Homeopathy Tips for 11/03/09 Hypertension

One of the biggest health threats to people of developed countries is hypertension or abnormally high blood pressure. This is one area that homeopathy can help, but in an entirely different way than the allopathic approach of drug therapy.

Blood pressure varies by time of day and by individual to individual. It is normal for fluctuations in blood pressure to occur in response to many different changes in our world. Stress is the greatest cause of abnormal blood pressure and is often a silent response until we are made aware of it.

  • Normal blood pressure readings are below 130 over 85.
  • High normal readings are from 130-139 over 85-89.
  • Stage I mild Hypertension is 140-159 over 90-99.
  • Stage II Moderate Hypertension is 160-179 over 100-109.
  • Stage III Severe Hypertension is 180 or higher over 110 or higher.

Complications as a result of hypertension can be severe and accumulate over time. Individuals with primary hypertension (hypertension without a known cause, comprise 90% of all hypertension cases in America, over 50 million people) have an increased risk of stroke, aneurysm, heart attack, heart failure and kidney damage. Diagnosis and treatment is necessary. Hypertension has earned the title of “the silent killer” because it often goes undiagnosed and has relatively few external symptoms. Secondary symptoms that may be associated to hypertension are headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath and blurred vision.

The main causes of hypertention are;

  • Obesity – appears over two times as often in obesity
  • Poor diet – high in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.
  • Age – appearing in adults over 40 years more frequently.
  • Race – More blacks than white people with higher related consequences.
  • Heredity – Hypertension runs in families. Children of hypertensive parents are twice as likely to become hypertensive themselves.
  • Smoking – Nicotine enhances the sympathetic nervous system’s vasoconstrictor effects.
  • Stress – Particularly at risk are those people classified as “Hot Reactors” whose blood pressure rises during every stressful event.

Standard allopathic treatment of hypertension is through drug therapy. There are many different classes of drugs and approaches of particular drugs to treat hypertension. Many have unwanted direct effects of the drug and can complicate and already confused expression of disease.

Lifestyle changes are the very best ways to treat hypertension. Those with a sedentary lifestyle will need to develop an exercise program to bring tone to the muscles and the heart. Weight management through proper diet will have the best outcome. Stopping smoking and limiting alcohol will also contribute to basic healthy lifestyle changes. And we must not forget stress; the one word that never describes the actual situation but is used so often to describe conditions in life. Those situations that are stressful need to be managed in a different way. Daily meditation and positive visualization are two of the best ways to modify global stress. Particular stresses that arise repeatedly from situations in a persons life need to be examined closely, and new ways to deal with ongoing problems need to be developed.

Because hypertension is very related to lifestyle and does not produce many outward symptoms, most people do not respond to the heroic task of changing their life. The answer is usually found in drugs and they continue to live as they were. This is never the best solution. This is where homeopathy can help in ways that no drug ever could.

Because homeopathy treats the whole person and is a remedy for their life, understanding the unique ways a person responds to the situations in their life that contribute to their stress, is the very best approach. Try to understand what their stress is all about and find remedies for the mental/emotional states that create stress. When you help a person heal from these challenges in their life they will have the ability to make better choices and can more easily make lifestyle changes as well. The underlying causes can be helped with proper homeopathic remedies.

There are a few rubrics based on hypertension in the Complete 2009 Repertory and Murphy’s II Repertory;

  • B; Blood; HYPERTENSION; high blood pressure (80) : acon., adon., adren., agar., aml-n., aran., arg-n., ars., asar., aster., aur., aur-i., aur-m., aur-m-n., bar-c., bar-m., calcul-r., calc., calc-f., calc-p., caust., chin-s., choc., coff., con., cortiso., Crat., cupr., cupr-acet., cupr-ar., dig., fl-ac., glon., grat., ign., iod., iris, kali-ar., kali-c., kali-m., kali-p., Lach., lat-m., lyc., lycps., mag-c., naja, Nat-m., nit-ac., nux-v., ph-ac., phos., pic-ac., pitu-gl., plb., psor., puls., rad-br., reser., rauw., rhus-t., sang., scopo., sec., sep., sil., squil., stront-c., stroph., sulph., sumb., tab., thal., thlaspi, thuj., valer., vanad., Verat., verat-v., visc.
  • Clinical; HYPERTENSION (142) : acan-pl., acon., adon., Adren., agar., aids, ALL-S., alli-m., aml-n., anh., ant-ar., aran., aran-ix., Arg-n., arn., ars., asar., aster., atro., Aur., aur-br., aur-i., aur-m., aur-m-n., Bar-c., bar-m., bell., boerh., borag., butho-t., Cact., cadm., Calc., calc-f., calc-p., calcul-r., cale-z., carb-v., carc., caruk-b., Caust., chel., chin-s., chir-f., chloram., chlorpr., choc., coff., con., convo-s., cortico., cortiso., Crat., cupr., cupr-acet., cupr-ar., cyna., cyt-l., dig., EPHIN., ergot., esp-g., eup-per., feld., fl-ac., gels., gins., glon., glyc-g., Grat., hura, hyosin., Ign., interf., iod., ion-rad., ipom., iris, jug-c., Kali-c., Kali-chl., kali-p., kali-sal., kres., LACH., lat-m., lepro., Lyc., lycps., mag-c., mand., mangi., meli., methys., morg., naja, Nat-m., nit-ac., NUX-V., onop., parth., passi., Ph-ac., phase., Phos., pic-ac., pitu-p., Plb., plb-i., psil-s., Psor., Puls., rad-br., Rauw., reser., rhus-t., sang., saroth., scarl., Sec., sed-ac., Sep., ser-ang., Sil., squil., Stront-c., Stront-i., stroph., SULPH., Sumb., tab., Tama., thal., thlaspi, Thuj., thyr., tity-s., valer., vanad., VERAT., verat-v., VISC.
  • Clinical; HYPERTENSION; Hypotension, before (2) : butho-t., cyna.
  • Clinical; HYPERTENSION; Old people, in (1) : GLON.
  • Clinical; HYPERTENSION; Redness of face, with (4) : aster., bell., glon., rauw.
  • Clinical; HYPERTENSION; Sudden rise of (1) : coff.
  • Clinical; HYPERTENSION; Vertigo, in (3) : cyna., nat-m., VISC.
  • Heart & Circulation; TENSION; Circulation; increased, arteries (5) : chlor., chloram., Coff., feld., gels.

It becomes obvious that those remedies that effect blood and circulation and those that contribute to the condition would be very applicable. Below are some remedies you may find useful, but does not complete the list of all remedies that could be applicable;

  • Adrenalinum – Bronzed skin. Rapid pulse. Rapid emaciation. Contracts dilated blood vessels.
  • Coffea Cruda – Hyperactive mind. Sleepless from excitement. Oversensitive. Intolerance to pain. Consolation or sympathy aggravates.
  • Crataegus – Weak heart. Weak constitution. Sudden weakness. Hurried feeling with rapid heart beat. Mental confusion.
  • Cortisonum – Unstable moods alternating between euphoria and melancholy. Alternating excitability with fatigue and weariness. Heavy, confused, irritable, impatient. Memory weak.
  • Digitalis – Slow, irregular and intermittent pulse. Fluttering of the heart. Anxiety about the future. Every emotional shock strikes him in the epigastrium. Ill effects of high living. Sensation as if the heart stood still.
  • Glonoinum – Bursting or expanding sensations. Vertigo on rising. Head fells like it will explode. Surges of blood felt in the body. Violent pulsations. Frantic with pain. Loses himself in well known streets. Shock, sudden attacks of terror. Afraid to go out into the street. Very irritable. Head heavy, but cannot lay it on the pillow.
  • Lachesis – Great loquacity. Jealousy. Jumps from subject to subject. Religious insanity. Fears to sleep, that the heart will stop. Derangement of time sense. Wants to be off or hide. Morning aggravations. Left sided. Better from a discharge.
  • Natrum Muriaticum – Ill effects of grief. Retention. Consolations aggravates. Cannot cry or weep in front of others. Hatred of those who offend them. Excess sodium intake, desire salt.
  • Nux Vomica – Overindulgence. Too much mental work and lack of physical exercise. Too much alcohol. Irritable. zealous, fiery temperament. Dictatorial. Very sensitive to light, sound and odors. Impatient. Angry. Spiteful;. Reproaches others. Consolation aggravates.

The homeopath must not forget that the person is not their dis-ease. No remedy should be prescribed for the dis-ease only, unless it is a one sided case. Helping a person to make lifestyle changes will have the greatest effect on successful treatment. Expecting a homeopathic remedy to behave like a drug is not realistic and not good homeopathy. Listen well to why the person responds like he does in stressful situations. Understand the sensation he experiences. Many times a remedy that will be best for the person will not even come up under hypertension, yet the person can improve. Use good case-receiving skills and the person will tell you everything you need to know to help them. Homeopathy can help in a way that drugs could never help.

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  1. Preetika on

    Its worth an article to read.Thank you Robert.Being a homeopath I would like to mention that improper use of mother tinctures esp.Rauwolfia mother in hypertension is very harmful and it not only disrupts the whole case also renders it to be incurable.
    Thanks once again for such a wonderful article.

    • Philip Joseph on

      Could you kindly elaborate on the “improper use of mother tinctures esp Rauwolfia in hypertension is very harmful…..etc”.
      Every source that I referred to in Homeopathy does not say that Rauwolfia tincture is harmful long term for hypertension in homeopathy. Like every other tincture, it should be carefully used in 10 to 20 drops in water doses and not indiscriminately. The allopathic guides do say that Rauwolfia should be used carefully in small doses and especially if one is already on anti-hypertensives as it could cause a sudden drop in blood pressure and this can result in a bad headache. So they generally advise that one should lie down after taking Rauwolfia as standing could cause a sudden drop in BP just after taking Rauwolfia. Any mother tincture used in homeopathy for an acute condition is probably being applied in a non homeopathic way and is subject to the normal precautions true of any medications. Please share your experience of Rauwolfia with us for better knowledge. I referred to Clarke, Boericke etc Thanks, Philip.

      • Dr.Raj Kumar Kamboj on

        Rauwolfia shall be used considering the three Doshas i.e. Vata,Pita,Kapha.In case of Pita dosha this medicine does more harm than good.In many cases it effects the ears and ears start ringing.I myself sufferer of this.So,I personally don’t consider it a good remedy for HBP.

    • dr.sadia on

      ausom theory.gr8 job

  2. K.Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Many consider 120/80, 3:2 is the ideal blood pressure.
    I am 74+, and as I remember, my pressure remained almost at 120/ 80, for decades ( only as an example given ).
    It is also said somewhere that even if the pressure is still lower, if he is without any trouble, that is considered normal for him.
    The subject you selected is very important as a very high percentage of global population is involved.
    Finally every thing narrows down that word Constitutional!

  3. dr naseermuhammad on

    RESPECTed robert

    a very importat topic for daily pracice.

    I personlly used three medine G C P glonine

    cratagus passifloara comination. good results. one

    the old age remedy is baryta mur 200. spartum c. good

    medincine systolic and distolic blood pressure.

  4. Connie Trumpf on

    Hi Robert…I found this article while researching Nat Mur and think it rather interesting and something I was unaware of(http://www.homeopathy.com.pk/articles/using-natrum-muriaticum-for-blood-pressure.php). Being rather new to homeopathy (only studying 2 years) and not yet fully understanding potency selection I made sure to put this one into my books and thought others might want to do the same.

  5. K,Gopalan. on

    Aconite palpitation with anxiety pulse full hard Worse on rising; Restless.sleeplessness ; fear of death;Bitter taste of everything except water;Formication numbness;Veratrum viride;Beating of pulses through out body. Constant pain in the region ofheart; Rush of blood to head in pregnant women. Irregular force and frequency of pulse. congestion and intense arterial exitement. Aurmet;Blood seems to flow from head to lower limb. sleeplessness;Feeling of heart stops for few seconds.Pulse rapid feeble irregular;Great fear of death hopelessness vertigo headache ; feeling of worthlesness;Great desire to committ suicide. Allium sativam; Pulsation in temples Pain in chest;;Fall of BP starts after half an hour after taking twoteaspoonful in lukewarm water of its mother tincture.So in emergency we can give first this then search for appropriate remedy. Baryta mur; It is good for when the systolic and diastolic pressure is more than 50 . vertigo and noise in ears Icy coldness of body. Bronchial affection in old people. Kali phos; Sleeplesness.palpitation vertigo; headache; pulse fast and weak;Numbness in legs and hands; APIS; When attended with suppressed scanty or high coloured urine ;loaded with casts.Feeles as if he could not draw another breathe; Sudden puffing up whole body; Arnica; tendancy to haemorrhage vertigo; plethoric full blooded people.Arsenic; Great anguish and Restlessness; Great thirst for sips of water;palpitation wheezing respiration.Belladona; Tendancy to fall on the left side or backward. Hot red flushed face glaring eyes;throbbing carotids;headache exiting mental state; vertigo.Alumen; Great weakness of chest. Asthma of old people;Palpitation from lying down on the right side;Vertogo; Every cold settles in throat; Obstinate constipation;Dysphagia only for liquids; Amyl Nitrate; Hicough and yawning;Surgingf of blood to head and face;Sense of constriction in throat; collar seems too tight;Dyspnoea and asthmatic feeling;Great oppression and fullness of chest; Pericardial anxiety;Tumultuous action of the heart;Much flushing of the heart;profuse sweat;Constant stretching for hours. AUR MUR. Special affinity to the arteries of the head;stitches and heaviness in left chest;strong palpitation Baryta Carb; Loss of memory,Irresolute; Blood vessels soften and degenerate; Bryonia;Excessive dryness of the whole body;Urine dark and scanty;Great thirst for large quantities of water at long intervals;Pressure as from stone at pit of stomach;relieved from eructation;Bursting or splkitting headache;Nausea and faintness when rising up;Irritable; Calc ars. Violent rush of blood to head with vertigo;Headache better by lying on painful side;Passes urine every hour;Slightest emotion causes palpitation;Weekly headache; Cacarea carb; Headache with cold hands and feet;Worse ascending ,turning head;Much sweat on head wetting the pillow far around;Palpitation extreme dyspnoea;Likes dry weather and climate; Conium; Great dizziness on changing position;such as turning the head from side to side turning over in bed,or rising or lying down; sudden loss of strength while walking; painful stiffness of legs;Much difficulty in voiding urine; It flows and stopsagain; Tremulous weakness after everyn dtool; Fluoric acid; Patient is compelled to move aboutenergetically;Weak distented blood vessels; Complaints of old age or prematurely aged; Easy decay of teeth; Iodum; Loss of flesh with great appetite;Great debility,slightest effort induces sweat;Phos acid Crushing headache Heavy and confused feeling in the head;Weak feeling in chest worse from talking;Pressure behind the sternum causing difficulty in breathing;Craves juicy and pungent things;dislikes sour and acid things;Frequent flow of urine at night; cannot collect his thoughts memory impaired; Phosphorus; Vertigo worse after rising Restless and fidgety;Oversensitive to external impressions Feels tightness across chest; Vexed easily; or great weight in chest;violent palpitation worse lying on left side,Burning sensation in palms and soles;Wirey or soft and small pulse; Extreme weakness;. Pulsatilla ;Heartburn Thirstlesness;Averse to warm food and drinks;Pressure as from a stone in the abdomen;Must loosen clothing;Smothering sensation on lying down;Anxiety and palpitation when lying on left side;Intolerable burning heat at night;Longing for open air One side3d sweat;Wakes languid and unrefreshed; Strophanthus; It increases the systole and diminishing the rapidity;Temporal headache with double vision; Anaemia with palpitation and breathlesness; May be used to tone the heart and run off dropsical accumulation; Sulphur; Constant heat on top of the head;Beating headache with vertigo;worse stooping; heat and burning in eyes; Drinks much eats little;sour eructation;Difficult respiration ;palpitation flushes ofn heat jn chest rising to head; Unhealthy skin Sudden call to urinate;Bitter taste especially in the morning; Also modalities of each drug mustn be considered to prescribe. Very important to many people thank you!

  6. Robert Field on

    Dear robert I hope if you can allow to share with other helping HP Rxs plus your top Rxs as folows :

    Mohamad writes,

    Ignatia amara is useful in hypertensive patients of sensitive excitable nature, and helps overcome grief and worry. It is indicated for depression, nervousness, trembling, sleep disorders, constrictive feeling in throat and chest.

    Aurum muriaticum is indicated for cardiac symptoms of varied nature, arteriosclerosis, valvular lesions and hypertension. It acts on palpitation and tachyarrhythmia.

    Secale cornatum is indicated for hypertension with congestive pain in head. It also helps to alleviate dyspnoea and oppression of chest, and palpitation with intermittent pulse. Nosebleed due to high blood pressure is also controlled

    Arnica montana affects the blood and vascular system. Symptoms occur after any trauma or overuse. It is indicated for hypertension with cardiac dropsy with dyspnoea, angina pectoris, feeble and irregular pulse, cardiac asthma.

    Veratrum album is indicated for collapse, weakness and extreme coldness. It covers cold extremities, cold sweat on forehead, paleness, feeble pulse, and palpitation with anxiety and rapid audible respiration.

    Lobelia inflata is a vaso-motor stimulant and helps to increase blood pressure. It increases the activity of all vegetative processes. It is indicated for conditions with constriction of the chest and epigastrium, leading to dyspnoea, vertigo, nausea and vomiting, and arrhythmia

    Prunus spinosa is indicated for hypertension with tachycardia, which is exacerbated with the slightest motion, dyspnoea, feeling of oppression of the chest and angina pectoris. It has been used to treat problems of urination and shooting headache

    Viscum album lowers the blood pressure. It has a calming effect on palpitation and accelerated pulse. It also relieves weight and oppression of heart and dyspnoea. It is used for cardiac hypertrophy with valvular insufficiency.

    Thanks for yr always Passion for Homeopathy $ Others

    Yr Friend Mohamed , Canada

  7. Robert Field on

    Dr Nekib writes,

    Accept my sincerity.You can prescribe DRODORASANA YOGA for 30 min plus 30 min morning /evening and SABASANA YOGA ONE(1)hour plus ONE (1)hour morning /evening after completed the above yoga’s for seven(7)days continue to your patients.Find out BP.
    Secondly you can calculate local weather temperature and body temperature of patient and find out a new temperature value for use diet,ie how many temperaturable diet can be prefer to your patient,it should be calculate every day through Nurse.There is a formula.
    So,ur integration system will cure HYPERTENSION characteristics in low cost & early cure.Don’t forget to give refined homeo medicine (patent)ROULFIA FORTE thru a systematic,maintain strict time table
    depend upon present charactes.
    Thanking you.Regards.

  8. Dr.Sarfaraz on

    Very good topic ,attention should be given to cholestrol monitoring.It should be kept normal with diet.Saturated fatty acid and low fibre diets be avoided.Nuts except coconuts are advised for lowering cholestrol,triglycerides and LDL be also checked.Low salt diets be preffered.One should know, which diets contain low spdium.In non diabetics babana is very good.Attention be given to rest and exercise also.

  9. dr.mukesh varshney on

    very good topic.because this is a global problem.dr’s particularly homeopaths and lay men will gain more knowledge,and it help to treat hypertension patient safely effectively.

  10. mazhar on

    The most common remedy to control high blood pressure is

    Raulfia serpentina Q

    Lycopus p 200 for high diastole.


  11. Steve on

    I found it interesting that at Sams club the blood pressure machine is now indicating that below 120 / 80 is now normal and anything above that should be checked out. The medical / drug companies are changing the standards again to pull in more converts.

    I appreciate very much your weekly articles. I’m new to homeopathy and loving the results I’m getting from using them. One of these days I’ll get around to taking a course from you.

  12. jawaid on

    that’s very important. it needs more attention from you as far as its explanation is concerned I feel thirsty
    jawaid, uk

  13. dr mrinmoy sasmal on

    aconitum nap, rhus tox& arnica,viscum album are also good drugs for hypertension according to clinic practice.

  14. Wanda Oliver on

    My first foray into using a mother tincture, Crataegus, was with a hypertensive client. I had him on Aurum and he showed good progress in all areas except his blood pressure which was very high. The crataegus brought it down to more accptable levels. I am nervous that this is somewhat of an allopathic prescription however, and would like further input from anyone on the use of mother tinctures. Thank you.

  15. mah-jabeen on

    dear, Robert thanks again its amost popler dises in the world and in my city , all remidies
    +vegitables is too good like cucumber andgalabish groud juice.

  16. nimma on

    mera bp 110\150 ho jata hai. meri age 70 y hai. mere sir me dard hone lagta hai.mujhy homeo ki koi medicen btao.

    thanks for u

  17. irfan yousaf on

    meri age 34 yrs ki hie mera bp 100-110 to 60-70 rehta hie,stomach bhi distrub rehta hie gas, acidity, constipation etc. plz mujhe diet ke sath sath koi homoe medicine bhi bata dein.

  18. abdullah on

    hello sir meri age 46 yrs ki hie mera bp 100-110 to 60-70 rehta hie,stomach bhi distrub rehta hie gas, acidity, constipation etc. plz mujhe diet ke sath sath koi homoe medicine bhi bata dein.

  19. ambikakumarpatnaik on

    The topic was quite informative .I personally look forward to receive more such informative articles in future. TKS and regards

  20. tariq on

    dear sir,pulse is audible when lying i feel in ears and head pls advise me

  21. m k vijayan nair on

    please advice the most common remedy for cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    m k v nair

  22. bahhoinia on

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  23. selmar on

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  24. DrJawaharLalJaiswal on

    i want to cured case history of main diseases like hypertension diabeties asthma and renal diseases

  25. dinesh thakkar on

    Your article is quite informative.I have been recently diagnosed with BP 156/96.Should I rely only on Homeopathy or should be treated by Allopathy also?Of course lifestyle changes are bound to be undertaken.I will be obliged if you reply at the earliest.Thank you.

  26. khalid Maqsood on

    very interesting and usefull iknow something about homeopathy i will certainly use this web


    Dear sir/patients,
    I read all the news and urs characteristics of problems occuring in urs health.now i m trying to give the answer to all who are suffering HBP,LBP,TENSION:-pl. maintain fasting on ur birth day, 4 hrs first week of birthday,6 hrs 2nd week of b/day,8 hrs 3 rd week of b/day,10 hrs.4 th week of b/day.ur month is completed.during fasting u will be follow:-roulfia forte 20 drops+ equal amounnt of cool water,after 10 minutes u must be practice DRODORASANA YOGA for 15 minutes and SABASANA 30 minutes at a silent place in ur home/chamber/hospital bed .In this time patients must be avoid some unwanted diets(so ask & sent ur message TO my mobile 09435715385 for reply with ur short biodate) that what injection will be need u along with how many glass of oxygeneted exercise water is needed to cure ur present problems. ur useable dites temperature must be find out from present body temp. and present weather temp. from a NEW EQUATION. This is a first THEORY OF YAMANEHPATHY which i discovered from H=0,Y=0,H=Y AND H=Y=0. for total cure within a short time and low cost without hamper of patients.
    yamanehpathy innovator,
    will be THIRD PATHY in

    Note:- pl. dont forget to write ur message to my mobile no. 09435715383.

  28. rajashekhar [email protected] on

    Very very helpfull

  29. dr. saud malik on

    Very informative article about hypertension. Best part is that . This is not only good for the doctors though patients should know these facts about hypertension.
    Thank you so much
    Keep growing on the field of knowledge

  30. Dr Amal Metya on

    many cases of my practice patients having some problem with high bloodpressure ,they have cureid all complains except high BP ;how can we treat the patients?

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  33. […] Homeopathy Tips for 11/03/09 Hypertension | … – This is an open forum for public discussion of Homeopathy and Resonance School of Homeopathy’s teachings…. […]

  34. Firuz Ali on

    I Mr.Firuz Ali know Dr yamaneh since 1992 that he had treat to poverty patients in our area on several diseases and they are cured within a short time in Low cost. While i was suffering back pain he give me two yoga and homeopathic medicine namely (i) Rhus tox 200 and Drodorasana and sobasana yoga for morning and evening practice and use above medicine. I got cure within a short time .Now i am totally cure .There fore this new system ” SCIENTIFIC AND LITERATURE THEORY YAMANEHPATHY ” is a scientific new system for us, it will be Success.

    Mr Firuz Ali
    Mobile NO.

  35. diabetesproblems.wordpress.com on

    Source: Glucose Watch non-invasive continuous monitors due
    for release in 2011. To monitor lung function, a doctor uses a peak flow meter
    to measure the amount of air that enters the lungs. One theory is that the problem isn’t so much
    “too much sodium,” rather, “too little magnesium, potassium and calcium.

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