Homeopathy Tips for 11/23/10 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Thanksgiving started during colonial times when the first white settlers (pilgrims) and Native Americans in North America sat down to feast together. It was a sign of co-operation and peace. It is unfortunate that over the coming centuries that peaceful bond would be challenged. But the tradition of giving thanks and enjoying the bounty of food still remains.

So it is always a good time to take stock of our lives and really appreciate all of the good we have. There are really so many things to be thankful for, but always at the top of my list is being thankful for the good health of myself and my family.

Being involved in health care my next level of thanks always extends to the masters of homeopathy. I give thanks to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann for bringing homeopathy to the world, my teacher, Vega Rozenberg, for helping me become a homeopath, and the late David Warkinton, my friend and the first creator of computer programs for homeopathy.  Homeopathy has literally changed my life and the lives of so many people who have come to be treated. It really feels as though this is a miracle.

I am thankful for the internet and modern technology that makes it possible for me to communicate to all of you. It was only just 20-25 years ago that this opportunity came to be. Prior to this we would have had to rely on surface mail. Now we can communicate at the speed of light. This is another miracle.

I am thankful for all of the people in my life who share a similar vision of peace and healing for all. I know I am not alone and this always gives me great hope. It is through our intentions and actions that real change in the world can occur. We are constantly being challenged and the world does not always appear to be the way I would wish. But it is the way it is and this gives myself and all of you a wonderful opportunity to let our lives be a reflection of our beliefs. This opportunity is a miracle also. The world has not always been so free.

I am thankful that I have food today and can share it with friends and family. As necessary as air and water are, food can be enjoyed in a different way. I am grateful that I can enjoy healthy food that sustains me.

And I do not want to forget how thankful I am for my very existence. Yes it is easy to take for granted when I wake every morning and another day presents itself. But to really take this gratitude in and feel the love that is ever-present in my life is something to be very thankful for. The miracle of life; and I am here to live it, right now.

Take some time for yourself and reflect on Thanksgiving. Appreciation and gratitude are two of the healthiest activities we can do for ourselves. Now is a good time to be conscious of our joy. Blessings to all of you.

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  1. Christine on

    Happy thanksgiving from Ireland…thanks for your wonderful post!

  2. Amulya Kumar Mishra on

    I agree and wish to give thanks for the thanks giving.

  3. Yulia on

    There are a lot of things in my life that I’m grateful for: my family, friends, opportunities that come, every day that brings something new, joy, happiness. I’m grateful to you, Robert, for your help. Thank you. There is a wonderful site : /www.gratitudelog.com Check it and have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

  4. suresh on

    Hi Robert,

    I totally resonate with your thoughts. My daily dose of gratitude goes out for so many things seen and unseen. Coming to US, healthy family, great friends,people who I come in touch and make a difference in their lives with kind words,deeds and thought,Guru’s seen and unseen, Doctors/teachers who have helped bring homeopathy to living rooms, job that produces income, good cars we drive taking us safe out and safe back home, the mind and capcaity to help others financially, the Universe for it’s unlimited potential and manifesting in our lives so many many things tangible and intangible.

  5. C.Fernandes on

    Dear Dr.Robert,

    It was a great article on Thanksgiving. In this fast moving world I tend to forget about the good things God has given to all of us.

    Best regards,

    Celes Fernandes

  6. Dr.Shorab Ibrahim on

    Dear Dr Robert.
    It was wonderful reading your post – your humility, your thankfulness, your apreciation of all that God has given you and your loved ones. We too are thankful of all the knowledge that you share with us. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your loved ones.

  7. Mah-jabeen on

    thanksgiving .good luck to you plz tell me about hole in heart by birth and what is treatment this problem thanks a lot

  8. Helene T, md on

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, your loved one & the staff at Resonance School.
    From our office &(my)case rooms, thanks for your caring & sharing your knowledge.

  9. Yvonne Mendes Siblini on

    Happy Thanksgiving Robert and thank you for all the tips on homeopathy you present sharing your love openly without any limits (unprejudiced)

  10. Maria de Fátima Magalhães on

    Happy thanksgiving from Brasil.
    Thank you and the staff at Resonance School!

  11. Darsie White on

    I am thankful for you and all that you have done for me and my family. You are a gift to our community- and I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It must be nice to have a chef in the family at this time of year!:)


  12. Farida Sheikh on

    Happy thanksgiving. I always enjoy and benefit from your articles on homeopathy tips.

  13. Monina on

    Happy Thanksgiving Day Robert.
    I always enjoy your articles even though I not always write you something. I’m grateful to you for all your sharing.

  14. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: Thank you for putting in proper perspective our gratitide and thanks for Daily Blessings, no matter how small. Wish you and your family and your endeavours much success and joy. To the native South Amrican indian friends, we owe our homeopathic knowledge of curare poison and its remedy usage by proving, Thank you. Likewise to our Surinam native indians we and especially Dr Hering owes his curiosity and discovery of Lachesis remedy prompted by the native tales of such a fierce snake that would even pursue its prey into a fire. – Thank you. However, Thanksgiving is not so kind to the Turkey fowl, unless I refer to the Turkey that escapes death by a Presidential pardon. Yes, the President does pardon one Turkey every year. But I digress….I was wondering how the Turkey’s more flamboyant cousin – The Duck – was able to get its own remedy proving (the French remedy Oscillococcinum is obtained from the succused heart/liver Canard Duck or Muscovy Duck – Anas B, some controversy exists on this)). Anyway, I could not find any proving of the Turkey bird, in homeopathic literature. Perhaps it will be useful in some overpowering sleep disorders, perhaps narcolepy etc as excessive turkey consumption in large does does cause some sleepiness and lethargy due to excessive tryptophans. Thank You and God Bless…….Philip

  15. Asghar Ali on

    Dear Dr. Robert – It is a great virtue to be thankful. We must offer our thanks to the Creator for having blessed us with so much and so many.

  16. Dr. P.K.Mayadunne on

    Dear Dr. Robert,
    Gratitude is a noble quality in our life.I appreciate your great service to humanity and would like to thank you for what you have been doing for Homeopathy.Good Luck!

  17. azhar khan on

    i always enjoying ur articles.

  18. Samuel Oppong-Boadi on

    Its good to be thankful to those who improve our happy stay on earth,that is why i totally agree with your thanksgiving thought and putting it forward for all to emulate. Well done and thank you for all the rich information you always share with us for our sustainment.

  19. Dr. Bilal Ahmad on

    First of all we should be grateful to our Lord the Almighty who is creater of all the knowledge and particularly the art of healing – in particular homoeopathy, which is in fact a science which has been raised from the essence of the worldly material for the essence of mankind – from the invisible material – the potency – for the benefit of the life force & soul of the creation.
    Indeed many thanks for Dr. Robert for starting Resonance school which is bridging the gulf between the lovers and practioners of homoeopathy in the world.

    Happy thanks giving day, I always enjoy your articles they are very useful and enlightening.

  20. R.Anil kumar on

    Dear sir,
    Happy Thanks giving Day.
    I’m also enjoing yr articles day by day.
    Wish you all the BEST.

  21. syed husain on

    Thanks for selecting this wonderful topic Thanksgiving there are no words to praise of this topic.Please go ahead.

  22. Dr K L Rana on

    I am thankful one and all and also ALMIGHTY for giving all for my use and live.

  23. Dr.Rabia Jehangir on

    Thanks for nice & informative article,we should be thankful to Almighty Allah & every goodness he has given us.

  24. ROBERT LAL on

    Thank you Dr.Robert for your reflection on Thanksgiving. It is time to remember our saviour, redeemer. and sustainer Lord Jesus Christ whose name is above all names in the heaven, on whole earth and even down the earth whether it is known by the name Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertention or any other name, He can heal any ailment known so far.May we all thank Him for keeping us safe and sound throughout the year.

  25. Dr.Rajiva Kumar on

    wonderful thanks for your email

  26. Dr.Rajiva Kumar on

    wonderful and alarming

  27. Sarah on

    Dear Robert,
    I am so thankful for you and your teachings among many other blessings. I am thankful for your razor sharp healing insight and the remedies and help to me and my family over the years. Blessings to you and yours!!!
    I was shocked and saddened to read “the late” David Warkentin. I did not know he had passed. he was a my first teacher of homeopathy and a friend.

  28. Tajmul Basha on

    What ever the quantam of thanks we give you, it is less for the details and topics you are giving. My thanks to all of you involved in this institute and each and everyone folloing the site.
    I want to request you to give the details about less % of vitamin-D in the body, and the suitable Homoeo Medicine.
    Thanking you,

  29. mohammedhussain on


  30. Dr. Zulqarnain on

    Dear Dr.Robert
    Thanks for your wonderful email. I read today this a very good article. First of all I’m very great full & thanksgiving to Allah who bless a lot on me and also thanksgiving to my Parents, my family who support me for my bright future. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all viewers.
    I want to request you to give the details about Left Kidney Abbcesses, Spleen Enlargment and please find the suitable Homoeo Medicine.
    Wish you all the BEST
    Thanking you,

  31. R.N.Gupta on

    Dear Dr.Robert

    Thanks for thanksgiving post.

  32. Claudia Lee on

    I appreciate the Thanksgiving post. I am thankful each day for I find I learn more each day than the one before. I am thankful for all those around me for each one becomes a teacher of sorts, a guide and a true companion. I am in hopes that my thankfulness is extended to giving thanks to a higher source each day, as I travel through this homeopathy learning experience and that it is working thru me to heal as you have done Robert.

  33. dr naseer on

    dear sir
    thanks I heartly appreicated for your working truly

    help for all homoeopathic doctors. we learn more

    Once again I thanks

  34. H/Doctor Abdul Hannan on

    Dear Sir,

  35. H/Doctor Abdul Hannan on

    Respected Sir,
    I am pleased to receive ur news letter and i also appreciate ur services given to me. It will be helpful for me if the guideline to method of prescription and utilization of Homeopathic medicine on computer with the availability of software is given. Ur early action in this matter is solicited. Thanks

  36. dr naseer on

    Happy thanksgiving from Ireland…thanks for your wonderful

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