Homeopathy Tips for 11/4/08 Controversy About Methods

      One of my dear students presented me with a paper written by George Vithoulkas about the different methods being taught in homeopathy right now. It was a comparison of the Hahnemannian approach as outlined in the Organon and newer methods being taught by different teachers around the world; more specifically Sankaran, Scholten, Becker and Chappell.

      Vitholkas’ argument is that many of the newer ways of understanding homeopathy are not following the Organon and that many newer remedies have not been proven in a classical sense. I happen to agree with Vitholkas very much on this. Even though great understanding can be gained by experimenting and extrapolating ideas, the remedies need to be proven. Much happens in a proving of the real substance that needs to be organized through a proper proving.

      I do not discount the newer methods though. I too have created remedies from intention alone and experienced the effects of the proving. But I have never published these results as fact about the remedy. It was as much for amusement as it was for learning. As for giving a remedy with intention alone I do it everyday. No harm could ever come with a well intentioned prayer. But….. I have never relied on intention alone. I will always have the client get the physical remedy and take it as directed. Nothing will take the place of a well made remedy. It would be foolish to not give a remedy.

        As for the new methods of understanding the kingdoms that have been elaborated on by Scholten and Sankaran, I respect their work greatly. I use all sources of information in selecting any remedy. But more important than the system or method is the personal spiritual evolution of the homeopath. Without a clear knowing of what is to be healed in the client the homeopath will never be able to help. In order to have this clear understanding the homeopath must be on his/her own spiritual journey and following universal law to continue to improve their own life. This in my opinion is paramount to any system or method.

     I am very lucky to have had my teacher, Vega Rozenberg, make this very clear for me. As I continue to learn and grow in all ways I find my work continues to grow as well. Using the basics of spiritual understanding in my own life only helps me be able to help another in theirs. This also allows me to embrace all methods of homeopathy. In the end it is ALWAYS the personal, individual method of the homeopath.

       When the homeopath is clear in himself he can be clear in the case. If not, any method will ultimately be useless. As I have said many times before, energy follows intent and if the homeopaths intent is to grow and evolve spiritually himself, then he will evolve as a homeopath as well. With this in mind the homeopath will be free to use any and all methods at his disposal to find the essence of the case and the best remedy available.

      I say embrace ALL of the methods and and be attached to none. It is through our attachments that we hold prejudice. It is the highest calling of the homeopath to be an unprejudiced observer. This is how I approach all of the new methods and leave contoversy out of it.

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  1. ShaliniArun on

    This is real truth.I agree with this totally.A very good article.

  2. Dr.K. Boakye-Yiadom on

    I do respect your view that a homoeopath must on his or her own spirual jouney in order to help others.
    You are fortunate that your teacher helped you grow and evolve yourself spiritually.
    How can you help me grow spiritually so that I can be of service to others.

  3. Monina Vazquez on

    Very good article Robert, I agree with you!

  4. D on

    Thank you for this article.

    In response to Dr.K. Boakye-Yiadom’s question: How can you help me grow spiritually so that I can be of service to others?

    Spiritual growth is an on-going development of your reliance (total dependence) on and submission to God.

    Please pray that God helps you to grow so you can be of greater service to others, according to His will.

  5. Debasish on

    I think Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s sensation method will help to solve many critical and desperate cases in our practice because I have seen in my practice after giving well indicated medicine (proper case taking,and with the help of repertorization)it acted nicely for few months on his chief complaint but his or her few symptoms remain unchanged. May be either due to lack of knowledge of Materia medica or lack of knowledge about application of new proving medicines. Here, if we use Sankaran’s sensation method followed by identification of Kingdom then miasm I think we can easily identified the remedy for the purpose. Although this is not an easy method because we have to arrange all the patients symptoms according to the levels by which we can identify a kingdom. So, we require more study and try to application of this method in our everyday practice.

    Kind regards

    Debasish Bandyooadhyay

  6. Dr. K L Rana on

    This is very good article and will help in a bigger way.

    I agree that Homoeopath must understand his spritual journey and based on the same he can understand others which can help curing patients.

    Very nice contribution.

    Dr. K L Rana

  7. Dr.tahira on

    A very good article with a real truth .
    God bless every one.

  8. dr.ghulam mustafa on

    hay mr.robert
    today is a great day for you and your country becuase you elect your new presedent we pray for bright future of your country after th

  9. dr.ghulam mustafa on

    hay mr.robert
    today is a great day for you and your country becuase you elect your new presedent we pray for bright future of your country after this change.
    with best wishes

  10. Peggy on

    What amazing spiritual insight. This iste is amazing. Often “healers” who experience success get wedded to their particular method and beceome stagnant. It is then they begin to deteriorate

  11. dr.naseer on

    Respect robert

    drug proving is require great knowledge

    homoeopathic experience. I agreed with you.

  12. dr.naseer on

    Respect Robert

    Your topic of keynot symptom similar

    totallity symptom are very interesting

    heartly appriciated same topic of 11.11.08

    we receive a lot of knowledge.

  13. Niaz Muhammad Khan on

    Dear Doctor,
    Thanks you I am student of Homeopathic last year. My difficulty is this I am not make the potency of single remady and not select single remady any medicine important purpose. AGNUS CAST and LECUPODIUM of make the compound.
    Kindly give me guidline.
    Thanking you
    Niaz Muhammad Khan
    Karachi Pakistan

  14. Dr Meera Singhania on

    Very good article,I agree with you.

  15. kavita on

    Hi realy nice article,I’m student i find difficalty in corelating the diseas pictur to drug pictur.plz give advice if u have.by.have a nice future.

  16. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Respected Dr.Robert Field,

    I am a learner of Homeopathy.so, i would like to know many things but I donot get the answer to my simple questions.No body helps me.Perhaps
    they do not like to disclose the secrecy.So, wherefrom I may get the answers to my questions?
    You’ve written,”I too have created remedies from intention alone & experienced the effects of the proving”.But how you’ve done it? I like to
    learn it.
    You;ve written,”As for giving a remedy with intention alone I do it every
    day.”How do you do it ? If you do not like to explain & satisfy the eagerness
    of our heart to know it, then why do you’ve mentioned it?
    What is your intentioned prayer? We want to know it.You,re our great
    teacher & I am your humble student.If you do not guide us like your teacher
    Vega Rozenberge,where will go to learn it?
    All most all Homeopaths are keenly desireous to have spiritual knowledge &
    spiritual journey.So, please explain as to how spiritual evolution can be
    achieved? So, please share your wisdom & take us with you,so that we may
    participate in the wel-fare of mankind.
    Frequently you mention that,”without a clear knowledge of what is to be
    healed in the client,the Homeopaths will never be able to help.”Would you
    please explain the inner meaning of this statement very clearly to a novice
    like me?
    What do you actually mean by the ‘ universal law’ which should be followed
    to improve our own life?
    Please help me to know everything regarding thebove.If it is not desireable
    to explain everything in this forum please please E-mail me.I shall be ever
    Thanking you sincerely,

    Mahbubur Rahman,
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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