Homeopathy Tips for 12/08/09 Why We Get Sick

In order to help someone heal from illness it is good to understand why we get sick in the first place. There are many theories about illness including those of Loius Pasteur and his germ theory, which still is very popular today. We only need look at the mass hysteria around the swine flu and the idea that a germ, bacteria or virus will come and get us, to see his theory is very much alive. If this theory were true then everyone exposed to this virus would become ill. As we all know this is not the case and has much more to do with susceptibility than infection. I can safely say that most everyone reading this newsletter has been exposed to many germs and a plethora of other virus’ that can make us sick, but few get stricken with illness. If the germ theory were true, then we would all be sick much more often.

So if it is not the germ or bacteria or virus, what is it that makes us sick? In the end it is ourselves. Let me explain. There is a perfect order in our being that is always striving to survive. Hahnemann described this as the “vital force that rules with unbounded sway. ”

This spirit like vital force is responsible for all aspects of our sentience; how we think, feel, and experience our lives. We have no real control of our lives, except the ego would really want us to believe we do. So when challenges occur we are forced to respond. The ego says “I must do all I can to protect myself” In this sense we all are doing all we can to survive, even when the decision we have to make is minor or life threatening. This survival mechanism is programmed into our being.

In the early stages of our life we are totally dependent on care and nurture to survive. By the time  the challenges of our youth have diminished our ego has survived many threats to it’s existence. Assuming we have survived we have begun developing our techniques for further survival. If it worked once before, then it will probably work again. Illness that occurs before the ego is fully developed will usually be acquired from our parents. This is the common theory of miasm in homeopathy. As infants we are very connected energetically to our parents and will express their conflicts as well.

As time goes on the mental and emotional challenges we meet are recorded in our brain. Some of those conflicts get resolved very quickly and the record is not transferred to a biological process. Most of the time the person will forget about those challenges if they do not occur regularly. Those challenges that are unresolved get reinforced and recorded in the brain and psyche. If we are in a conflict that is either very severe and comes as a shock or is long standing,  we will ruminate on them without successful resolution. Life continues but we can be unaware of these roots of our illness.

During the time that the conflict is being recorded in the brain, the brain is sending signals to the appropriate organ or biological system that the conflict is connected with. In this time there will be an alteration of the cellular structure but without a noticeable change in overall health or sensation. When the conflict has come to resolution then the brain sends the signal to the effected organ or system to repair the alteration. This is when we say “Oh, I think I am sick. This or that hurts or is effected.” The body is utilizing all available bacteria, virus or pathogen to bring a repair process to the cell. We experience this as an infection or cancer most often.

The vital force that is ruling with unbounded sway will not ever make a mistake. It is programmed for survival. It will use any and all available ways to bring the cellular changes brought about by unresolved conflict to heal and repair itself. It must make the change into the physical to be complete if the recorded conflict in the brain is severe enough. This is all about survival.

Then the next logical question is, if the expression of illness is our way to survive and heal ourselves, why is it that some may die from their illness or suffering be so sustained? When we are in an emotional or mental conflict it is like swimming away from the shore of an ocean. As long as we are in conflict we continue to swim. Once some resolution is achieved then we can return to shore. If the conflict is long lasting, very severe or a shock, we can get a long way from the shore. Then the return trip home is the physicalisation and healing of the conflict. Sometimes we are so far away from shore that we simply do not make it back and this is death; which is the ultimate and perfect resolution to the problem.

Unfortunately the allopathic model for the treatment of disease does not address the problem. It usually provides more of a challenge by the addition of chemicals, surgery or radiation. These additional challenges only weaken our attempt to heal and makes us sicker.

These ideas were originated and have been proven by Dr. Ryke Hamer. The use of these principles have been able to help many heal with only talk therapy once a person has discovered why they have become ill. It is when we have consciousness about our conflict that the vital force energy shifts and can clear the recording in the brain. This process happens naturally during the homeopathic intake when a person will tell their story. This exercise in itself will help a person connect the dots of their life and without even knowing it, can help them heal. Often the client feels better than ever having released the energy of their story during the case-receiving process.

All expressions of illness have their roots in unresolved metal or emotional conflict and inherited miasm. The vital force will always try to bring the resolution of conflict into the physical. This is following spiritual law as energy from spirit is condensed into physical. The resolution from our higher faculties must resolve in the physical as well. Our whole organism is programmed for survival and the manifestations of illness are the bodies attempt to bring resolution to conflict and establish healing. Homeopathy is the very best way to support this healing process. The body has many pathogens to utilize in our healing. But the pathogen is not the cause. It is the bodies best solution to marshal these and use them for the repair of our physical dis-ease. We get sick in order to heal.

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  1. Peter Bezemek on

    Surely there is much more to disease than germs, bacteria and viruses, but I would not dismiss the theory so easily. There are certain viruses that infect perhaps everyone, so sometimes even the virus can be considered the source of illness. I am sure you would not want to be exposed to some them (like Ebola), even if you do not seem to believe they cause illness.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Peter,
      I do not completely discount the germ theory of disease. There are germs that can make us sick. Most often we have these very germs in our system all of the time. It is when the vital force needs to bring them to the physical that the body will utilize them to finalize the healing process. We see this in most chronic illness. For the sake of this article I wanted to expose a bigger idea about why we get sick. Thanks for your comment.
      Warmest regards, Robert Field

  2. Ruza on

    Dear Mr. Robert,

    I was expecting your reply but till now have not receivedit.Sir, My left leg ankle is swelling and makes me filled up with mental agony. I try my best to resist the pain but the pain reoccurs. I have no clue about the swelling, how it started and how it stops and then starts whenever I tie my ankle with a cloth the pain gets relieved temporarily. Could you throw some light on this issue for which I will be very grateful.


    Ruza Fernandes

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Ruza,
      You need to see a homeopath. There is not enough information in your story to even begin to recommend a remedy. I am sorry. Your condition needs to be evaluated by a professional homeopath who can understand the modalities and possibly why your foot swells.Please see a homeopath.
      Warmest regards, Robert Field

  3. A B ANAND on

    Dear Mr. Robert,

    You have hit the root cause of all sickness in mankind, which is emotional disbalance which tries to cure itself by manifesting into the physical body, when we get sick. The deeper I go into this Bible called Homeopathy new truths are being revealed to me each day. I believe that Hannemann was truly a remarkable person.However, the modern scienific knowledge of diseases cannot be ignored. Homeopathy must try to workout a balance between science and the spirit which is the life force in each one of us.

  4. k.p.varghese on

    I ,of course ,believe in the susceptibility theory shared by you. It is true that most men are affected by ebola viruses or swine flue, still I believe that it does not claim the entire persons exposed to them but only those with susceptibility for the same.

  5. Hello dear Robert,
    I am sorry to disturb you a little.This is really a very good base article from which many many unknown facts about the spiritual system/processes,auto-run life ,desire,anger, love,hate,lust,violence,cause of diseases & all other social/familial problems etc.,can be revealed if all the friends participating in this forum pay a little attention & a bit seriousness to continue asking hundreds & hundreds of questions from the article above and be that thoroughly discussed in this forum continuously.
    What our great fathers of Homeopathy have gifted to this world,should be carried ahead by the Homeopaths of the world. This should be the motto.Now homeopathy barely needs entry into the fourth level of existence-the spiritual system,in addition to the physical, emotional,and mental levels.We cannot understand the emotional & mental levels without knowing their source,nature etc.Therefore one can well guess, how deep lies the cause of diseases.
    With warm regards.

  6. Michelle on

    Pasteur was looking over the shoulder of a scientist named Bechamp when he made his public proclamations of his germ theory of disease having very hastily tried to present what he thought was Bechamp’s conclusion, as if it were his own. In reality Bechamp asserted that there are “germs”, but that the medium is everything (which is the part Pasteur missed). There is a book written on the subject which, as I recall is entitled Bechamp or Pasteur.
    Dr. Hamer did indeed come to some very important understandings regarding the correlation between where one’s conflict is and where one’s cancer settles based, just like Hahnemann’s conclusions, on observation.
    Are you saying that disease is our body’s way of bringing our attention to the fact that there has been/is a conflict that needs our attention?
    I would appreciate it if you could recommend further reading on the topic of this newsletter.
    Thanks for your efforts.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Michelle,

      Yes I am saying that disease is a way of bringing our attention to the fact that there has been /is a conflict that needs our attention. Disease occurs because it is the bodies best resolution or it would not choose this. When we express disease then it is our opportunity to investigate why our body has chosen this. Then the knowledge of our life condition will bring us wisdom that can serve us better. This helps bring meaning to life. There are no accidents and the vital force rules with unbounded sway. Disease would not be happening if it did not serve us.

      Try reading “Biogenealogy; Exploring the Psychic Cause of Illness”, by Christian Fleche.

      Warmest regards,

  7. V.K.Makkar on

    Hei Robert,
    Your article contains valuable information regarding sickness and desease causing germs.My opnion is that any deseae infected to human beinings is related to his positive thinking and mental health as well as his physque with regards Makkar

  8. Bobby on

    A homeopathic practitioner once told me “Be happy when you get sick”, I didn’t ask her why but this phrase got ingrained in my head. What you wrote in this article gives a good answer to the question “why be happy when sick?”.

    I was also wondering, there was a period of a few months about an year ago, when I would get sick very often. This started happening after I took a course called Landmark Forum. It’s a very effective way for people get some insights about ourselves. I loved it. I found out a lot of things from my past that were limiting me and got free of them. It felt so good that I wanted more and started trying hard to get more insights and become more free. That’s when I started getting sick… but it didn’t make sense to me because i thought that finding out these stuff would make me healthy.

    At the same time there are many people, who in my perseption are very sick, but have no physical manifestation of their suffering. They seem physically healthy!

    You wrote: “When the conflict has come to resolution then the brain sends the signal to the effected organ or system to repair the alteration. This is when we say “Oh, I think I am sick.”
    Can you please explain that? When does the conflict have to come to resolution? Can a person live with a conflict without it coming to resolution and the person getting physically sick?


    • Robert Field on

      Hi Bobby,

      When does the conflict have to come to resolution? It never “has” to come to resolution. Many people spend their entire lives without evolving. This is kind of like the zombie state. I’m sure you know of people like this. Eventually they do find a way to exit the world but have not seized the benefit of bringing their struggles to resolution. Unfortunate for them. This life is a blessing. But given a person has come to resolution about a mental/emotion problem or trauma then when it resolves they will show the repair of altered tissues in the corresponding organ. The severity of the illness is equivalent to the severity of the conflict. This is why it is best to stay current with ourselves. We will be much healthier and our illness will serve us much better and be less severe in intensity and duration. I hoper this helps.

      Warmest regards, Robert

  9. Dr. Josef on

    Hello Mr. Robert:

    I understand your explanation, because we understand the theory of the cause of diseases written by Dr. Hahnneman long before. But, today in the days of modern science, we have to mind ourselves to the materialistic solution to all types of physical and mental problems. There should not be different of opinions regarding this point among ourselves. I think if we try together to resolve the problems arising from the difference of opinions, we can make our way finally. I got the idea from Dr. Hahnneman’s writings that if we try to get benefit in an unnatural way we get sick. You see in modern Allopathic way of healing: different operations, using chemicals for fighting cancers etc, using antibiotics and other quick healing medicines without precautions, taking processed foods, using chemical as medicines, unnatural sexual connections, thinking in an inhuman way, acting like beasts- as the powerful agents let on the poor and helpless etc. are some examples of unnatural acts and thinking. So we should first of all leave these unnatural ways of actions. Then this world will become a really happy world. The natural medicine then will work on. And homeopathy healing process is a natural way of healing according to the theory of Dr. S. Hahnneman.
    Dr. Josef

  10. Celes on

    Dear Mr. Robert,

    Your article is interesting about case taking but at times during the case taking some words which the client uses or try to express make it difficult to understand the real remedy for that particular organ because the client keeps on repeating things on and on and it is quite difficult to select a remedy because the case taking of a client is not clear picture.

    Though Dr.Hanenhham a great Homeopath has written the Organon, sometimes I find myself in a difficult position to understand the client.

    Could you suggest by throwing some light on this point



    • Robert Field on

      Hi Celes,

      Understanding what is health and what is dis-ease is key to understanding what is asking to be healed. During case taking, it is really case receiving. Try to let the words and descriptions, stories of the client paint a picture of their dis-ease for you. Having good knowledge of the repertory is also very important. The greatest part of case receiving for me is “letting go” When I hear something and have a thought about it, I record this and then let it go. This frees me to hear the next part without prejudice. Eventually all of the thoughts and ideas of the case coalesce into the picture I was referring to earlier. Then it gets real clear. Case receiving is not really a something that I “do” It is more of a state of mind of letting go. More similar to meditation than an active mental process. I know this may seem counter-intuitive, but is the best way I can describe it. Good luck.

      Robert Field

  11. Celes on

    Dear Dr. Robert,

    Thanks for response regarding case receiving. I will posively adhere to the points stated by you.



  12. Desira Duong on

    Dr. Robert,

    I have spoke to you in emails about attending your school as soon as I am able, and have mentioned my struggle with a local “Classical Homeopath” that I have seen who actually treats me as a Naturopath instead. I was wondering if you have an contacts in my area. I want to see a true Classical Homeopath and am very frustrated. I live in Atlanta suburbs. My zip code is 30106, if that helps?! Any listing in the vicinity would be greatly appreciated.
    I am again pregnant with my 6th pregnancy and am seeing a reoccurring pattern of dis-at-ease!! I had what an Endocrinologist called a fluid filled cyst situated on my thyroid, and I experience heart palpitations, am unable to have consistency in regulating my body heat(I am now cold very often, instead of hot), I have a “feeling” that something very serious is trying to form in my body.The area itself in my neck causes me to feel like I cannot breath, and have to swallow several times to actually get things down at times, even air or saliva. I going on and on …I need a Homeopath!
    Thank you for any referral you may be able to offer.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Desira,
      Yes you need to see a homeopath. In Georgia there is only one homeopath listed in the CHC directory.
      Madhavi Kasam in Suwanee, GA 770-622-0588
      I do phone consultations id you are interested.
      Good luck,
      Robert Field

  13. C.Fernandes on

    Dear Mr. Robert,

    Whilst I was treating my sister who is over 52 plus. She is suffers from ankle swelling and so I prescribed to her Ledum pal 200 liquid but the next day she complained that the pain is serve and so I changed to Phos.Acid 200 liquid, but still it does not work. Can you guide me if the remedy for leg pain below her ankle which states swelling and pain. Hence I refered the case in Dr. Borriek, Metrica Medica under the rubric feet and so accordingly I prescribed the remedy but no postive results were found and so now I stopped both the remedies and made her to tie the bandage on her anklet as she finds little relief by using this.

    Can you suggest or give me some useful tips regarding this issue.



  14. Robert Field on

    Is the situation of her ankle a new expression or has this been happening for a long time? If it has been happening for a long time she will need to be given remedies for all of her and not just the ankle. One needs to ask the question, “why?” Why is her ankle swelling? How does this serve her and is the bodies best solution to her problems? What does this selling accomplish? When viewed in this context a remedy may appear that has remained hidden. If her ankle is swelling because of trauma or any other acute condition then looking at a more acute approach is better. In any case you need to “receive the case”
    Good luck,

  15. possible ways of getting pregnant on

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