Homeopathy Tips for 11/21/17 The Ripple

We often speak of the aggravation as a return of old symptoms. This is true. We are not time travelers and can not go back in the past and redo a life experience so in the course of healing we will bring a past illness to the present to complete the healing of this. Our vital force is so intelligent that it knows innately how to do this.

When we see this we will call it an aggravation as the old symptoms filters through our present moment. Remember, the vital force is responsible for the maintenance of life as well as the expression of dis-ease and the healing of the dis-ease. It rules with unbounded sway.

Hahnemann says that healing should be gentle. He also said that there is no cure without an aggravation. When symptoms are in the physical, emotional or mental realm we will experience the aggravation. Good homeopathic case management will lessen the effects of the aggravation. In the end we will have to go through it though. Healing is not for sissys.

When we have made great strides in our healing there will always be a return of a similar situation to see if we will respond in the same way or whether the great changes we have made are permanent. It is like a test. It is the ripple of our dis-ease coming back so we can re-experience the life symptom again.

True healing gives us more freedom of choice and we are given another chance to choose differently. We will recognize the old pattern and be challenged by it. The universe wants to be sure that the change is permanent so that we can respond differently to the ripple and make a better choice.

I have seen this phenomena many times. Long term clients will experience this as the ripple of their the dis-ease returns to them, challenging their ability to choose. We need the experience of consciously making a choice and being successful to decompress the dis-ease. The universe supports this process perfectly. Old events that trigger us will suddenly arise again, seemingly out of nowhere.

Each challenging event has it’s own timing based on many cycles in our life. The ripple is like when a stone drops in a perfectly calm pool of water in the exact center of the pool. The splash makes a wave that extends to the edge of the round pool. It hits the side wall and returns to the center. This ripple will be nearly unnoticed. When the ripple converges to the center of the pool, seemingly out of nowhere it will form a splash. The stone did not even need to be dropped again.

The person may say things like, “I thought I was done with this issue. It has been years and now it’s here again.”  This test is here as a result of the energy of their dis-ease has gone out into the universe and the energy of the vital force has brought it back to them in perfect time. This is why I call it the ripple.

It helps to know about this phenomena and be able to share with your client what is happening. These are less random events than you could ever believe. Having this information will greatly help your client during these times. A simple reflection and reminder to them can help them make sense of their experience. Having this information can help them “pass the test” and unlock the final vestiges of their dis-ease.

Keep your eye out for the ripple.





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