Homeopathy Tips for 12/23/08 Cold Weather Exposure

    The  solstice just arrived and winter is finally here. This means the arrival of cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere. The last few weeks have been very cold in Reno, Nevada with the temperature getting to a little above freezing during the day and much colder during the night. Snow keeps falling. The really good part of all of this is that the days are now starting to get longer again.

       With all of the cold weather it is imperative to protect yourself during this time of year. If a person did not have adequate shelter they could die of exposure.  If they were lucky they may only suffer from hypothermia, a severe loss of body heat. This can occur after prolonged exposure in water that is cooler than the body temperature or exposure to cold air.

        When hypothermia sets in there is a general confusion of thinking. At first it seems that ordinary tasks take longer and coordination begins to be compromised. If a person does not get warm soon more severe confusion begins and decision making will be next to impossible. At this stage the mind will not serve us very well. After the uncontrollable shaking subsides the person will often feel very warm and want to take off any protective clothing. At this point death is eminent unless help arrives soon.

        Many people do survive extreme exposure though and homeopathy is often the best source for inspiring their recovery. Aconite is the first remedy to think of in the emergency hypothermia. Often the person will be in shock and Aconite may prevent death.

      Another remedy that may be very useful is Agaricus. Agaricus is the very best remedy for frostbite. When the skin has frozen and nerve and tissue damage has occurred, the pains can be severe when the body returns to normal temperature. The pains are usually felt as if being pierced by a thousand needles. Agaricus is most indicated and can help the body regenerate tissue damaged by the cold.

      If the person exposed to cold has survived their ordeal but is in a state of complete exhaustion Carbo Vegetablis should be considered. When their body temperature has returned to normal they may feel a sensation of suffocation and want air. This would be the leading indicator for Carbo Vegetablis.

      Heloderma may also be helpful in milder cases where the person exposed just cannot seem to get warm. The sensations are of an Arctic coldness. A cold to the bone, from within outward. The sensation of Heloderma has been described as  being the coldest remedy in our Materia Medica.

      Reserpinium is an alkaloid of Rauwolfia Serpentina and may also be a remedy that can help in severe hypothermia. There is a slowing of the mind and muscular hypotonia. This can be a total lack of movement. There is a feeling as if the nerves are at the skin level. This describes the picture of hypothermia and frostbite and could be most useful. I would think these remedies would be very useful on mountain climbing expeditions along with Coca for high altitude hypoxia.

       Other remedies that may be useful for exposure to the glare of the sun off of snow are Apis Mellifica, Cicuta Virosa and Kali Muriaticum. All of these remedies are very good for snow blindness.

        So if you live in a cold snowy location or visit these places for recreation, having these remedies on hand could save a life. Each year many people die of exposure and often the only help a person can get is to be warmed up. This process can be very painful. Even with hospitalization and surgery for dead tissue there is nothing like homeopathy to help a person heal from exposure to the cold.

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  1. Caroline O' Callaghan on

    Many happy returns! Thanks for all your hard work, commitment and dedication to homeopathy. Happy holidays!


    Hay Mr.Robert
    I am living in hot weather place. your todays topic is very intrested and i gained a new knowlege about cold weather remedies and patients thankyou very much.and HAPY CRISMIS. best regards.

  3. Rusty on

    These are wonderful remedies for those of us who spend a great deal of time in the high-altitude winter backcountry. My husband, for one, is very prone to hypothermia. I will add these to our emergency kit today! Thank you.
    I wish everyone a very happy, healthy year to come!


    Dear sir,
    For instant decision, It is very good advice for a doctor.

  5. Marie on

    Very useful! You have explained it very simply when others can complicate it. Living in these conditions – during this season – can be hazardous. I once had a friend who had their ear removed. With Homeopathy that may have been prevented…..

  6. Prabhat on

    Thanks for the sincere advice !! But one thing about Agaricus , though M.M. & the therapeutic hints towards its effectiveness in Chilblain but I found it’s ineffective in this condition though the symptoms correspond .May be some another medicine be effective ! In India & specially in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh where I belong cold chilly weather comes in late December in a full swing. It lasts for a month or so ,the majority of cases come for acute respiratory disorder .Any therapeutic hint for COPD cases?

    Hi Prabhat,
    It is important to individualize the symptoms of each case. A way to narrow your search might be to look at those remedies that are good for the Tubercular miasm. Many acute resperitory problems indicate this. Tuberculinum may help relieve the miasmatic tendency.
    Good luck,

  7. K. Rajagopala Kurup on

    Dear Robert,
    I was not aware of Reserpinium. It is an eyeopener for me.
    I would like to know the medicines for two problems now.
    1. My wife over 60, lost her smell over35 years back. She can get at times some petrol smell, like that, very faint. Now it is a way of life. But at least for academic purpose I would like to know if any medicine is available.
    2. My grand son, 3 + when urinating, the prepuce BALOONS up. What could be done.

    Hi Kurup,
    What was going on in her life at the time or just before. There are 125 remedies in the Complete Repertory that have smelling; lost. Only one remedy for the illusion of oil burning-Raphanus. It does not cross with the loss of smell. You must take a complete case to really find the best remedy. It will be a remedy for her and not for just her symptoms.
    For your grandson 19 remedies have the combined symptoms of swelling of the prepuce and urination aggravates. Of these 3 really stand out, Canni-S, Apis and Cantharis. You have given no indications of the sensations he feels so it is hard to say which might help him most. Again, take his case and give a remedy for him, not just his symptoms. Good luck,
    Robert Field

  8. K. Rajagopala Kurup on

    I am staying in a place, where temperature does not go below 10, normaly. So this news is a real eye opener to me.Hpope to have of such informatin.

  9. Dr.Ranjit Singh on

    Though I am living in hot weather place in Punjab,but i got a good experience of cold weather remeidies & patients.It will be usefull in future life.Thanks for the today’s tips.
    Dr.Ranjit Singh

  10. dr.t.prabhaker MD(HOM) on

    dear Robert,you have given good tips for the great benifit of cold exposures,useful for people of cold places,thank you DR.T.PRABHAKER

  11. mah-jabeen on

    hi, many many returns. thanks this article plz i want a question where is answer?

  12. dr.naseer on

    Respected Robert

    Happy Christmas Greeting

    I hearly apprciated to read your rhytum for

    chrismas day for homoeopathic.

  13. dr.naseer on

    respect robert

    your topic for coldness and winter is very

    knowledgeale. Rhust tox is good remedy worser

    from cold. Aconite is also good remedy effect

    the patient from cold wind and sudden onset.

  14. sharebano on

    this article is really aknowlegable &eye opener one.thanks for the such a good article.
    happy new year.

  15. Dr A Helal Chy on

    Its a great great Idea.Very much appreciating.

  16. Dr naseer on

    dear doctor Robert

    Your suggestion for study is very appriciated/

    Homoeopathic system of medicine is very important role of materia medica. if it can
    memorize important symptom for daily study.
    as advise by you. the idea for new year much
    appreciated and great help for us.

  17. D on

    AGARICUS: Pain like a thousand needles — also very useful for laser pain in tattoo removal!

  18. Gh Nabi sheikh on

    Dear sir

    I am 30year old man from kashmir. I am healthy in all respects but from last 8years i have got repeated cough in year in two seasons when springs sets and when winter begains. When i stay under shade or with cold wall or in humid air my caugh get start and last for month. I have also cold infections with in every month. Plz suggest me some homeopathic medicine so that i can live healthy life like before.when all ths coughing started it was winter and regularly bath with cold water in morning daily. I m unmarried. Ths time i feel heavyness in my chest. Bt when i go to warm climate region like delhi and bhopal i become healthy like before. When i stay there for an year. Plz suggest some Homeopathic medicin for me.

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