Homeopathy Tips for 11/22/16 Grateful for NASH

It is Thanksgiving week here in America. The holiday celebrates bountiful harvests and preparation for winter. It is a time to be thankful and show gratitude for the bounty we have received. One of the things I am grateful for is NASH, the North American Society of Homeopaths.

This organization has been serving homeopathy and the professional homeopath since 1990.  NASH has been the voice for professional homeopaths ever since. NASH provides professional unity and strength for the homeopath. NASH is a voice among all other health care modalities being a powerful presence in society at all levels; social, health, political and legal.

NASH provides credentialing for professional homeopaths.  Candidates who are accepted receive the RSHom (NA) credential. (Registered Society of Homeopaths) (North America) This credential (although not a legal credential for practice) is the most recognized credential in homeopathy around the world. The title is not easily achieved and sets the highest standards for the professional homeopath.

In addition to credentialing NASH is a very strong proponent of Health Freedom laws being adopted by states. Because each state in America creates the legislation for the practice of medicine, NASH works with grassroots organizations supporting Health Freedom Legislation changes. NASH supports all homeopathic education and recognizes the importance of maintaining Hahnemannian classical homeopathy.

NASH maintains a very large homeopathic library and books and periodicals are available for checkout to their members. They are a great resource. In addition to the library, members can receive discounts at Washington Homeopathic Pharmacy as well as special deals on homeopathic software and business aids.

Each year NASH publishes The American Homeopath professional journal. This yearly periodical is filled with some of the latest research and information in homeopathy. The journal is very well done and is included in the price of membership. This journal alone is worth the price of membership.

Because the practice of homeopathy is legally questionable in some states, NASH has created a Legal Defense Fund to support members with legal aid and fees in the event of a legal action against the member homeopath. NASH has also made special arrangements with an insurance underwriter to provide Professional Liability insurance to members. The insurance is very inexpensive and provides peace of mind to the professional homeopath.

So with all of these benefits, one can see why I am thankful for NASH this Thanksgiving holiday. If you are a member, consider renewing your membership now. If not, sign up now. There are a few different membership levels to choose from. Registered members are for professional homeopaths who have received the RSHom (NA) credential. Student membership is for active students of homeopathy. Associate members are for those of the general public who support NASH and homeopathy. There is also a school membership which Resonance School of Homeopathy is a member.

I am grateful that NASH exists. This is the best organization serving the homeopathic profession in North America. Check out their website and become a member. You will be glad you did.

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  1. sherry sebring on

    THANK YOU!!!

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