Homeopathy Tips for 12/22/09 Homeopathy as a Spiritual Path

We are in the holiday time of the year. These are the days that many religions of the world recognize as the holy days. Behind all religious holiday’s are spiritual truths that can guide us on our own path as a person and as a homeopath. After all being a homeopath is a very personal part of who we are as a spiritual being in this physical incarnation.

Hahnemann recognized the spiritual basis for homeopathy. He spoke about it often in the Organon and gave us a guide for spirituality as well as healing. He referred to the vital force as a spirit like dynamis that animates our body (Aphorism 15) As homeopaths we must always remember that it is the outwardly manifesting derangement of the vital force that is the recognizable as dis-ease. In every case we should be diligent to keep this in mind. Doing so can be a constant reminder of our own spiritual essence.

Hahnemann also told us to be unprejudiced observers (Aphorism 6).  This means to lay our prejudgment aside. We must not hold contempt for another and treat them with respect, dignity and as if we have never seen or heard a story like this before. It is a good practice to be this good of a listener to all people. When we meet another it is following the higher call of homeopathy if we meet them without prejudice.

Hahnemann also told us that our high and only mission was to restore the sick to health (Aphorism 1) . If we keep this in mind in all of our daily doings we are actually sending the prayer for health and happiness for all beings. We can do this with the thought alone but actions speak much louder. With this in mind, it becomes easy to lend a helping hand making someones load a little easier to carry, whether it be their groceries or their sorrows.

In Aphorism 6 Hahnemann warned of transcendental speculations. By keeping our mind clear of conjecture, we can be free to enjoy the moment in it’s full glory. Acceptance of  “what is” leads to real freedom. When the mind is free from the torments of  unfulfilled expectations we can accept the conditions of our life easier. Happiness then becomes the basic state of mind in the absence of disappointment.

When we study Materia Medica we can see hidden treasures and truths that are brought forth by the potentization of the substance. The universe then reveals her secrets. In a very real sense we can begin to see the interconnectedness of all things. There really is no separation. This  wondrous marvel of G-d’s creation can keep us connected to our higher source. Let this inspire you daily as you go about your lives.

Homeopathy is spiritual medicine. It is also carries the blueprint for all truth. Living from this truth can be a spiritual path. In these high and Holy days let homeopathy inspire you on your own spiritual journey. It can be a guide for your spiritual path. Happy Holy-Days!!

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  1. K.Rajagopala Kurup. on

    If you do Homeopathy rightly, you are doing it without prejudice! That is itself spiritual. In addition, you are listening and not ordering. Again, if you can reduce or if possible, completely remove one’s pain, is it not a worship of GOD.
    But do all homeopathic doctors DO IT?
    I don’t know!

    • Robert Field on

      Hello Sir,

      I do not know if all homeopaths think in this way. I venture to say most do not. I find that homeopathic education is not including the spiritual aspects. Yes I do beleive that the healing that comes from homeopathy is directly from G-d. Thanks for your comment.

      Blessings, Robert

  2. Viviana on

    Thank you very much for sharing with us your wonderful thoughts of a spiritual journey! Happy Holy-Days to you, too!!!

  3. suresh harvu on

    Dear Robert,

    Happy Holy-Days to you and your family. Great time to look back, count our blessings and move forward to help others, one at a time.

  4. K,Gopalan. on

    Every person is surrounded and interpenetrated by a lu minous energy body called the bioplasmic or Etheric body.The bioplasmic looks like the visible physical body. Bio means life. plasma is the fourth state of matter. The first three being solid liquid gas Plasma is ionized gas or gas with positive and negativecharged particles.This is not blood plasma. Bioplasmic body means a living energy body made up of invisible subtle matter or etheric matter.Science with the use of kirlian Photography has re discovered the bioplasmic body. With the aid of Kirlian photography scientiste have been able to study ,observe,and take pictures of small bioplasmic articles. It is through the bioplasmic body that prana or vital energy is absorbed and distributed throughout the whole physical body. Diseases are coming first to this etheric body and the physical body is having only some uneasiness pain etc; At that time laboratory tests of blood and other things will be normal. Only Homeopathy system of medicine is capable of going to this etheric body and cure the disease there itself. After some time the disease comes to physical body then only there will changes in the blood counts and viruses will be there.Justas the visible physical body has blood vessels through which the blood flows, the bioplasmic body has fine invisible bioplasmic channels or meridians through which ki and bioplasmic matter flow and are distributed all over the body.Accidents are not disease.

    • Robert Field on

      Hello K. Gopalan,

      Thank you for the wonderful description of the vital force energy. You really have a good model in your mind as to where dis-ease comes from. Thanks for sharing.


  5. mah-jabeen on

    Happy holy days to you and your family.

  6. RL Wadhwa on

    Dear sir.
    Happy holidays to you ,your family and all the viewers your thoughts are beautiful But I dont feel all Homeopaths are doing some thing Good keeping in mind spirtually.In US I feel most of the homeopaths are for making money they have no concern about the quick cure of a patients as per my experience here

  7. Yvonne Siblini on

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010!

  8. ASHOKA on

    Its really great hearing spiritual ideas behind homoeopathy. All of us would benefit immensely.
    Have a great holiday.

  9. margarita on

    Hello again, Dr. Robert, a spiritual mentor to me That sounds like a dedication for a novice homeopath. Unreservedly accept that this really true home and true path that everyone should have a real homeopath. And only then should the healing – both for the homeopath, and patients.
    Thousands of blessings for you and your family!XOXOXO
    Keep wonderful Holidays and a Great 2010!

  10. B.K.Khurana on

    Thank for the article. In fact every homeopath should endeavour to treat the patients with the inherent benevolent feelings which may promot speedy recovery, which is after all no less than worship.


  11. Ramen Majumder on

    Happy New Year 2010 to all. I am not a Homeopath but gradully getting interest in it. Thanks for the opportunity to read this newsletter particularly on the spirituality.

  12. farheen lubna on

    happy new year… 2 all.enjoy ur vication…….. i am really thank full 2

  13. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Dear all Happy New Year! Wish all your good health and happy conjugal life for the coming 2010. All the homeopaths believe on Spiritual activity in homeopathy. Thanks for the article at right time. Hoping your good health.

  14. As the spirituality is so the Homoeopathy!

  15. Samuel Oppong-Boadi on

    Season greetings to all Homopaths whose comments are impacting positively to human kind in this synthetic world full of diseases.As minister of the Gospel trying to learn more about nature and using the knwoledge gained to help others, to appreciate that the one behind nature (G-D)did not make mistake but it is rather we who do, due to lack of knowledge.Happy holidays and prosperous new year to to all.

  16. Michelle on

    Perhaps the spiritual aspect of homeopathy is not so illusive after all. Thanks.
    You sometimes make reference to ‘the perfect solution at the time’ in talking about symptoms. Would you please comment further on this at some point including how we use that practically. Are you basically looking for why the VF was making this choice- what the VF was trying to accomplish which is really, as you like to say “what is as asking to be healed”.
    I would really appreciate it if you could address this at some point.

  17. kumar on

    Tq. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Homeopath.

    Kumar, Malaysia.

  18. shahida nawab on

    ASA, Happy new year to all Homeopathic Doctors

  19. naseermuhammad on

    Thank you for the wonderful TOPIC of the vital force request your honour to please next or other week detail
    topic written by vital force. this topic is difficult
    students and teacher to learn more. thanks

    happy christmas and happy new year

    with regard

  20. jatin agrawal on

    hello sir,
    Thanks for subscribing me for this precious newsletter.i wish for prosperity of your kind service for homeopaths at the occasions of chrismus.
    Have a wonderful holiday

  21. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert:
    My humble opinion – The successful Application and Practice of Homeopathy requires a spiritual attitude and faith especially when you have a very serious case in front of you or a blameless child with a suffering condition and you are depending on a remedy to make a difference. Just a very thin line between faith and science. At the same time are all homepaths spiritual – No, not all are in my experience and it also depends on one’s definition of spirituality. I have had the good fortune of having met some older homeopaths of the old school who were very spiritual – taking on very difficult cases and sometimes treating patients for free due to financial circumstances. I remember an old homeopath who I observed spending only 10 minutes with a patient but not saying anything, just 2 or 4 questions but observing you all the time and getting the remedy correct almost in every case, often treating patients for free, and saying an open prayer in the patients waiting room before starting on the first patient and closing the clinic’s day with a prayer. On another occasion a patient with a scorpion bite (hand swollen, black & purple, cold to feel, excruciating pain) was given Ledun Pal right away (no consulting books or computer etc) and pain subsiding markedly. He also had a weathered Boger’s, Boenninghausen’s, Kent’s, Boericke’s, a Deity picture on his desk and very little else, no computer, no Complete repertory or Murphy’s repertory ot Synthetic repertory. Alas, such homeopaths are very rare to find nowadays. I always wondered how did his patient’s get better when he did not have the knowledge of all the new remedies we have today (Chocolate, Lac Felinum, Lac leonum, Falcon etc etc). Was it his blessing on the existing limited remedies he used based on the old Master’s books’ remedy lists or was he just a channel for God’s blessings to relieve suffering. Kent supposedly got into trouble with his colleagues for trying to spiritualize Homeopathy and there are many articles on the web that talk about Hahnemann converting to a well known religion before his death based on the evidence of the the peculiar patterned cap he wore and the haste of his burial. Not that it makes any difference, as Hahneman did yeoman service to the poor and the needy in his lefetime (his first published case of the washerwoman needing Bryonia is one such example.) Sorry to have made a long observation, but hopefully a sincere observation. Thanks, Philip

    • Robert Field on

      As always Philip,

      your comments are most insightful and welcome. You are a very valued addition to our school and I so appreciate your comments and observations, Keep up the wonderful work!!

      Blessings, Robert Field

  22. iyke on

    Sure,Roberts you are doing a great job to Homeopathy and to Man. You are spreading knowlegde in no small way to the knowlegdable and the non. Great thanks.

  23. Dr.R.Saravanan. on

    Dear sir,
    “Homeopathy as a spiritual path” has been an idea lingering in my mind, since my college days.you have illuminated my mind thro’ this article.i think i am on the true path now.Thank you very much.
    In divine friendship,

  24. Alicia on

    I appreciate this! 🙂

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