Homeopathy Tips for 12/16/08 Acute Prescribing

     As homeopaths we often have cases come to us and we don’t have the time or our tools to really take the case. We must act quickly and effectively, or we may miss our opportunity to help. This is when knowledge of Materia Medica is very important.

      As a part of the coursework at Resonance School of Homeopathy I teach about emergency and acute remedies that will be useful in most situations. The original list of remedies came from Vega Rezenberg and can be organized in a 50 remedy emergency kit. I have found this kit to be very useful.  It can be carried anywhere and if used properly, save lives.

      Having taught the remedies for this kit many times I can tell you that knowing a few keynotes of the remedies and a few of the expected indications, that this kit has proven many times over to be most valuable.

      The first rule in any acute or emergency is to call for help. Secondly, clear any blocked air passages and determine if the person is conscious. Assuming that the acute condition of the person is not life threatening, then it is time to pay very close attention to the person and observe their behaviors and what they say.

      It may be best to give an example. One morning I was at the clinic when a knock came at the door. This was before hours and the person on the other side of the door was insistent that we open it. It appeared there was an emergency of some sort.  When I came to see what the commotion was about the man said he had a friend in his car and he was really sick.

       I rushed out to find the man in the front seat and holding his side and saying he had never felt such pain. It was obvious from the distressed look on his face. He was drinking a beer at 8:45 AM. When I asked him about this he said that he was thirsty. He was sweating profusely. I told him to come in and he said that he would not come in. I asked why and he said it that hurts to much to move, that he felt best being still in the car.

         My first assessment was that he possibly had appendicitis. His great thirst and not wanting to move led me to give him Bryonia 200C. I told him that he needed to go to the hospital and he should take another dose of the remedy in a few minutes on the way there. His friend left with him.

      About one half hour later he called and said that he was leaving the hospital. There was nothing wrong now and he would not stay for examination. The remedy had helped alleviate all of his pain and he was now well. I begged him to stay for an examination but he still refused. I then said that as long as he was feeling better to take it easy and call again if the pain returned. I never heard from him again.

       In this case I did not repertize for a remedy. I went by keynotes of Bryonia. Motion aggravates and thirst combined with intense abdominal pain. This was all I went on to give the remedy.

   If you know the major acute remedies and their indications it will not be hard to quickly find a remedy in an acute or emergency situation.  I have found that a good way to study is to look up common conditions in your repertory and write down the main remedies that are in bold and the polycrest remedies. This will offer the greatest amount of benefit for the widest variety of illnesses. Then study these remedies and the indications for them. Learn their  keynote symptoms and acquire a feeling for their essence. If you keep a kit of these remedies onhand in 30C or 200C potencies you will be able to treat many acute or emergency situations effectively.

     A good book I have found to be very accurate is  The Homeopathic Prescriber by Dr. K.C. Bhanja. He is an Indian physician who has offered many good observations about most illnesses and emergency conditions, as well as the keynotes for the remedies he has suggested.  Unfortunatlely I cannot share the remedies of the Emergency Kit I have refered to because of copyright restrictions and agreements with Vega Rozenberg. He has allowed me to teach this emergency remedy kit combination only to enrolled students.

       Study the keynotes of common remedies and their indications and you will have at your fingertips the ability to help in nearly any situation. Commit them to memory and study them often. If the remedy is not the similimum it may very well be a remedy that does some good when you do not have time to fully repertize the case.

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  1. dr.naseer on

    Respect robert

    Your remedy for patient of bry is

    similiar to patient symptom and keynot symptom

    of the bry. aggrivation by motion thirst

    have Charactric symptom of the bry remedy.

    Bry is also great polychrest remedy.

  2. Debasish on

    Dear Robert,

    You are absolutely right that if we know atleast 20 polychrest remedies, I’m not talking about acute remedies in my opinion we can give relief to most of our patients. In my practice I have seen that after giving first remedy according to the symptoms similirities patient will say that I’m 60% better in comparison to the previous condition. It may acute remedies or chronic remedies. Our Supreme Court is materia medica and repertory is nothing but a symptom dictionary and only to means a way. When patient comes to us he / She can express his / her distress with their own language but we the homeopath translate his or her language into the Repertory language. It is better to term Rubrics, Which we will get in the Kent’s, Boenning Haussen’s Repertory. Now Synthesis by Fredrick Schroyen is also good one.

    Kind regards

    Debasish Bandyopadhyay

  3. Diane on

    I have found that in an acute situation using kinesiology can be very helpful when selecting a remedy. If you have a stock of remedies on hand you can test them to find which would be most suitable for the person at the time. This is especially useful when working with animals since they can not “tell” you what they are experiencing.

    Hi Diane,
    Your method may work sometimes but this is not the homeopathic method of repertizing. I personally do not use kinesiology for prescribing. It definately has it’s place but I trust my knowlege and powers of observation more than muscle testing. Not all people are suitable and non prejudiced in their abilities with kinesiology.

    Thanks, Robert Field

  4. Dr.kumaravel M.D(Hom) on

    Dear Robert,
    My understanding about acute prescription is select the remedy according to sector level changes as well as change in the generals.
    In our case the patient had the common symptom of appendicitis along with change of generals(thirst change,)and sector characterstic(>rest,<motion).thus we easly select the BRY.
    i have different reason for posology.if our remedy covers all the levels i will go higher potenty in acute case

  5. Kurup on

    Dear Robert,
    As you have done I always try to clear the case by a single remedy, anmd if possible, by single dose.
    Thanks a lot for the information.
    With kind regards.

  6. Kurup on

    Hope for further tips.


    Dear sir,
    It will be very good If you mention important 3/4
    symptoms with remedy.
    Thank you.

  8. Abhay on

    Dear sir,
    Is surgical intervention helpful along with BRY?

    Hello Abhay,
    With a good homeopathic remedy surgery can often be avoided. It depends how available the hospital is and how advanced the infection is. It could be life threatening and homeopathy could still help or surgery could be the only answer. It is very hard to tell. As the homeopath I recommend that you do all you can do to help and send them to the hospital if there is one nearby.

    Warmest regards,
    Robert Field

  9. dr.naseer on

    respect Robert

    Bryonia is good remedy for appendicitis.

    Bryonai is right side remdy and appedicitis

    is diseases of right side and appridicitis

    symptom aggivation by motion. secondly

    thirst the symptom of bry. a appreciated

    your medicine.


    Hay Mr.robert
    good morning
    IRIS TENEX is a good remedy for APPENDECITIS

  11. DR.ARSHAD on

    Dear Sir,
    Pls.tell me a short cut method to prescribe remedy for acute illness such as fever,pain,coryza,influanza,etc.
    In busy world any one dont give more time for lenghty interview,pls pls guide me & reply in my own email.
    Dr Arshad

    Hello Dr Arshad,

    Each of the symptoms you mentioned above have no modalities. Nothing that makes them unique. It is very difficult to prescribe or even mention remedies with such a broad description of the symptom. Homeopathy requires individualization to be effective. If I look in the Repertory under pain I will find 958 remedies in the Complete repertory. That is alot of remedies to choose from. We must observe the person closely and discover how their expression of dis-ease is unique to them.

    Thanks for your comment.
    Robert Field

  12. vaddevenkat on

    Sir, kindly tell about the remidty in respect of occupital headache(Stiching, leftside) gastric toubles and ofen numbness in left feet.

    Hello Vaddevenkat,

    The only remedies that cross for left side occiptal stitching pain and left foot numbness are Phosphorus and Sulphuric Acid. Both have gastric problems. This is not necessarily the best remedies. I would take the complete case and focus on the reasons why this person suffers so. Good luck.

    Robert Field

  13. Dr Anand Jain on

    Its true we generally, on greater part goes for this Polycrest Remedies, or better to say a biased prescription. Isnt it true?
    Mostly when we select a remedies after a case taking or Reperotorisation, we get a entirely diffrent medcine. May be we get 60% cure after these acute remedies, but is it cure? A Homoeopathic Cure?

    Hello Dr Anand Jain,

    You are right, maybe we do not get a complete cure after giving a remedy with brief acute repertization. And after a complete repertization we may very well want to give a different remedy. The meaning of my article is that we can know many acute remedies and prescribe them with success if we do not have our tools with us or the time to do a more thorough repertization. If we can help with an acute then we have done good. Thank you for your comment.

    Blessings, Robert Field

  14. Dr Sujata Khare on

    Dear sir,

    Sir if you can please tell some of acute remedies of common symptoms seen.Many of my patients want acute medicines. so can please tell some of the commons.

    Dr. Sujata

  15. dr.gargi on

    sir ,
    will u pls tell me about the techniques of case taking in emergency in homoeopathy along with refrences for the same ..

    thanking u ….

  16. Umar on

    Very well sir, a good teacher you are.

  17. Umar on

    Could i ask u a question? But this not a acute case sorry for this. A patient (9yrs girl) feels herself in a sewege main whole every morning. Is this some rubric? Do u have any idea please?

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