Homeopathy Tips for 11/24/09 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It is a time that family and friends get together to give thanks and share. It is a time that is filled with giving and good food. I want to share a little from one of my favorite homeopaths of all time James Tyler Kent. His contribution to homeopathy has been great. Here are a few of his Aphorisms and Precepts. I hope they inspire you and remind you of the truth in this most holy of healing sciences.

  • Susceptibility is only a name for a state that underlies all possible sickness and all possible cure.
  • Now when a person become sick, he becomes susceptible to a certain remedy, which will effect him in it’s highest potency; while upon a healthy person it will have no effect.
  • When the dose is too large to cure, man receives it as a sickness.
  • Think how susceptible a man is to sickness, when the Rhus vine will poison him when is on the windward side, half a mile away.
  • An individual may be susceptible to nothing else; gross, course, vigorous in constitution; yet there is one thing he is susceptible to, and that is what he needs.
  • The signs are visible, but the Esse is invisible.
  • The tendency of the human mind to run after things visible, that can be felt with fingers, leads one to adopt foolish theories like Bacteria doctrine and the Molecular theory.
  • A physician above all men if not innocent should be anything else but a doctor. A bad man has only course, vicious ideas of the human heart.
  • The time may come when Homeopathy of the purer kind will be popular, but it is a very long time ahead.
  • The sharper the edge of a tool that you fool with the more harm you can do; so it is with higher potencies in unskilled hands.
  • The rational mind can go far beyond the idea of a molecule.
  • The Homeopathic physician that thinks in quantities only, has such a crude mind that he cannot realize true Homeopathy.
  • Homeopaths have a consciousness of what life is. what life force is, what the nature of disease is, and can apply to all theories of the world our measure and test them. They can realize the philosophies.
  • The world today accepts things perfectly incongruous and calls them science. Modern science accepts nothing which cannot be heard , felt or seen.
  • Take a body of scientific men; after a lengthy discussion the conclusion is, that “we have concluded so and so,” by the majority, after a general average is taken, and the conclusion is Science.
  • The personal stamp is upon every disease and upon every proving, and the individual must be permitted to stamp himself upon the disease as well as upon the proving.
  • There are no two things alike in the universe. This is so of diseases and of sick people, of thousands of crystals of the same salt. No two stars are alike. When this thought presents itself to the mind of the physician, he can see that no remedy can be substituted for another.
  • A disease may be suppressed by a medicine as well as by a stronger dissimilar disease.
  • The Homeopathic remedy only becomes Homeopathic when it has established its curative relation; the relation between two dynamic influences.
  • Homeopathicity is the relation between the symptoms of the patient and the remedy which will cure.
  • Homeopathy is an applied science not a theory.
  • It is an injustice to Science to practice without exact knowledge and reasons for what you do. The whole world is a swirl of this round – about inheritance instead of knowledge.
  • It is an injustice to one’s self to remain in bigotry, intolerance and hatred.
  • When you have discovered that this Life Force resides in a simple substance you see at once that death is not an entity. The body has no life of its own and therefore it cannot die.
  • Therefore there is no death, but we do observe and perceive that there is separation, of one that is alive from another that never was alive; a disjunction of that which lives from that which never lived.
  • That changes in the body correspond to wrong thinking is true. The fault of the world today, is reasoning from externals. Man elected in the early part of his history to think from lasts to firsts, and thereby lost his ability to know.
  • One sick man is to be treated, not the disease.
  • In proportion as man thinks against everything, his country, his God, his neighbor, he wills in favor of himself. Therefore this forms man into the nature of his affections.
  • Thus man wills against everything but himself. In proportion as he does this he becomes a form of hatred, or a form of self love; he is that. Allow this to proceed and ultimates are inevitable.
  • Thus man is what he wills. As his love is , so is his life. When man thinks about the neighbor, he wills one of two things – he wills good to his neighbor or the opposite.

Take a little time to ponder Kent’s words of wisdom. Let them inspire you. Let them lift your heart and bring them into your life and practice. Give thanks for the master homeopaths who share their insights. You will be a better homeopath and have a happier, more fulfilled life. Please share your thoughts and favorites from the above collection in the comments below. I love to hear from you all. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Dr. K L Rana on

    Being Homoeopath, I am thankful to Dr. Kent as I have learnt many aspects of H from HIS writings.

    I have started using elimination method of prescribing remedy for various problems. I frequently refer his repertory and lectures. He has been great after the father of Homoeopath Dr. S Hahnemann genious.

    Today, Homoeopathy is quite frequently used in most part of the world especially in India.

    I have observed that Homoeopathy has been increasing the immunity and thus keeping people healthy not only physically but mentally also.

    This is great contribution and service to society.


    Dr. K L Rana

  2. Zabeena Begum on

    Thank you for giving me valueble informations.

  3. The God bless all of the homeopathy Pioneers who are the pillars of this great science Which will be expected to be
    first line science in this century to help the huminty from the different malady in their life with high passion and patinence.
    M.ElSiddig, Canada, On

  4. Dr. Chris Chlebowski on

    Thank you for sharing those timeless words of wisdom by one of the worlds greatest homeopaths.


    Dr. J Chris Chlebowski

  5. Preetika on

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Dr Robert.This article has reviewed the Kent’s philosophy once again.
    Thank you for such a inspiring article.

  6. Sangeeta on

    Hi Robert,
    Iam Thankful to the great pioneers of Homeopathy and Iam also Thankful to You for sharing your knowledge and articles with us.
    Thank you.

  7. Marta Olson on

    “Thus man is what he wills.All his love is , so is his life. When man thinks about the neighbor, he wills one of two things- he wills good to his neighbor, or the opposite.”
    Thank You Robert for this timely message. These words being the perfect resonate gift for me and my family right now.
    As always, my gratitude.
    Thanks-Giving!! and Blessings to you and your family.

    Marta Olson

  8. Tamara Ward on

    Another favorite quote from Kent: “Extensive knowledge makes a man simple, makes him gentle. Extensive knowledge makes a man realize how little he knows, what a small concern he is. A little knowledge makes a fool of man, and makes him think he knows it all, and the more he forgets of what he has known the man he feels he is. The smaller he feels he is the more he knows, you may rest assured. In order to do this, he must study and keep himself in a state of gravity and in a state of innocence.”

    Thank you for the weekly reminder to stay gentle.

  9. Monina on


  10. Sarah Knox on

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and Kent’s.
    Just today I healed a small burn on my hand while making a fire using the twice burn technique I learned from the Organon… (-: I am so grateful for the power of homeopathy!
    And for you and your knowledge.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  11. k.p. varghese on

    The teachings of our great seers are always food for thought. When it is read reproduced by you it really delights me. I remember( Kent?) having said that it is safe to stand in the middle of blind men practising sword than taking medicine from a homoeopath who pays little attention to the symptoms. Thank you doctor for your thanksgiving letter.

  12. Dr.Ranjit Singh on

    Thank you very much for the great information you shared with us.
    Happy thanks-giving to you and your family.
    Dr.Ranjit Singh

  13. Dr M AzizurRahman on

    Thank You Robert for this timely message.Thank you for sharing your wisdom and Kent’s.When it is read reproduced by you it really delights me. Let them inspire me. Let them lift our heart and bring them into our life and practice. I remember( Kent?) having said that it is safe to stand in the middle of blind men practising sword than taking medicine from a homoeopath who pays little attention to the symptoms. Thank you doctor for your thanksgiving letter.
    Dr M Azizur Rahman

  14. Ram Dev Ray on

    Really we need to thank to those who devoted their life for Homoeopathy,a real healing art and science. Dr Kent’s contribution after Father of Homoeopath is raelly unforgettable. They opened our eyes to view a real science.
    I also would like to give thanks to Dr Robert who share different aspects of this science.

  15. naseermuhammad on

    Thank very much really share more knowledge and

    improve and learn more .

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