphors can be expressed that are perfect expressions of their own energy.

The body does not make mistakes. Every expression of illness has meaning and is the vital forces attempt to prolong life. Often this comes at a cost to our health and enjoyment of life but every expression of dis-ease is an attempt to bring a resolution to some mental/emotional/spiritual conflict. If we look long or deep enough we may eventually see the meaning of it.

Often we will get clues as to what is going on for our body by the things that happen to us in life. The little events that can slip by unnoticed can have great significance if watched and understood. The universe is screaming at you. We just need to be aware to recognize it. As a homeopath a persons story will be providing the pattern of energy that is asking to be healed. By paying attention to our own story as well we can help see the clues to our own life as well as others and be a better channel for healing.

Heres a quick example. I have been having trouble with pain in my left foot. I didn’t know the cause. While sitting with friends one day I slid my chair back and the back left leg fell into a crack in the deck. The chair collapsed and I could not move. It was no accident that it was this leg. Later while shopping for a used wood stove I found the perfect stove and guess what needed repair. The back left leg. This corresponds to my left foot.

Now in the mean time I had an x-ray and determined that there was a bone spur on the navicular bone of my foot causing the problem. According to Total Biology the meaning of this is a constriction in the flow. This could be a flow to mother, blood, energy.

At the same time I had some plumbing done that required running new pipes from a pump to the outlet. When it was all plumbed and ready  it was my responsibility to install the pumps etc. to complete the project.  I went to get more information from the pump people Iand found out that ALL of the pipes from the pump to the outlets were too small. There was a constriction in the pipes. Now this may seem like an accident but I saw this as the universe screaming at me about the constriction in my foot.

It all seems very unrelated but in fact completes the story. Was it random that all of these events happened and without meaning? I do not think so. In fact this brought greater clarity to the pain in my foot. It all tied together.

When I listen to a case I put the persons entire story into a perspective and a timeline. There are always clues as to the roots of the suffering and more to the “story”.

So when you watch the events unfold in your life or listen to the life events of another, pay attention. The universe is screaming at you!

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  1. Syed Husain on

    Incidents occur in every human being’s life.Some times they occur in a few moments that no body can even conceive about these sudden incidents. Yesterday a student when he was playing Basketball suddenly fell down on the ground and expired. Today in another incident a young boy with a fast speed overtook the side resulting a big accident. Life is full of incidents. Face it.

  2. Ariel on

    My mind is wondering what rubrics & remedies would have this kind of constriction?

  3. Agilan on

    This is how I see life and the drama of life on earth:
    When we are born we bring data or karma. Data is all the thoughts, deeds, action from the beginning of creation to now. So these data run us. It wants attention so that we can resolve it.Erasing data let us become more free. When we are free from data then we are inspired. Inspiration is divinity in action.
    In homeopathy, when we clear the data in us we will be able to hear, understand and see the data that is running the other person. We will be able to fully understand ‘what is asking to heal’ – within the spirit of that person. Homeopathy is a remedy for the spirit, the spirit that has all the data and is trying to resolve it, just as divinity the remedy works to inspire the spirit.

  4. Aaron Wolfe on

    It was taught to me that we are all spiritual beings made of PURE essence from our creator. That essence being so pure, cannot contain an impurity without suffering the effects of that impurity.Whether it be a simple thought that must be corrected, an inner knowingness of an outside situation which is not addressed or even known about consciously or an outside assalt by whatever means, to correct the effects of this impurity. When we are enlightened to our own essence, able to see the whole picture of our personal life and how it unfolds, we heal quickly. Some of us that are still growing in our personal enlightenment however, need that intervention and the inspiration of the remedies to assist in our true healing.

  5. Karen on

    Awesome! Thanks for the example…Did you ever get your ankle fixed?

    • debdas on

      I want to know more.

    • Robert Field on

      I’m working on it!!

  6. lakshmi on

    What a coinsidence sir.This is a god’s school.

  7. Zille Subhani on

    Yes that is very true. In organon, at several places, Dr. Hahnemann has mentioned that we should listen patient’s description of his sufferings and sensations, and attach credence to his own expressions to understand his ailment very well. In all disease weather it is acute or chronic we need to do investigation of his true, complete picture to have a through knowledge of the nature of his perticular disease. This will direct homeopaths to “like cure like” and that is this healing art “HOMEOPATHY”.
    Best Regards
    Jeddah Saudi Arabia
    Ph: 00966-504662505
    fax: [email protected]

  8. Trish on

    Welcome to Earth School! It’s all just information and we can or cannot give it meaning. There are no accidents. Excellent observation on your part! Varicosities? Opening to Mother’s love? What’s the diff? Only you can know. Staring on the next leg of your journey? I trust that you know just what will heal. Namaste.

  9. M. El Siddig on

    We all beleive that our main 100% cure for Homeopathy is addressing the Mind Picture ( Inner disturbances) to reach the cure and come back to life and of course homeopathy is art in side our personal as healers artists ,,, that is why the physical aliments cases lay under confused cases because it poor to the mind picture to lead to the right Rxs
    M. El Siddig , HD

  10. ofalltheginjoints on

    I’m not sure the universe is screaming but it certainly is reflecting our own thoughts/focus. Never understood Jungs explanation for this but he certainly was a believer as I understand. It’s not just our bodily, health issues that we find reflected in our outer world but anything really we focus on, that has our concerned attention. What this really is, is beyond comprehension I believe. And really not of any real true value. If it was strictly a reminder for us to take action for our physical health thats one thing… but the “universe” reflects back just about anything we focus on in a concerned way. Most don’t recognize it though. And, I’m not sure its worth recognizing.

  11. dr Sudhiir L Gesota on

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