Homeopathy Tips for 1/12/10 Other Modalities

It is easy to become fanatical about homeopathy, especially when dealing with other modalities that can be suppressive or interfere with the healing process. It is one of the biggest challenges to homeopaths today in this world of allopathic medicine. What is the best way to deal with this when your client is seeing other doctors and using other modalities as well?

I have found that educating my client is a process that needs time and needs to be repeated often. I find during the initial interview and discussion that the usual client hears and retains about 20% of what was discussed. They will come with a list of all of the drugs being taken and all of the different modalities of healing they are using in their approach to healing. Some of them do not work so well with the homeopathic approach.

The first step is getting them to take responsibility for their own healing. I usually share what I know to be true about homeopathy and how it can help them. It is really necessary to get them to understand the concept of vital force and that they are the healers;  no drug or even the homeopathic remedy will do the healing for them. This concept can be a very big wake-up call for some clients and they need time to accept this idea.

It is usually during follow-ups that the idea of them healing themselves starts to take hold. In the mean time, I do not ask them to change any part of their previous regimen with other modalities. This can make the first follow-up somewhat difficult at times because it can be challenging to see the healing response. But if the remedy is correct it will show up somewhere in their story. Then, when they have begun to see that homeopathy is helping, education about other modalities can really start to be heard.

In regards to drugs, I never take a person off of any drug I did not prescribe. Most clients say they do not want to take the drugs but do not know how to get off of them. I find that most of the drugs prescribed do not work very well, if at all. When this is the case I encourage the client to go back to the prescribing doctor and work with them to get off of the drugs. I will never be the one responsible for this. I did not prescribe the drug so I respect that the prescription needs to be altered or stopped by the prescribing physician. I expect the same with my homeopathic prescriptions as well. Ultimately it is the desire and the responsibility of the client to get these changes to occur.

Other modalities like acupuncture and chiropractic manipulations can have mixed results when applied with homeopathy. It very much depends on the approach and intent of the practitioner. The same follows for massage and even other energetic healing modalities. I usually do not discourage these types of modalities but will watch closely if they have a detrimental effect on their healing. At times, if necessary and warranted, I will even recommend a less invasive modality to be used in addition to homeopathy but will only recommend a practitioner I am familiar with and  trust.

Because homeopathy is a very subtle and energetic medicine, many other modalities can interfere as the the vital force is forced to respond to a more invasive energy.  Other modalities must be used with great care. Timing is essential when introducing another modality.  Be very careful in changing too much of the clients approach to healing in the beginning. They really need the time to trust in their healing process and trust that homeopathy can help them heal. In time, with correct prescribing and good case management, the issue of too many modalities in their approach to healing will start to dissolve. We must be patient.

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  1. B.K.Khurana on

    The issue raised in the article is praiseworthy and requires inter-action. It is indeed a difficult task to persuade patients,who visit a Homeopath after toiling hard with other healing methods, particularly Allopathy. In my opinion, although it is bit difficult to follow, in my opinion Homeopath Doctors have comparatively more degree of instinct of welfare of the human society, beside earning their livelihood. Hence there should be no lack of efforts to persuade such patients to have their inclination towards Homeopathy. Homeopathy is not only a profession but a mission for the welfare of mankind.


  2. Kristin Field on

    Whenever a client of mine is taking a homeopathic remedy, I always use great caution if I see a need for a Chinese herbal formula; because I have seen that herbs, even when they are the perfect formula to treat a particular set of physical symptoms, can and often do interfere with the homeopathic remedy. In these cases, I always opt for the client to go the route of the homeopathic remedy because it treats the whole person vs just treating the physical symptoms, and in time all the physical symptoms will resolve, too.

  3. TBaird on

    Educating the people is the hardest part. I tell them it was good enough for your grandparents to live homeopathically so it is good enough for you.

  4. Dr.Fazal Khaliq on

    in this fastest period of life every one wants to be cured within no time, but in some cases even in modern medicines time is necessary, but patient does not wait and runs for other treatment if symptoms do not disappear in short interval of time.
    its a simple thing as some one loads explosive material in barrel to a sufficient exent and after this the barrel will be able to exploid, similarly is the case with treatment, we have to load sufficient amount of remedies in the patient’s body then reaction will occur and in turn patient will be cured.

  5. Dr.Fazal Khaliq on

    i am a homopath in Pakistan and I worked for the last four years on baldness and with the blessings of almighty Allah I am able to cure this condition through my specially formulated oil, a nutrient extract and with some oral remedies.

  6. K.Rajagopala Kurup. on

    People need fast healing. Majority of them are working class, whether in office, factory, or housewife or so so ..and they want to be healed quickly to avoid physical and financial problems. They have to be handled cautiously.
    Educating them about homeopathy is a must, of course without directly hurting their belief in other modalities?

  7. Meena Supnekar on

    Yes, other remedies need to be stopped especially some home medicines and ayurvedic as they may cause suppression and all these along with our homoeopathic remedies will never be able to cause cure. Hence I always ask patients to stop medicines except for some like antihypertensives and antidiabetics.

  8. Dr.G.K.Mohanachandran on

    Being a homeopath we are treating not only a part the patient, but the patient as a whole & where the derangement of Vital Force is happened to the patient also.

  9. naseermuhammad on

    dear sir

    Modalities in most important role of homoeopathic . allopathic system and pathologyical related
    diagnose by modalities. Homoeoapthic repertory and repertory prepared by modalities. repertory is four essential part. location sensation concomantant modalities.some of the important medicine known by the modalities like bry abl aggirvation by motion lachesis worse
    after sleep anti crud stomach aggrivation after over eating. Lyco symptom worse 4 to 8 pm.Rhust tox aggrivation
    by damp cold weather.Aconite symptom dry cold weather. we memorieze the modalities of every medicine we are good doctors cures the patients.

  10. dr.sania khera on

    homeopathing is name of blessing for us. i opened a new clinic in lahore pakistan.plz duwa for me.thankx to all my respected drs.

  11. K.M.Sreenivasan on

    Dear Doctor
    The idea or realisation of not stopping any medicine abruptly without the consent of the priscribed doctor is
    should be well accepted by all practitioners all systems.
    your insight into these is very very useful to us all.
    And trying parallaly more than one system simultaniouly
    need to have carfull observation and analysis.Your
    decision to through light in this regard also is a
    caution to all practoners .
    Thanks to Resonance School of Homeopathy

  12. Muhammad Siddique on

    Dear Sir

    Your website is very excelent for those people who wants to learn/study about homeopathey.
    Please answer my email.
    I am suffering H.Pylory and used a lot of medicine Alopathic, Homeopathic, recently my son (M. Obaidullah) lab test shown H.Pylory positive, and another son not Lab tested I think may be same case, my father (Late)also long time was suffering stomach problem.My mother (Late) also same case
    I ask you, is it will be transfor family to family? kindly advice me some perfect “Remedis”

  13. Dr.R.Saravanan. on

    Dear sir,i think Drugless modalities can be judiciously applied along with Homeopathic treatment.But those modalities shouldnot be suppressive. Dr.Hahnemann has told about Mesmerism,Hydrotherapy,Mass age,Magneto therapy etc. in his Organon of Medicine.

  14. mp rao on

    Itis quite heartening to know that computer programmes have been developed for materia medica and repertory.I firmly believe that our Homoeopathic system is unique in its healing powers.One must study it before calling it witch craft.For fear of losing their business or pracice,the British Medical Association called it’the withccrat’.All other systesms attempt to cure diseases through material processes, whereas Homodopathy heals the man through the potentised power of the drug.This is not a material process.Mostly by eliminating the cause, healing/cure is given to a patient but notd to the disease.

  15. rengaraju.C on

    I am very interesting to learn Homioepothy. Really your all the messages are very interesting and worthwhile. This is very usefull for all Homeopath. Some times i am testing the medicine for my ailment and it is doing very well and cured also. when i got a severe couph and with green colour expectoration. i used pulsatilla 200. and i waited for one week . it is cured. i was thinking , if i use the modern medicine they would give the antibiotic and it would have taken minimum 10 days to cure and complete the side effect of the medicine. I dont understand why the modern medical fellows are opposing this Homoepothy. any way thank you for your effort to send all the messages regarding all subject. I like to hear the usage of the potentials and how we would prepare through the plassibo.

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