Homeopathy Tips for 12/14/10 Intercurrent Remedies

Intercurrent remedies are remedies used with a particular intention to help open up or clear a confused case. Sometimes in the course of treatment a case may stall even with the best selected remedies. At times like this intercurrent remedies can be helpful.

I find that the most common application for giving an intercurrent remedy is for when a case has become confused, either by giving too many remedies or there have been too much suppression from allopathic drugs. At times like this giving an intercurrent remedy can be helpful. The case can then be better defined. New expressions of old symptoms can appear and it becomes easier to “see the case”.

When a case has had good movement and then seemingly stalls, most often it is an issue of potency. But sometimes it is that the remedy has stopped working and any potency does not seem to help. At a time when the movement has stopped giving an intercurrent remedy can be helpful.

At other times an intercurrent remedy may be given to open the case up. When a well indicated remedy has worked but the underlying symptoms have not revealed themselves yet, an intercurrent remedy can be given that, when timed properly, will open the case so the previous remedy can now work again. More often than not a case will not go to cure with a single remedy. Hahnemann and Boenninghausen knew this and wrote about it.

Most often intercurrent remedies will be nosodes and have miasmatic influences. If this can be perceived clearly in a case then they can be used with great benefit. But not all intercurrent remedies are nosodes. In fact any remedy could be an intercurrent remedy when applied for the case.

There are common remedies that have indications that are useful as intercurrent remedies. Here is a partial list and their most common uses;

  • Carcinosin – When the case is very confused and symptoms are not expressed well. Confused growth. Chronic growth of tissues.
  • Medorrhinum – When there is a sycotic miasm stopping the case from moving forward. Organized over-growth. In the realm of sexuality and urinary tract. Effects the joints. Catarhal discharges.
  • Psorinum – When the case is affected by the psoric miasm. Skin and itch are the most common expressions. Great fear. Hypersensitivity. Eruptions.
  • Syphilinum – For the syphilitic miasm. Effects the bones. Ulcerations. Destruction. A dishonest man.
  • Sulphur – Often a good remedy to reveal what is hidden. Will bring to the surface what has not been expressed yet.
  • Tuberculinum – For the tubercular nature. Effects the lungs. Waste and loss. A keen sense of dissatisfaction. Symptoms always changing. Wandering symptoms. Colds and coughs.
  • Thuja – Another remedy when the case is confused. Often after too many drugs or vaccination. After too many remedies.

This, by no means, is a complete list of remedies that can be used intercurrently. In fact, any indicated remedy can be used. As always it is important to take the case. Often when symptoms are clear a compatible remedy can be useful as an intercurrent remedy. When reading Materia Medica, most authors offer those compatible remedies at the end of the case and remedy descriptions. When giving a remedy, always study the compatibles. They are very useful.

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  1. ehsan on


  2. Dr. G.K.MohanachandranNair on

    I am also completely agreed with this discription

  3. Andrea Lee on

    It’s great to know there is a name for the intercurrent remedy! I have been doing this kind of treatment for yrs and didn’t know there was a name for it. 😀 I tended to use a Chamomilla a lot to calm symptoms and allow the patient to quiet enough to speak about their symptoms clearly. It seems to work a lot, though not after antibiotics as well.

  4. virginia herbert on

    Well can you believe it I was feeling rather frustrated today with a case that wants to confound me. just the thing Robert ‘intercurrent remedy’. How magical this universe is x

  5. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Hi Robert! It is very important and interesting article. Most often we used it but not described publicly and whether it has title. pl let us know the remedy of Ganglion, tumor on wrist left/right . I prescribed Calc Carb 1M (3 doses)for the healthier patient and Ruta 200 for normal one. but not yet relief from it after three months. Nosal polypus I used Sang nit 200 for right and Lachesis 1M for left but not get relief at one month. Dr Rahman Bangladesh

    • Robert Field on

      Hello Dr.
      If you always use the same remedy for each condition you are not practicing using homeopathic principles. You must always take the case and prescribe to the individual and NOT the dis-ease. Every case of ganglion cyst is different because every person experiencing it is different. Take the case, perceive what is asking to be healed, and prescribe to the person. You will have better results.

  6. Maria de Fátima Magalhães on

    Thank you for this discription.Very useful.

  7. Xavier P F on

    The topic was short and precise

  8. Maryam on

    Dear Dr.Robert,
    Article was nice.Thanks alot.Will you plz tell me what potency should mostly be used for an intercurrent remedy?

    • Yvonne Mendes Siblini on

      In my opinion I’d go for a single dose of 200 and watch. What would your opionion be Dr. Robert?

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Maryam,
      Potency selection is always based on the individuals intensity of the vital force expression of the dis-ease or suffering. The same principles of potency apply to inter-current remedies. You must take into account obstacles to cure that would influence potency selection and repetition.

  9. Yvonne Mendes Siblini on

    This is a great point of view, thank you very much.

  10. Asghar Ali on

    Intercurrent remedies do open up the case for better results.

  11. n.s.rao on

    thank you ,it is very enlighting

  12. n.s.rao on

    thank you ,it is very enlightening

  13. Dr.Kalyanasundaram on

    useful for many cases

  14. Amulya Kumar Mishra on


  15. dr.aashish on

    Thnx sir.

  16. Robert La;l on

    Dear Dr. Robert:
    It is a great help for the Homeopathy world to know about the ‘Intercurrent Remedies’.Thanks.

  17. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: Thank you for highlighting this very valuable but much ignored topic of intercurrent remedies. As you said, intercurrent remedies are usually nosodes used to jumpstart a healing process that has hit some kind of a wall – maybe a miasmatic block. Hahneman himself wrote about the hydra-headed diseases, usually one-sided that show palliation with routine remedies but can be cured only a deeper intercurrent miasmatic remedy. Thuja is a great example. A note of caution with using Psorinum. Like Sulphur it can bring a host of dormant symptoms to the surface which may be very distressing to the patient from a cosmetic or skin perspective. It is interesting that in his 6th edition, Hahneman while advocating LM remedies says that in such potency, there are no incompatible remedies. Apparently in LM potencies, even contraindicated remedies can follow each other without harm (example Phos can follow Caust without any aggravation to the patient). I am at a loss to figure out why this is true, but Hahneman spoke from clinical experience and says LM removes incompatibility while C or X potencies do not. Very difficult to explain why. Intercurrent remedies makes sense when you think of life situation affecting the person into a state of frozen shock, grief or time or miasmatic layer. For example, a person is doing well on his constitutional Phoshporous and suddenly loses a loved one (grief) or is severely beaten (shock) or loses his job (suicidal despair) etc. if his social supports are inadequate to cope, his body goes into a frozen state and Ignatia or Opium or Aurum can come in as an intercurrent remedy (provided the symptoms match) and after a period he may revert back to his constitutional Phos or progress to Causticum. I personally belive that life’s situations cause the shift from one remedy to another. A Phos patient can be be Phos when his boss is kind and gentle. When his boss changes to a heavy handed dictator, he cannot be a Phos any longer. He progresses to a Causticum to survive better under the changed situations. Nosode intercurrents can be explained if we assume each person has layers of miasms. I have observed that when a psoric person marries a syphylitic or sycotic partner, he psoric layer gets overlaid with a sycotic or syphylitic layer. But just an unproven observation of mine. Hoping to constantly unearth more and learn more from others vast clinical experience……Thanks, Philip

    • Yvonne Mendes Siblini on

      What a beautiful explanation, thank you Philip.

  18. mah-jabeen on

    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\thanks Robert, this is acomplete discription. useful many cases ,

  19. juhi garg on

    thanks dr.Robert,to give us particular name 4 these remedies.tell me,we can use all antimiasmatic remedies as an intercurrent remedies?in which potency we can use them?we can use them in LM potency?

    • Robert Field on


      Like i said in the article any remedy can be used inter-currently. It must be applied using good homeopathic principles. Potencies must be used applicable to the case at hand. The potency needs to be selected based on the intensity of the vital force expression and obstacles to cure.


  20. sameer on

    thanks dr robert,
    it is very usefull topic.if possible plz guide us about remedies that comes in circle.

    • Robert Field on

      I do not know what you mean by remedies that comes in circle. Robert

      • dr sameer on

        Dear Dr Robert
        I mean that the remedies that come after another to complete the cure like calc carb-lyco-sulph and again calc carb to complete the cure.
        Dr sameer.

  21. farooq on

    good information but not comprehensive

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Farooq,

      It is difficult to explain so much in such a format. Each subject I write about deserves a book. I have referenced a few here.


  22. mazhar jamil on

    There is one more branch of medicine called Tautopathy.These medicines are used as intercurrent medicine during the course of treatment especially when the patient is under the treatment of antibiotics and seeks homeopathic treatment. Dr Robert Can you through light on Tautopathy.

    • Robert Field on

      I touched on it briefly in the recent article called ‘All of the Pathys” You can find it by scrolling down the list of articles on the right.

      From the article;
      Tautopathy is another form of isopathy. It also is commonly grouped under Homeopathy. Tautopathy is the use of homeopathically prepared allopathic medicines. The main intent is to counter act the ill effects of allopathic drugs. Few provings have been done on the majority of drugs, but the same may be true that a homeopathic remedy made from a drug could be applied homeopathically or tautopathically. Giving Pennecillinum in potency to someone suffering from a pennicillan allergy will inspire the body to throw off the negative effects of the drug. Some practitioners want to treat every patient tautopathically before commencing homeopathically, in the hopes of clearing the drug effects before proceeding on with the case.


  23. V.S. Ramadass on

    It is more useful to know some of the prime intercurrent remedies given. But in so far as the describing terminology is concerned, it is not so clear in certain remedies indicated. E.g. in Cases of Carcinosin and Medorrhinum, confused growth and overgrowth are generalized. It is not clear whether the words are applicable to any particular tissues, organs or locality in the body. So, if it is given little specifically, it would be more beneficial to catch the point. Thanks.

  24. yugal on

    thanx it really helpfull

  25. dr vineet on

    i have a patient age29/male wt70kg fair suffring from sinusitis last 5 year
    c/o- iching in nose inside and ear,irritation in eye,headach in forehead,feeling chillness in hole body,agravate after cold drink,and citrus fruit,relief after sneezing,sneezing start in sun light face toward sun,alkohilism ,cough and irritation in throat, sir plz tell me the best remedy

  26. Dr.R.K.BOSAK on

    Very helpful.

  27. Purnime on

    Sir, please guide
    I was using Bryonia 200 TDS to cure knee pain with stiffness. There was much relief and patient was very happy. After one month, the patient reverted to original condition. Does intercurrent remedy is required here?

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