Homeopathy Tips for 11/19/13 Post Operative Care

One of the most viewed newsletters we have had has been the Homeopathy Tips for 2/24/09 Surgery Protocol. Today’s newsletter will deal with remedies that may be useful after surgery and operations. Recuperation and care after surgery are important. Common sense plays a big part is care. It is necessary to rest, get plenty of fluids and have proper hygiene. But things can go wrong after surgery and healing can be delayed. It is then necessary to receive the case and give the best remedies for the situation.

Often this is in a hospital setting and it may be necessary to work closely with the doctors or nurses who are treating the person. You must have a good understanding of homeopathy to explain the need for certain remedies. Sometimes the allopathic medical practitioners know nothing of homeopathy and will be very hesitant to approve  a remedy when other drugs are being prescribed. It is necessary to be able to explain how homeopathy is not a drug and has no drug interaction; it is safe when well indicated and that your concern for the person is as great as theirs is.

A wide variety of conditions can occur after surgery. I can not possible refer to all of them here. But the most common  symptoms are trauma and everything related to it. This is why Arnica is such a great remedy to take prior to a surgery and post surgery.  Other symptoms can appear also and it might be good to go over a few of the more common ones here.

Any surgery involves cutting and hence hemorrhage and loss of blood. Extensive surgeries can leave a person very depleted. Sometimes the surgery will involve the stretching of tissues when the wound is closed. Infection is always a concern and homeopathy can help very much. Anesthesia and shock after surgery can weaken our being. Nervous exhaustion, fear and anxiety may happen. At worse coma and death can be a final outcome.

As with all cases we need to pay particular attention to the etiology of the case (what has happened) and those symptoms that are unique to the case (strange, rare and peculiar). Select remedies that have an affinity to the condition or body part being effected. Pay attention to their mental state. Often this can be a very big indicator of a remedy. Understand the sensations of pain and discomfort they speak of. But don’t loose sight of why this would be happening. Most reactions a person has after surgery will be considered common. Know that when suffering is involved, there may be a great remedy that can help deeply.

Here are a list of common rubrics from the Complete 3013 Repertory and the remedies;

  • generalities; OPERATIONS, after (106) : 3Abrot., 3Absin., acet-ac., 4ACON., aeth., 3All-c., 3Alumn., 4ANT-C., 4APIS, 4ARN., 3Asar., 3Bell., 3Bell-p., 3Berb., 4BISM., 3Bry., cact., calc., 3Calc-f., 3Calc-p., calc-s., 3Calen., camph., camph-ac., caps., carb-an., 3Carb-v., 4CAUST., cham., 3Chin., chin-ar., coll., coloc., croc., cupr., dig., dios., echi., excr-can., ferr., ferr-p., 3Fl-ac., graph., guare., ham., hecla., 3Hep., 3Hyos., 3Hyper., 3Ign., ip., iris-t., jab., kali-c., kali-p., kali-s., lac-f., lap-be-e., laur., led., lyc., 3Mag-c., 3Mag-p., merc., merc-c., methyl., mez., mill., naja, nat-m., nit-ac., nux-m., 3Nux-v., 3Op., ph-ac., 3Phos., phyt., 3Piloc., plat., plb., 3Pop., 3Puls., 3Pyrog., 3Raph., rhus-t., ruta, scorp., 3Sec., 3Seneg., senn., 3Sil., 2squil., 4STAPH., 3Stict., 4STRONT-C., stroph., 3Stry., sul-ac., sulph., teucr., thlaspi, thuj., uran., verat., 3Zinc., zing.
  • generalities; OPERATIONS, after; calculi, for (13) : 3Arn., bell., 3Calen., cham., chin., cupr., dig., laur., mill., nux-m., nux-v., 4STAPH., verat.
  • generalities; OPERATIONS, after; skin is drawn tight over the wound, when (1) : kali-p.
  • generalities; OPERATIONS, after; stretching, with (1) : staph.
  • generalities; OPERATIONS, after; deeper tissues (26) : abrot., 3Absin., aeth., 3All-c., arn., bell-p., 4BISM., calen., carb-v., 3Chin., coloc., dios., excr-can., 3Hep., 3Hyos., ip., iris-t., lyc., 3Mag-p., 3Nux-v., phos., pop., 3Puls., 4STAPH., stry., zing.
  • generalities; OPERATIONS, after; orifices, at (3) : 3Bell., coloc., 3Hyper.
  • generalities; OPERATIONS, after; chest, of (4) : abrot., berb., 3Calc-p., sil.
  • generalities; OPERATIONS, after; teeth, of (7) : 3Alumn., 4ANT-C., 3Fl-ac., hecla., 3Ign., 3Mag-c., staph.
  • generalities; OPERATIONS, after; gallbladder, of (2) : chin., chin-ar.
  • generalities; WEAKNESS; operations, after (4) : acet-ac., carb-v., 3Hyper., stront-c.

Arnica is the most common and useful remedy after any trauma, especially surgery. It can help the ill effects of anesthesia, shock, anxiety, fear, bruising, bleeding, cuts and lacerations along with  general weakness. Read Materia Medica on this and all listed remedies above and you will start to see the pattern of how surgery is a trauma and how these remedies can help. Below I will go over briefly a few remedies that are more common and very useful;

  • Aconite – Shock after surgery or loss of blood. Fear and Anxiety. Sure they are going to die. Everything sudden. Great sensitivity. Restlessness. Heart palpitations. Shortness of breath. Sudden attacks.
  • Arnica – All trauma. After anesthesia. Injury and bleeding. Bruised feeling. soreness. Says all is well. The bed feels too hard.
  • Bellis Perennis – Bruised soft tissue. Venous stasis. Sore feeling. Bruised. Bloated abdomen.
  • Bismuthum – Stomach cancer. Vomiting of water immediately after drinking. Extreme thirst. Headache with gastralgia. Piercing, tearing, pressing, cramping and screwing pains.
  • Calcarea Phoshopica – After any surgery involving bones. Bone pain and will promote healing of the bone.
  • Calendula – Probably the second most important remedy after surgery. Promotes healing of wounds. Granulation of tissues. Sore painful after surgery. After clean cuts and excisions. Very antiseptic.
  • Carbo Vegetabilis – Restorative after surgery. Exhaustion. Cold, blue, wants air. Lack of reaction. Low vital powers. After loss of vital fluids. Imperfect oxidation.
  • Causticum – Paralysis after surgery. Paralysis of single parts. Burning rawness. Sore and weak. Loss of strength.
  • China Officionalis – Loss of vital fluids. great debility. Loss of blood. Vomiting gives no relief from nausea. Post operative gas pains. Worse since gall bladder surgery.
  • Hepar Sulphuris – Skin sensitive. Sensitive to least draft. Sticking and throbbing pains. Infection. Ulcers and discharges.
  • Hypericum – Nerve injury. After surgery to the brain or spine. Shooting pains from the affected parts. After puncture. lacerations.
  • Magnesium Carbonicum – Sleepless after surgery. Nerve exhaustion. Sour smell from the body. Worn out from the ordeal.
  • Nux Vomica – Increased sensitivity after anesthesia. Nausea and vomiting. After many drugs. Irritable and angry.
  • Opium – Sleep or sleeplessness after surgery. Lack of reaction. Coma or apparent death. Painlessness of complaints usually painful.
  • Phosphoric Acid – Extreme weakness. Debilitated. Craves carbonated drinks. Apathetic. After loss of vital fluids.
  • Phosphorus – After anesthesia. Vomits after eating and drinking. Craves cold drinks. Hemorrhage continues. Oversensitivity. Anxiety.
  • Staphysagria – After cutting and laceration. Tissues stretched. Anger, indignation. Overly sensitive emotionally. Pains remain after surgery. After abdominal surgery.
  • Strontium Carbonicum – After hemorrhage and loss of blood. Shock after surgery. Congested feeling of tension. Weakness.

Treat post operative conditions as if they are an acute or emergency prescription. Most often the 30C potency will be sufficient. Repeat  the remedy often as necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to give the remedy every 15 minutes or less in an emergency. If the person is stable then repeating the remedy from hourly to multiple times per day is useful. As with any remedy we are looking for a response. As long as the response is continuing then the repetition is not necessary. When the response to the remedy does not seem to be sustained then go to a higher potency like a 200C or 1M.

This is only a partial list of remedies that are more common and useful. Study the remedies in the rubric After operations, above. They will prove to be very useful.  Homeopathy can be very helpful in speeding up a persons recovery from an operation. Having these remedies available prior to a planned operation is being prepared. Being able to explain homeopathy to other health care professionals is very important. We must work with those practitioners who we have trusted our health care to also. If we can not explain homeopathy and why our client needs to take a particular homeopathic medication then we are failing homeopathy and our client. Homeopathy works and can make a very big difference in a persons post operative care.

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  1. Philip Joseph on

    Dr. Robert, Thank you for the very useful information. Also, I would like to add a well known caution – not to use Arnica mother tincture or ointments where skin is broken as this may cause irritation. Also, if using Calendula mother tincture or ointment externally, clean wound of any foreign material like splinters, sand etc as Calendual external application often causes a very quick healing of wounds and one must clean the wound well with water before applying it. Thanks

  2. Syed Husain on

    Article is informative, I agree with the views and suggested medicine of Dr. Philip Joseph.

  3. jimhebert on

    Thank you so much. You always give such informative articles. I always look forward to read them and take notes.

  4. drraokrishna on

    Dr. Robert, Thank you for the very useful information.

  5. Evlo on

    In Lebanon a combo of ARN, HYPERICUM, CALEN, STAPH in 9CH used for post operations gives you a great overall recovery

  6. dr komal on

    Thanks to dr robert
    For giving way to treat patient completely.& also to homoeopathy
    its an miracle pathy.

  7. Robert Lal on

    Homeopathy is a miraclepathy indeed , the remedy recommended by Dr, Robert is sure to help after surgery.

  8. Mr Abu Helal Chowdhury , DHMS on

    I greatly appreciated this topics. Really it’s a good worthy.Thanks and welcome the presenter for furthermore next topics.

  9. Prasannam on

    is it right to use Calendula on the operated wound? I learned Calendula’s action is at epidermis level only, so it can mislead as wound is healed

    • Robert Field on

      Calendula, can be used in potency internally for any wound especially after there has been any mangulation or cut and tear. It is very antiseptic and when used topically can promote healing. If a wound is open avoid topical application. But if the wound is closed then topically it will help very much and discourage infection.
      Robert Field

  10. Preetika on

    Thanks a lot Dr.Robert. It is indeed a very informative article.

  11. Asghar Ali on

    Dear Dr. Robert. Good Morning. You are doing a wonderful job to educate the healers to restore health to the suffering humanity. Service to haminity is service to ALLAH (God). May you be blessed. Asghar Ali

  12. Augustina mba on

    Thanks a lot for all the informations. We thank God for contributing to saving the lives of those who could still be saved.
    Dr tina mba, Lagos nigeria

  13. Ghulam Mustafa, Sahiwal, Pakistan on

    oh, what a infomative and helpfull artice thanks God,

  14. Mahbubur Rahman on

    Dr.Robert Field,
    Thank you very much for your useful article.All Homeopaths must be well
    equipped with the Homeopathic medicines for pre & particularly post operative treatment of patients which usually come to Homeopathic Physicians.The above article is very very important for thePractitioners to
    get himself equipped for handling such patients.The article is also exhaustive one.
    Thank you once again.

    Dr.Mahbubur Rahman.

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