Homeopathy Tips for 12/29/09 The Vessel Needs to Break

When treating chronic illness there comes a time when the return of old symptoms can challenge the homeopath as to what to do next. If it is not clearly understood where a person is in their healing cycle, it can be most frustrating for the homeopath. He may even be tempted to change the remedy because it seems the remedy has stopped working. Understanding the bigger picture is vital to successful case management.

Often when a person has been doing well and responding to the most beneficial remedy, a time will come when it seems that all of the old symptoms return. Sometimes this is referred to as an aggravation. If this occurs after years of successful treatment, it can be very confusing. Why after all of this time is the person suffering like when they first started to take the remedy? Shouldn’t the person be getting better still?

I have seen this scenario play out many times in the course of healing chronic illness. If it is not understood where the person is at in their bigger healing cycle, it is tempting to change the remedy.

The physical body is the reflection of the spiritual vital force. There is really no other way to express it in this time/space continuum that we are locked into. The physical body is the vessel for the spiritual vital force. As we heal it must break in order to expand and hold more spiritual light. When this occurs it is seen as a return of the old symptoms.  This is necessary in order for us to grow spiritually.

When this occurs after successful treatment, it usually indicates that a greater healing is happening. If it is misunderstood, then the homeopath is tempted to change the remedy and miss the opportunity that is presenting itself.

The best approach is to support the healing process as the vessel breaks so it can expand. Continue the same remedy but change the potency. Changing the potency will support this process and the person should go through their “aggravation” and heal in a greater way.

I have seen this happen many times and it is usually indicative of the person having reached 80% of their healing. The last 20% can seem like everything finally falls into place for the person as the vessel rebuilds itself. The body is literally becoming a new vessel that holds more spiritual light; that is a more truthful reflection of health.

So the next time you become confused seeing a person who has been healing fine over an extended period of time, seemingly take a giant step backwards, recognize where they are in their greater healing. Change the potency of the remedy that got them this far and you will probably see the miracle that you have been expecting. Healing never proceeds in a straight path. The vessel always needs to break in order to expand; to hold more light. This is how true healing happens.

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  1. Helena on

    Thank you Robert I appreciate very nuch your willingness and ability to repeat the essential teachings in all the levels, it makes it so much easier to follow and to realize how homeopathic remedies work and how healing takes place

  2. Anukant on

    Thanks for guiding the path when really maximum of doctors choose the wrong path. I would also like to thanks for your willingness to make difficult topics easy and understandable.

  3. Samuel Oppong-Boadi on

    This advise is wonderful because it will go a long way to guide and inspire me when the going become tough.
    Thank you.

  4. Gerald Field on

    Thanks, Robert. I value this understanding of how healing is orchestrated by the spiritual body.

  5. Dr.Sarfaraz on

    Dr. Robert,
    Your approach to the healing process is excellent from homeopathic point of view.The patient’s spirit must be high and this is best pscycological approach as well.

  6. Michelle on

    Very timely. Thank you.

  7. Benjamin on

    Well said. Regeneration is often painful, no matter which form or process it takes.
    Pain is the mother of change and change is the seed of growth. And growth my friends, is the fruit of Life.


      Respected Sir,
      You have Superbly said the truth!

  8. Anna Christensen on

    Thanks for the perfect timing of this particular tip. This is just exactly what I need to remember right now. Anna

  9. Ray Malecki on

    In Organon 6, Dr Hahnemann says that when this happens using his recommended course of gradually increasing LM potencies, that the correct action when the symptoms return is to stop the remedy (and all remedies), and allow the healing to proceed on its own. I don’t recollect the exact time frame, but I believe he says about 2 weeks is usual.

  10. K.Rajagopala Kurup. on

    well said!
    But I may add that it may be wise to keep the patient also be informed of it, to avoid him running away?

  11. megha jain on

    thankyou it is very beneficial 4 me

  12. Poonam on

    Thanks for reaffirming faith in the power of homeopathy.
    Happy New Year to all.

  13. Yvonne on

    Strangely enough a patient was started on CALC-CARB 200 every 15 days and in 2.1/2 months was cured from a thyroid malfunction. Today she is changed to CAUSTICUM 10M and seems to be doing well. How would you explain this?

    Yvonne, The body has an amazing ability to heal if given the proper inspiration. It looks as though the prescriber did a very good job and helped this person heal perfectly. Only homeopathy or other spiritual type healing can acheive these results.
    Thanks for your comment,
    Robert Field

  14. Yvonne on



  15. Wish an Enlightening New Year-2010
    Dear Robert & all his followers
    and hope the team would successfully lead to
    the detailed exploration of the spiritual system
    manifesting mentally,emotionally & physically
    and find the cause & remedy.

  16. mah-jabeen on

    thanks Robert all the time you send more information .God help u and happy new year to all readers bye

  17. Mahmood on

    Thank you for sending details, surely this application helps dr. to carry treatment confidently.

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