Homeopathy Tips for 12/02/08 Terrorist Attacks

     We live in an increasingly violent world and this violence effects many people. From 9/11 New York, to Bali, to Madrid and Mumbai people are suffering with many  emotional responses. The closer you are to these acts the more profound an effect they may have.  Many of you may know someone who has been wounded or forever changed by these acts of terrorism. Homeopathy can help more than any other medicine other than the kind acts and love shared by another.

      These acts are to shock and kill with great horror. Not all people react in the same way though. Different remedies may prove helpful over time. I will keep this newsletter to remedies addressing the emotional responses to terrorism.

      The first remedy to consider when there is any explosion or the concussion of gunfire is Aconite. Aconite is the premier remedy for shock. When something occurs that is so sudden and alarming that we are unprepared for any response to it Aconite will help get a person back in their body. If they are left with a feeling of certain doom and feeling like they are still about to die Aconite will be most beneficial.

      Arnica is also a very good remedy especially due to trauma. It is equally as beneficial in physical as well as emotional trauma. Similar to Aconite in shock, Arnica will help a person collect themselves. It is especially indicated when it is visibally apparent that the person is not well and yet they insist nothing is wrong. They may not get good or restful sleep and complain that they cannot get comfortable or calm enough to sleep.

      Another remedy for fear that becomes long lasting is Opium. Opium will be most indicated when the persons response is to sleep to avoid their pain. They can become quite sedate and look as if under the influence of the drug.

      Stramonium is another remedy that may help significantly after a strong fear and violence. The person will probably become more sensitive and have a real fear around being alone. The desire for light and company are strong indicators of Stramonium.

      Another useful and rarely prescribed remedy is Androctonus. This remedy is most indicated when someone has seen something that no individual should ever have to see. Many first responders need this remedy. The shock and horror of dead mutilated bodies can leave a lasting impression. When this vision cannot leave our minds Androctonus may help. It is described best in our repertory under Mind; thoughts, one, to the exclusion of all others. Individuals needing this remedy may develop a hardened heart and may be capable of another act of violence themselves if left untreated.

      Natrum Muriaticum and Nitric Acid are good grief remedies and both have the symptom of Hatred with the inability to forgive. It is much stronger in Nitric Acid and may also have thoughts of revenge as well. They both may be useful when there is the holding on to the event and can’t let go to move on in their lives.  We must not forget Ignatia for anyone who has lost a loved one to acts of violence. It’s grief can be most active in wailing and crying and then can just as easily go to silent grief where tears are not released.

      There are as many responses to victims of violence and fear as there are individuals. This is only a partial list of the most common remedies that may prove to be useful. Always take the case and look for those symptoms that may be rare or peculiar to the individual as well. It could lead to a less commonly prescribed remedy that may be the the most helpful.

       As always the homeopath’s role is not just the prescription of remedies but to be an inspiration to their client as well. We are all responsible to lessen hatred in the world. It is something that is learned. We all have our own responsibility to lessen our prejudices and be the beam of light for non-violent change. Reading the works of Gandhi or the Dalai Lama can be inspirational and help us to heal and grow. The healthier we are the  more we can help others.

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  1. Marie on

    Dr. Field:

    The final statement in your Forum really says “it all” – The healthier we are the more we can help others. Helping others, especially those who seek to be helped, will have a “snowball effect”. Once they are healthier, they will cause others to do the same. The world would be a fantastic place if all would participate in genuinely aiding and supporting those in need. Thank you for your educational and informative forum, once again!

  2. Debasish on

    Many thanks for your wonderful explanation regarding terrorist attack. In Repertory we can take the rubric Ailments from Fright and we will see the list of remedies. We give Aconite generally when the effect is sudden onset. Besides rest of the medicines act very well according to the symptoms of the patient. Once I have got wonderful result after giving Natrum Mur 200C in a patient suffering from Allergic rhinitis after clearly getting the indication “ailments from fright”, aversion to fish, bread and Sun aggravation The medicine acted wonderfully. Her morning sneezing and runny nose upto 12 noon wonderfully cured by this medicine. Though I have used upto Natrum Mur 1M after 2 months wait after the first prescription.

    Kind regards


  3. D N Sharma on

    Many thanx for your great advice! It is informative and also curative! I hope people will benefit much more from your great advice! It is in the larger interest of the people! The great thing is you thought about it! Once again many many thanx! Warm Regards!
    D N Sharma


    For the control of terrorist the local Government must be bound to practice ‘principle
    YOGA EXERCISE’to Primary school,High school,Col-
    lege & University Students along with all Worker-
    s of Govt.Semi Govt,Private sectors & those are residing at residence without work.Then theirs mind will be
    filtered & they will rectified their mind easily.For this development local Govt.must be Pay Yoga-scholarship to students & Yoga Allowence to Employee’s. Now u can think on the way of Yoga Philosophy which give right Path to the people’s of the world for control. As well as you can Prescribed four(4)numbers of yoga which is simply practicing by our ALL people’s
    on their bed during relaxation/sleeping, namely (1)SABASANA like a dead body,(2)DRODORASANA like
    fish ,right hand keep behind the head,(3)ANTI-DRODORASANA liKe reverse direction of no.2 &(4)
    MOKORASANA like reverse direction of dead body.
    This four(4) yoga’s Practicing unknowingly but regularly done which gives more(70%)benifit
    & non benifit(30%) to all.Actually every persons having simple practice on said yoga’s,so some body are able to practice & somebody will be practice knowingly. Specially,For this yoga’s practice it is very easy because they are simply practicing on their sleeping bed.This is univesally true.
    Yoga- exercise is the great way to control terrorist where they are come from our nation.
    This is true to best of my knowledge that the said mentioned four(4)nos. of YOGA’S are GIFT
    by our GOD to people’s for human welbeing.No more today. Thanking you for give me a chance to write on the matter,because HOMEOPETHY & YOGA SIMILARITIES which is proved practically.

  5. Yvonne Siblini-Lebanon on

    Fantastic, I was on the same track. Thank you for the confirmation.

  6. Lisa in Tampa, FL on

    I agree 100% with the Doctor’s assertion that “We are all responsible to lessen hatred in the world”. In addition, I believe each of us is implicated in and must accept some accountability for the existing levels of fear, hate, terror, violence, etc in the world. Eldridge Cleaver’s edict to the flower children of the 60’s is timeless: “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. To be truly part of the solution, I believe it is imperative to “heal thyself”. Our planet is an interdependent web of life. The effort we make (or opt not to make!) to increase our individual well-being inevitably thwarts our collective capacity for global peace and harmony. Pursue wellness, propagate kindness, compassion and understanding at home and be a very real part of the solution to bring about a lasting peace for all!

  7. Lisa in Tampa, FL on

    In the next to last sentence above, I should have said:
    “facilitates OR thwarts respectively”…
    anyway, I think everyone knows what I mean.

    Keep up the good work, Doc! 🙂

  8. dr.naseer on

    Respect robert
    your medicine for terrorist are very impotant daily use. one the most importnat remedy for nervous system for fear and fright
    bad effect after stress of nervous system is
    Argantum Nit higher potency. Kali Phos 6x Avena sativa Q are also best remedy.

  9. Dr. Bogolea on

    Very useful tips, indeed!


    hay !Mr.Robert
    ANACARDIUM i think is a greet remedy for terrorist with the symptom FIX IDEAS.

  11. mah-jabeen on

    Robert .hi, thanks , I am same track. my question is all our friends in my country 90 %men agrassive , beat woman and children , and 60% suspasion ,for wife and torcher mently hurt altrnate days beat and drank, plz suggest remidy for men inthis case . ihave awoman she really dustrub and no whre she go .husband say i will kill u and your children .throw acid and so much blah blah.thanks

  12. mah-jabeen on

    she is 45 years old .i am realy distrub for her because she is my clint last 10 years . in this problem i can not help her, pls suggest my what can i do for her problem .she have 4 kids 18 to 10 yers ages .i am not explain in english .thanks a lot

  13. Yvonne on

    Mah-jabeen, if I were you, I’d give her STAPHSAGARIA

  14. Dr. Aditya Gaur on

    Dear sir,
    i am very fascinated by reading your tips.
    It is very useful to me.
    Sir, i want to know more remedies for scabies.
    i wait for your response.

  15. sujit on

    yes this is the main thing.i agreee…we r responsible for our future….

  16. King on

    Do you have remedies for radiation poisoning, blown off limbs and shrapnel wounds?

    No, I didn’t think so, because the placebo effect cannot fix that sort of damage.

  17. Mimo on

    If homeopathy would be based on the “placebo” no babies, no animals and no people in coma would have any relief from the medicine. But they do. So placebo is out of the game. Even plants are healed with homeopathic remedies. Beside that how come that placebo doesn’t work on people going to allopaths when they believe strongly in the allopathic medicine which they take ? It only works after going to a homeopath ! This is a funny “placebo”. Your brain in placebo because you believe in things brainless doctors tells you because they cannot accept and understand homeopathy. No doctor would study homeopathy if this would be only based on suggestion. There are only bery intelligent doctors who study homeopathy. ther are thousands of books every year, universities, hospitals..and this for about 200 years. And do you want to tell us all this is only placebo ? Including the million people healed by homeopathy every year, after not getting any relief from the “science” which try to heal people only with poisons with 1000 side effects per medicine ?
    The medicine who is killing and torture every year millions of animals and thousand of people with their experiments and medicine you are adoring ?
    In Germany alone 50.000 people are dying officially every year in hospitals because of mistakes of the medicine. The man is unchanged. The homeopathic medicine is unchanged. But the medicine changes every year their medicine, why this if it so good and reliable ?

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