Homeopathy Tips for 12/09/08 Let the Remedy Come to You Part 2

      I recently had a follow-up to the Boron Metallicum case I told you about back in the newsletter dated 10/28/08. This was the case about a school teacher who’s case repertized so well for the remedy Selenium but did not feel right when I investigated the remedy more. Primarily it’s location on the periodic table to the far right and Scholten’s analysis about those remedies led me to let it go in favor of finding a more appropriate remedy.

      We never know the effect any remedy may have on an individual until they have taken it and time has allowed a change to occur or not. In this case Boron Metallicum 6c was prescribed one time per day.  I just had a follow-up with him this past week and wanted to share with you what happened.

        The first part of the follow-up occurred two days prior to our appointment when I met his mother in the clinic and I asked her how he was doing. Her response was enthusiastic and she felt he was much happier and not as reserved. She says she can tell when he is not doing so well because he will be less expressive. Lately he has been much lighter and happier.

       I then had our appointment and  his first words were, ‘”I’ve had a positive response. It seems that the depression kind of comes and goes now but overall I’m much happier. I can let go of stress easier and am capable of doing more stuff. I’m feeling more grounded.”

       These are the types of statements that tell me he is responding to the remedy well. I asked him to elaborate about the depression coming and going. He said ” It comes and goes and is directly related to stress. When I have a lot going on , it is more difficult to stay focused.” I asked him how this had to do with depression and he thought for some time and then related that it really didn’t. It was really about how focused he would stay and how well his memory was. The depression may still be there but it feels different now. “Kind of like and old idea but not the same. I’m happier now and have more energy”.

       He has started to meditate again, is doing yoga again and stretching daily. These were things he had stopped because of lack of motivation. He is liking his job better because his memory is better and he has more energy. He has not been thinking of changing his work like he did before.

        I asked how much improvement he has experienced overall, all things considered, and he said between 4o and 50 percent. This is significant in such a short period of time. Then he said the most interesting thing. He said ” I have a story I want to share with you. I went to Mexico on a trip 15 years ago and on the way back stopped in Death Valley National Park in California. While we were there I came across a mine shaft opening that said “Boron Mine”. I have never forgot that mine and have wondered many times what  Boron is all about. Does this have anything to do with the remedy I am taking?”

        Needless to say I was a little surprised because his very first words in the initial case were ” it goes deep” in reference to his problem. As I mentioned in the last newsletter I had the image of a mine shaft and he came this time talking about it. I do not find this unusual. I find this sort of thing common with alot of my clients.  The universe seems to support the images and the words we choose to describe our dis-ease. They are like shining lights that point the way. If we can believe there are no accidents then it was all revealed for me to “see”. This is not a psychic phenomenon but simple words and images that we all can experience.

          For me this is the real beauty of the homeopathic process and is what keeps me fascinated on a daily basis. It is one of the reasons I love homeopathy so much. It is like being able to witness  creation unfolding and have the presence to really recognize it. What could be more fun.

       I related the images I saw that helped lead me to the remedy and he really got it. He was equally fascinated and wanted to learn more about homeopathy right there. We had a very long chat and ended the appointment on a very high note.

        If I had not let Selenium go then I am sure I would not have been sharing this with you. I thought you all might like to hear how he was doing. I did not change the prescription and kept him on Boron Metallicum 6C one time per day.  It appears from the comments that you are all enjoying cases. I will share more as they are appropriate. Until next week, be happy and be safe.

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  1. Debasish on

    Thank you Dr. Roberts for sharing this case among us. If you further clarify between Selenium and Boron metallicum I would be very grateful to you. As I’m also very interested about Sankaran’s method as well as Jan Scholten’s theory. We would be able to solve many desperate cases if we follow their theory in a right way. Their method really motivate me.

    Kind regards

    Debasish Bandyopadhyay

  2. dr.t.prabhaker MD(HOM) on

    What led you to prescribe boron met.Conclusive points.Difference in Boron Met,selenium.Explain further

  3. Robert Field on

    Scholtens Method has to do with the periodic table and the position and theme of the elements as they are arranged on the table. For a complete explanation I suggest you study his book Homeopathy and the Elements. The key to this case is that the individual is in the process of discovering himself. Each row of the table has a theme and each position on the table from left to right is representative of birth on the left to death on the right. Or begenning to end or decay.
    Selenium is in the 16th stage of the table. Even though the case repertized perfectly for Selenium he was not in the stage of “remembering the past after the loss”. This would have been his theme had Selenium been the remedy. It was Selenium in the analysis and considering the minerals that led me to let it go and further investigate which mineral it may be. It also had to be a mineral that comes from the depths of the earth because of his comment “it goes deep”. So I looked into the Carbon series which is the second row down on the periodic table. It is about the question of “who am I?” This really fit his biggest delema in life. It is like he was just discovering himself and asking this question. The third stage is about comparing. So all of those elements that are in the third position from the left hand side of the periodic table will have this quality. So if we take the second row of “who am I?” and add to it the quality of “comparison” you will have the essence of Boron. This fit because of how he described his fellow employee getting the promotion and how he complared himself and felt that he had lost his position in relation to him. He felt lower or as if he had fallen. Knowing the relationship of Borax and the sensetivity to downward motion I knew Boron Metallicum must also have a similar sensitivity. This is when I knew the remedy for sure. Plus Boron comes from deep mines and when I made this connection to his “it goes deep” comment. It was sealed for me. I knew without a doubt that Boron was the remedy. I hope this case analysis helps. Again I encourage you to study the periodic table and Scholtens methods of understanding it. Not all cases become so clear. I intoduced this case because I wanted to emphisise how if I had just accepted Selenium and held fast to a fixed idea and not been able to let it go to search a little farther, I would have given the wrong remedy. Thanks for your great questions and comments.
    Robert Field
    Resonance School of Homeopathy

  4. Abhay on


  5. Prabin kr Shaw on

    sir, please give me information about desparate acute cases, where not much time is present& we are not able to do a proper case taking. also tell me some valuable books from where I can get proper knowledge about acute emergency cases.

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