Homeopathy Tips for 12/28/10 The New Year

With Christmas just passed and the New Year beginning in a few days it is a good time to really review the last year and set our intention for the New Year. Having just started winter and shorter days again last week with a total lunar eclipse, it is an especially potent time to really take stock of our lives and get very clear about where we are wanting to go in our future.

Our job as homeopaths require us to be clear, unprejudiced observers. This is a constant call for our spiritual purification and evolution. For us to be all we can be as a homeopath, we need to be all we can be as a  person as well. There is really no separation between these roles. How we show up in life equals how we show up as a homeopath. Homeopathy being spiritual medicine requires that we are doing our spiritual work.

Now is a perfect time to look back upon the last year of your life and review your accomplishments and your failures. Try to be as unprejudiced about yourself as you are about others. Most often we are our own worst enemy and the judgments we carry about ourselves get projected in to our world.

We can also blind to some our shortcomings and it is always a good idea to practice being the same unprejudiced observer with ourselves as we find aspects of ourselves that need some work. Be kind and gentle with yourself; but firm and honest.

The New Year being just a few days away, and having it start with a total eclipse of the moon on the solstice last week, really gives us much support as we set our intention for next 12 months. After a review of the last year now set your sights to the fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations. If there were any aspects of the last year that you wished you had responded better to, make a commitment to yourself that you will do better in the next year. Now is always a good time for change.

After reviewing the last year I am very happy to say that there are now over 3,000 subscribers to this newsletter. The fact that I write about homeopathy with a focus on being the homeopath, it addresses a pretty small niche in the bigger scheme of things. But to me having over 3,000 readers means that there at least this many people who are either wanting to be homeopaths or are practicing. My hope is that this number will continue to grow reflecting the growth of homeopathy worldwide.

So to bring 2010 to a close, my prayer is that all of you continue to do G-d’s work, taking your spiritual practices to a higher level. This will be reflected in how you are able to help others. Someday there will be far less suffering in the world if this is our intent. Be happy, healthy and prosperous in the new year.

With much love and many blessings,


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  1. Rohitash singh on

    Hallo sir, Your advice is quite right. Human is the cell of society and country. If he has good ideas for future, then not only he but all country goes on prosperous.

    Thanking you,
    Rohitash Singh

  2. P.P.Jayanthi on

    Thanks. I am not getting the Homeopathy Tips articles for the last 60 days. Kindly arrange to forward the Homeopathy Tips to the aforesaid email Id. Thanking you.

    Yours sincerely,

  3. Muhammad Siddique on

    We are sorry to say ” You lost Mum in 2010. May Allah bless Her.

  4. Surya Prakash C N on

    Thanks a lot for your advice, still iam eagerly waiting for your advice on treatment of piles and fistula and much anticipating the issue in the day’s to follow.

    thanks again

    Surya Prakash C N

  5. Dr. Rajendra Fegade on


  6. dr naseer on


    with best wishes

  7. ramakrishnan.r on

    We are waiting for your valuable tips or advice on the treatnent of leucoderma / vitiligo. Thank you.

  8. FaMa on

    Thank you sir.
    My best wishes for the new year.

  9. Shirley on

    Congratulations for reaching the 3,000 mark!
    I am continually touched by your generous heart and the commitment you bring to your students to be who we truly are. This state of truth is what allows us to give something back to the world as homeopaths.
    Happy New Year!

  10. sara gaviria on

    con un gran respeto me dirijo a ud. aunque nunca he apretado tu mano hoy quiero darte las gracias por todo la sabiduria que nos incluyes y esto ayuda a vivir y ver lo que necesitamos y asi mismo a servir en el momento oportuno a un ser que nos necesite un abrazo

  11. dr ksl narayana on

    thank u for your untiring efforts to educate the mass with your vluable guidance about curing vairous problems. Now may I request you to kindly throw more light on the subject as to how one can enhance immune system in the body by using homoeopathy

  12. Robert Lal on

    Thank u sir for your good wishes for the new year. I pray that all your efforts prosper in 2011.And you get hundredfold result in adding another lot of 3000 readers in the new year! I am encouraged to learn that Homeopathy is a spiritual medicine and it cures one naturally and I believe it is G-D,s plan to see His children loving and healthy being.May God bless all the readers in the NEW YEAR!

  13. Stella Foots on

    Greatly appreciate your prayer, and spiritual insight as to closely examining our walk in 2010, then moving forward to a higher level that will bless oneself and others. Jesus summed it up in two commands: To love God, and your neighbor as thyself. Here’s to Robert!! Thanks for giving, happy 2011.
    Oceans of love,
    Stella @ Samoa

  14. Trish Parrish on

    Thank you for your commitment to Homeopathy and to the healing of all humankind. You inspire me to stay awake and to value my innate connection to All. May the circle be unbroken! Lovepeace, Trish

  15. mohammedhussain on

    thanks, may allaha blessing you

  16. Asghar Ali on

    Self assessment is the key to success. I wish you season’s best greetings and wish you well. From the mail of Mr. Muhammad Siddique I have learnt about the sad demise of your mother. May ALLAH rest her soul in peace and grant you courage to bear this great loss – Aameen.

  17. chain singh Shekhawat on

    Thanks a lot u sir for your good wishes for the new year. I pray that all your efforts prosper in New year 2011. I am encouraged to learn that Homeopathy is a spiritual medicine and it cures one naturally and I believe it is G-D,s plan to see His children loving and healthy being.May God bless all the readers in the NEW YEAR!

  18. Anthony on

    Thanks Dr Robert I hope you have a Happy & Healthy 2011. Anthony

  19. Monina Vazquez on

    Thank you Robert for all the tips and knowledge you give us month by month.
    Have a very happy New Year with lots of Blessings!

  20. Salvador on

    Hi Robert!

    Thank you very much for your good homeopathic view and work! Keep going!

  21. iqra mughal on

    yes sir
    your advice is very useful for us. we can make improvements in our work by following your advice……….

  22. priyanka on

    thanks sir

    your advice is really helpfull

  23. ginni ghaziri on


  24. Dr.Abdul Mannan Howlader on

    Dear Dr.Robert,
    I am very much impressed by your new year greetings.Hope that you will continue ur efforts to enlighten us with ur valued comments on homeopathy.
    I want tell you pne of my personal problem.For last few months I have been suffering from severe heel pain.The pain is so acute that Ican not walk.I took medicine from reputed alopathic physician.Now I am looking forward to u to advise me what can I do that will help me to cure my heel pain.
    Best regards,
    Dr.A.M. Howlader

    • Robert Field on

      Hello Dr,
      You must speak with a homeopath. remember that you are not your heel. Your heel is a part of you. Homeopathy is for your whole being. When you are inspired to heal your heel will then get better. There is NO heel remedy in homeopathy. Only a remedy for the person.
      Robert Field

  25. Tajmul Basha on

    Thanq you, for the greeetings and I wish all the leaving a healthy new year with homoeo system

  26. komal kadam. on

    it’very nice

  27. Apram Virgo on

    Dear Sir,
    Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2011. May God Bless You With Wealth,Good Health And Long Life.
    Sorry for being late.
    Apram V.

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