Homeopathy Tips for 1/20/09 Eye Injuries

     Homeopathy can offer much help in an emergency situation when the eye has been injured. As with all injuries it is advisable to seek medical attention at all times. But in the mean time homeopathy can often come to the rescue and help.

     Simple first aid can many times help. When there is something in the eye it can be helpful to flush the eye with water. If there has been a chemical exposure, loss of vision or a solid object in the eye seek medical assistance immediately. There are remedies that can help but the eye is a delicate organ and needs proper physical attention when injured.

     There are 56 remedies listed in the Complete 2005 Repertory under Eye; Injury. I will not list them all but will go over a few of the most important remedies to consider in the many different ways the eye could be injured.

  • Aconite – Aconite is often called the Arnica for the eye. It will help heal minor abrasions due to foreign objects in the eye.t can help with inflammation and the blood-shot redness associated with injury. Often this is the first remedy to think of especially if the injury is accompanied with great fear or shock. Sensitive to light.
  • Arnica- Along with Aconite Arnica is high on the list of first remedies in any emergency especially the eye. Arnica is most indicated when there has been a blow to the eye socket by a blunt object. It can often help prevent the Black-eye from developing after injury.
  • Euphrasia –  “EyeBright”. This remedy is very useful in allergic reactions or other conditions that leave the eye with an injected look. Open and bloodshot this remedy can often bring great relief after injury.
  • Hypericum – When there is great pain associated to the eye injury or after being violated by a more pointed object Hypericum can offer relief. Hypericum or Calendula tincture in water can soothe the eye after scratch or other injuries.
  • Ledum – After injury by a blunt object to the eye socket Ledum can often be the best remedy especially if there is any relief from the application of cold to the injury. It is the first remedy to think of after the black eye has appeared. Also useful in drooping of the eye lids after injury.
  • Physostigma – after injury when the eyelids cannot be opened. There can also be twitching of the eye muscles.  Glaucoma after eye injury.
  • Ruta Graveolens – Injury due to eye strain. From over-using the eye, reading fine print.
  • Silica – Silica is the homeopathic scalpel. It will help remove foreign objects embedded in any tissue.
  • Symphytum – This remedy is very important in any injury to the eye ball itself. If the eye looks like it has somehow lost fluid or  the surface is no longer smooth but corrugated, symphytum is the indicated remedy.

     Use this as an opportunity to look into other remedies that are useful in eye injuries. There are many and if you study all of the remedies listed in your Repertory under Eye; injury,  you will add much to your knowledge of Materia Medica. You never know when that information could make a big difference in helping someone heal from an eye injury. But remember the eye is a delicate organ and should always get evaluated by a medical professional when injured.

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  1. sachin on

    senega can be used after operation on the eye to clear the remanants of the lens.
    osmium & physostigma are benificial to decrease intra-ocular pressure in case of glucoma

  2. sachin on

    arnica alternately with hamamelis can be used to absorb intraocular haemorrhage.

  3. Dr.Brijesh Vaidya on

    Respected sir,
    very nice article regarding eye injury
    sir, can you give some highlight on
    eye floater
    which remedy is helpful for treating this condition
    role of our homoeopathy in eye floater
    thanking you
    yours sincerely,
    Dr.Brijesh Vaidya

  4. Dr.Arshad on

    General formula of any kind minor trouble:

    Constitutional & inter current remedies are:

  5. Carrie Schreiber on

    Thank you for the posting. Any ideas for an old injury (from a softball) that has resulted in one pupil (right) always being dilated?

  6. Dr. Poonam Batra on

    Dear Carrie, Try Hypericum for dilated pupil, after injury.

  7. Joan on

    any remedies for dry macular degeneration?

  8. Dr.T.K.Bal on

    So far remedy for eye injury – I think all useful medicines have been discussed wisely by the honourable doctors. But what about management? In c/o eye injury from direct contact with chemicals, as during DOLYATRA (Holi) festival, following management along with medical treatment is found beneficial –
    1. Sufficient clean running water should be showered from inner canthus to outer canthus of the effected eye.
    2. Euphrasia (Aqua Solution) may be applied after that.
    3. Casualty should be advised not to rub eye.
    4. Eye may be covered temporarily with clean gauge.

  9. Dr naseer on

    Resoect robert

    staph abd sul acid are good remedy

    for injury, staph rendy use after sugery/operation.

    purpura hamorragua with eye symptom use the

    sul acid.Symphytum is great remedy after arnica

    use higher potency. ledum is great remdy

    of black eye after injury.

  10. Dr. A. H. Nasir on

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for guidelines regarding injured eyes. Would you please tell me that how the important medicines can be used? wash the eyes with these medicines or use the medicines through mouth? Thank you for cooperation.

  11. Dr.Sarfaraz on

    Arnica is the best remedy.Even pain with blow or upto subconjunctival haemorrahage it is good.In pollination/ spring season,eupharasia may be good in watery eyes.
    The tips given are very useful.

  12. monika on

    wash your eyes with amla water regularly is helpful in stressed eyes , getting recover from sight changes, specially it is helpful during stretched eyes with the irritation of balls with a sensation of stones inside. it gaves a great feeling.

  13. Harish chandra on

    Dear Sir ,
    what is the remedy for a lazy eye symtom. My grand daughter aged 7 years got a accident about 5 months back. Immediately she informed that she is not able to see from right eye. Eye specialist has seen the eye is OK, the opticalnerve upto retina till he could see is also OK. Other tests also confirmed that there is no physical damage. Ultimately he declared, after tests and consulting nurosergen,that the eye has become lazy.So they have asked to use a patch on left eye and uise right eye as much as possible. Whether it can be treated by homeopathy. What is your advise in this case. Thanks

    Hi Harish, Try Physostigma. It may be helpful. Robert

  14. sonal on

    i would like to know if there is any remedy for improving eye sight.

    • dr. rubi on

      dear sir i dr. rubi my father is suffering from sever eye pain i have given hypericum and staphysagria he get no releif pls help me?

  15. Dr. Pragna on

    dear sir,
    can you suggest me remedy for correcting eye site?

  16. Ad. Robi on

    Dear Sir one of my relatives son got accident in a few years ago. Now the vain of his eye is going dry and all things he saw in angle and he try’s to put in rightly. He do this again and again. Please suggest me what medicine should be used in this problem.

  17. dr pritanjali on

    sir, is ther any remedies for eye sight improvement?myself have -5.00 on rt. eye &-4.5 on lt. eye ,it is heridity .,there is yellowish discharge ,&is relived by washing with cold water,can i get help…..thanks

  18. Anjali on

    accidently somebodys hand hit my eye and after showing it to doctor {an eye surgeon}he could not find any thing wrong. My vision is also ok, but I see few black spots floating and i often see a bright light coming frm that eye.
    What could be the reason and please also suggest a reemedy.

    thanks and regards

  19. Ingrid on

    I was doing research on homeopathics for eye disorders as I have two pet patients with eye issues:

    1. Young goat with eye trauma yesterday that caused the the inner corneal layers to protrude out from the outer corneal layer (looks like a bubble on the eye). Vet says there is not much that can be done. Which kind of homeopathics would be indicated with this kind of eye trauma where this is the inner corneal layers protruding out of the outer corneal layer and causing a red bubbling on part of the eye?

    2.Basset Hound with a history of keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eye) which is an autoimmune issue. When the eyes get dry from this autoimmune issue he rubs his eyes and causes lacerations on the cornea. He also does this with allergies (scratches and rubs eye on the carpet). Are there any homeopathics indicated for autoimmune dry eye and that could also help one the cornea has been injured from rubbing and scratching?

    In both cases what would be most beneficial, giving homeopathics via the mouth or in the eye?

    Thank you so much for any suggestions for these conditions. I would greatly appreciate it!

  20. Mohan Lal Verma on

    Very useful tips. I have one case, where i need help. The patient age 60 yrs, was filling water in the inverter battery which got burst and his eyes filled with acid water about one year back. He was able to see for 15 days thereafter. The eye surgeon filled some fluid in the ratina, which was to be kept for 3 months, but as the patient was having severe headache with that, the fluid had to be removed. Now he can not see anything, though he says he feels light when sees to the extreme right or left. The doctors say that he has light inside but he can not see due to excessive pressure and may be in a position to see as and when the pressure will be normal. For the last month he was given 3 doses of Arnica 1M,followed by Caust 30 for a week and thereafter 3 doses of Caust 200. But there is no improvement. Doctor please suggest some remedy.

  21. madeline band on

    Hello, I do not know if this site is still open, but I would really like some help. I have suffered with recurrent corneal erosion and dry patches on the cornea for 3 years now and it is just not getting better. The episodes are happening on a weekly basis and are so painful. Is there anything you could recommend?

  22. faiyazul haque on

    My left eye got injured and this causes dimness in vision

  23. ruby on

    My mother has vitrous hemorrhage in right eye n cataract in both eyes, media hazy, blurr vision, she feels bleeding in ratina also. Can b these problem cured by homeopathy. She s 65 yrs old. She has high bp from 2 years but she takes bp tablet ‘ telvas am’ so bp s normal from 4 months. Plz help me bcz opthomologist suggest me surgery but dnt give guarantee to eye sight back properly. I m very confused wat to do.

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