Homeopathy Tips for 1/10/12 Tong Ren

Inspirational Healing and the Tong Ren method.

By David Holt DO, HMD

In the Fall of 2009 I encountered a method of healing which appeared to be both peculiar and fascinating:  Tong Ren.  In the previous four years or so I had been emphasizing the practice of integrative medicine in the care of folks with a diagnosis of cancer.  This was a tremendous opportunity to explore the limitations of both orthodox and alternative healing methods and there were many cases where the best we could do was provide relief and comfort until their passing.

The Tong Ren method was devised by Tom Tam, an acupuncturist in Boston Massachusetts over a decade ago.  He is well known for getting very good results in a wide variety of challenging cases and a large portion of his clientele are diagnosed with cancer.

The technique is disarmingly simple and based on a system which sees that meridian and other blockages in particular patterns are responsible for a given illness.  Rather than the introduction of a steel needle into a point directly upon the client’s body, the conscious attention and intention of the therapist is held upon a resonant point of a model of the client and stabilized through a tapping motion.  Most often the method is practiced with a hammer and acupuncture doll.

It had been my prior experience that indirect healing methods often proved more successful for the client’s healing than direct.  For instance, if one is applying a manual therapy to address a neck rotation restriction, this could be done by forcing a correction in the direction of resistance, or actually following the strain where it “wanted” to go, in the direction of ease, for a release to occur. 

Naturally when we bring a mother tincture toward a given homeopathic potency we are “removing” it from its physical expression toward the formless informational-energetic pattern from which it was conceived.  Tong Ren seemed to be “diluting” the physical patient themselves in this case rather than a remedy as the therapy is directed toward a map or model of the intended subject.    

It seemed easy enough to try, so I simply opened up an anatomy book and pulled out a pencil and began tapping away on a few challenging patients.  Nothing too elaborate at first:  “Where does it hurt?”  “Right here” they say.  I would begin tapping with a simple intention to open, balance, or integrate that point into the whole.  I began to see very remarkable results initially.  There are a few common challenges often encountered in those with cancer:  tumors getting larger and more numerous; the wasting syndrome with dramatic weight loss and poor appetite; and water retention to name a few of the most common.

In over 80% of those where there was sufficient rapport to conduct a session and enough vitality left to work with, there were marked changes either instantly or within the following 48 hours.  One patient without any appetite for weeks was given a ten minute session after which they reported being “famished” and consumed a full plate of steak and potatoes moments afterward.  Another woman with over 20 lbs of water retention not responding to diuretics, spontaneously cleared (urinated) nearly all of it within the first week after her session.  There were still some encounters where there was little or no response, but it was the minority of folks to be sure. 

As their was no need for a direct contact with the client, I shifted my practice toward a remote healing setup and for the first year would simply render a session with only email notification.  In the following year I found that a live over-the-phone meeting provided increased rapport and therapeutic results.

As of January 2012 I have completed over a hundred classes open to the public on this healing approach and over 3,000 one-on-one sessions.  The most important thing I discovered in this new type of practice goes far beyond the Tong Ren technique per se.  It confirmed my suspicion that there is an invisible healing dynamic going on behind-the-scenes within every therapeutic encounter any of us make.  There were two major questions I would ask to explain the presence or lack of results in each case: 

1)     Is there a mutual recognition between the client and therapist that there exists an unerring inherent therapeutic agency that exists within each of them?

2)     The practitioner’s own “radiance of being” and quality of witnessing represent the ultimate inspiratory catalyst for healing.  Is there sufficient “power” available within that field to get the job done?

Therefore, irregardless of the type of intervention we make–what we “do”–the quality of our presence is what really carries the potential to transcend the bounds of what we currently think is possible in this field of inspirational healing.

Let’s bring this conversation back down to Earth for some very practical considerations.  “So if that’s true, then how can I realize this ‘radiance of being’ within myself to inspire others to heal themselves” you ask?  Great question.

1)     Immerse yourself totally in the “doingness” of any method that appeals to you.  Some of the really great practitioners I have met practice 12 hours a day and 7 days a week and love every minute of it.

2)     Devote yourself entirely in the “thinkingness” of any approach which you like.  Others have written tomes of papers exploring or describing their ideas or perhaps have lectured on the subject hundreds of times or more.

3)     Apprentice with a few who already demonstrate mastery in their practice.  I have simply attended a workshop with another whose inspiratory force is greater than my own and experienced this “shortcut to mastery” multiple times and in profound ways.  It was easy to recognize, for example, that upon returning from a workshop, the therapeutic results had immediately jumped but not due to a change in technique or the acquisition of some obscure knowledge.  My own “radiance of being”, if you will, simply had gotten some kind of a spontaneous upgrade in the direction of wholeness and thereafter influenced those positively in each therapeutic encounter I made, granted there was sufficient rapport. 

To learn more about the Tong Ren healing approach, please visit www.tomtam.com

To learn more about the author of this article, David Holt, please visit www.turnpointhealth.com

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  1. Amulya Kumar Mishra on

    Really I wonder.

  2. a.k on

    in my opinion this method would work on those patients who has no physical illness and they are psyclogicaly ill. in homoeopathy it comes under the rubric
    ‘ thinks he is ill

    simply i am not impressed.


    • Robert on

      Hi AK. Having experienced miraculous shifts in physical pain after distance trestment from DrHolt myself i can assure you the effect is not happening at the psychological level. Just as a homeopathic remedy does not treat the physical level but the vital force primary to it, TongRen also is treating the vital force. Once the energy shifts there then the physical responds accordingly. Personally i have been so impressed with this treatment that i personally invited DrHolt to contribute this newsletter for the benefit of all readers. I hope some of you can benefit from his talents as a practitioner. His contact number is above.
      Robert Field

  3. Coco on

    This is to me very confusing article.
    I would also welcome an open Forum page on this site.Where everyone interested in whole seriousness can exchange and communicate openly.Healers plus patients and best specialists around the world could participate.We all will learn from our experiences tremendously on global level.That’s huge itself..Similar model runs already on eyefitness.com page which is dedicated to glaucoma patients.The page is a great asset and simply a success.Please Dr.Robert consider this possibility.Thank you….

    • Robert on

      This is an open forum. I have never stopped anyone from comment and encourage everyone to please comment. I agree with you.
      Robert Field

  4. Michelle on

    I would have to wonder if this practice is draining for the practitioner.

    • David Holt on

      It can be anything you make it. I found it to be very draining initially as it drained many fears and doubts from my consciousness that the self-healing potential of the client had been fully explored with no clinical improvement.

      Inspirational healing in my mind simply means that I provide a space to the unerring inherent therapeutic agency to untangle itself. Doing all the “work” is between that human, this agency and the Divine itself.

  5. Aaron Wolfe on

    Robert, I enjoyed the visit of Dr. Holt, for many years the native americans also used a form of this in their healing. Although the technique seems different to those in the western world, it is of the same INTENTION and I have seen it work. Energetic medicine is not really limited to only the popular modalities of being physically administered. There are many ways of healing as there are many ways of expressing illness.
    Thank you, Aaron

  6. Philip Joseph on

    I do have some serious doubts, not about the effectiveness of this healing method, but my doubts are if this healing is due to a subtle placebo method than due to a new healing technique. First question – if it is energetic healing transfer across distances, then why is tapping on a doll needed?. A healer by simply meditating and focusing on the mind visualization of the patients meridien points should be able to achieve the same results. My instinct here is that healing happening here “may” be due to a subtle placebo effect. In the cases above, the patient knows a healing practioner is doing some action in a distant place to heal, he believes the action will heal his illness and healing happens – this could be attributed to a classic placebo belief & effect. If the method has to be fool proof, the Healing practioner should select a patient located in another city, receives a patient history chart listing his main clinical complaints, photo & biography, and then unknown to the patient, performs tapping actions on a doll etc. An anonymous third person then checks with the patient to confirm if the patient is cured or not after a certain period of time. If such a rigorous study confirms the effectiveness of Tong Ren to produce consistent, reproducible results, then I will take my hat off. But in the absence of that, I am hesitant to applaud it. Homeopathy on the other hand has been proven to cure in babies, dogs, cats, unconscious patients who had no idea they were being given a homeopathic remedy, placebo effect cannot be in action here and yet an illness was cured. Instead of doing long-distance Tong-ren, I could as well ask the patient to recite “I am getting better every day in every way” and a similar positive effect will be seen. …………………………………………………….My friends, please pardon me if my harsh word here offend anyone. I am sure that Dr Holt has only good intentions for humanity, is doing his work with great compassion and healing concern and is a wonderful human being and may be spiritually gifted for healing in a way that I cannot fathom. I have not seen his healing method face-to-face and am therefore not conversant enough to turn from ignorant sceptic to believer. But one things I believe in is Hahnemann’s dictum ‘ ” Aude Sapere or Dare to be wise · ” ” Have courage to use your own reason “. All my powers of reason here tell me to question these inconsistencies in long distance Tong-ren. Sincerely. Philip Joseph

    • Some One on

      Agreed on “Dare to be wise”, “Have courage to use your own reason.” Sufferings trump wisdom and reasoning therefore we act.

  7. H.Dr Muhammad Ayub Khan on

    Dear Sir,
    With respect I second the comments of Philip Joseph till the proving annotation.

    H.Dr Muhammad Ayub Khan

  8. MONICA on

    I don’t see why not. People belived in voodoo for sooo long and now when something positive appears using the same principles people wonder if it’s possible. As far as I know there are also other therapies that are healing “at distance” e.g. reiki.

  9. Philip Joseph on

    Yes, there are healing therapies like “Reiki”, “Pranic Healing” and even very simple “Prayer to a Higher Power” that works miraclulous cures. But all of the above have undergone some extent of scientific validation to prove that they have positive effect when done to an individual or animal who had no idea that they were being subjected to such healing. Such studies eliminated the confusing effects of placebo method which creeps in whenever an individual knows or realizes that some activity is being directed towards his healing. Many Hospitals have studied the positive effects of monks praying for the cure of individuals that they had no contact with or no relation with. My argument is that with both Tong Ren & with Voodoo, the individual is made aware that either something good or something harmful is being done by another person (Good doctor or Voodoo practioner). Placebo effect works both ways – for harm as well as for healing. If the good effects of Tong Ren can be demonstrated without the sick individual knowing that a doll is being tapped by an expert, then I will be the first convert to Tong Ren, once I have evidence that it works without a placebo effect being involved. My major point is that our Masters did so much to bring reason and rationale to Homeopathy and I dont want it to slip to it being in the same unproven level of Voodoo etc. Dr Sankaran has so painstakingly organized (based on repertorial symptoms & sensation), the common identifying thread of remedy families – so scientifically done. Jan Scholten did the same for Mineral Homeopathic remedies, Beniveste has proven how (succussion & potentisation) in water holds the resonance of the source remedy even when no material remedy remains. Our great Masters Kent, Hering, Jeremy Sherr etc proved and re-proved remedies to show that the provings are consistently reproducible (and not a figment of their imagination or due to placebo effect) because the prover had no idea which remedy he was being given for the proving. If Homeopathy is to gain wide acceptance and respect among the wider scientific community, we have to continue to “prove” it along scientific lines as much as we can and not explain all of Homeopathy being only a spiritual method that cannot withstand scientific scrutiny. Homeopathy is an art and a science. Homeopathy has seven main scientific principles – law of similars, law of minimum dose etc etc. How you practice it may be an art, but that does not take away its seven scientific legs. Dear friends, I dont object to other healing methods including placebo method, faith healing etc. But the moment we mix and match science and unknown for our convenience, we lose homeopathic credibility. Please keep Homeopathy on a scientific platform striving every day to search and find evidence to explain it. Thanks, Philip Joseph

  10. Ariel on

    Personally, if a healing occurs, whether due to the placebo effect of because of Dr. Holt’s abilities, then this evolves all of us on some level, and feels like a positive thing to me. I tried the tapping on a few of my body spots that have experienced trauma and felt a shift in the energy field. While I do not feel I have the focus to effect a shift on someone long distance at this point, I believe that it is possible. The butterfly effect is real for me.

    I understand the point of not mixing the science of homeopathy with other healing techniques, but when I read the article, I did not experience it that way. Some homeopathic theories were used as an example of how this modality could possibly be working. I enjoy having the opportunity to explore other healing modalities, even before they have been scientifically “proven.” It is in the open minded investigation of alternatives that homeopathy and other healing modalities become proven and explainable to our monkey minds. It’s similar to the way quantum physics is now beginning to be able to explain what ancient mystics knew long ago. It may take awhile before many of the healing methods are able to be proven scientifically, but I do not believe we should wait until then to use them, especially if they feel effective from our intuitive heart’s feeling perspective now. I believe that if we each listen to our own intuitive wisdom, we will be guided to the modalities that will be effective for where we are at in that moment.


  11. Syed Husain on

    Very important discussions on the article presented by Robert Field, specially made by Philip Joseph, Ariel and Monica. In fact it is an open forum to express their views/ ideas and experience gained on the basis of their practice and I think every one has his own experience which may or may not differ with the others got after the treatment and healing up.

  12. lakshmi on

    The treatment method is really good if the patient is feeling better.

  13. Jim Walters on

    I have been using Tong Ren in my practice nearly every day for the past two years. I was a skeptic in the beginning, but because of Dr. Holt’s enthusiasm, I started hosting bi-monthly Tong Ren sessions which were open to the public and teaching others to do Tong Ren for themselves.

    I certainly understand people’s skepticism; but, give it a try to find out for yourself. This is way outside the box… and it works!


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