Homeopathy Tips for 1/06/15 The Importance of Homeopathy NOW

Happy New Year! It is another year and another opportunity to take stock of the world and where we are now. It seems that in this new millennium the changes have come quickly and with more consequence. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the more daily challenges in life and miss the bigger picture of the even greater challenge that is facing all humanity on this planet right now. When I look at how homeopathy can play a part in our unfolding future I see that it is more important than ever.

One of the biggest changes I have seen in peoples health has been in the realm of digestive issues. Without exaggeration I would say that 40-50% of all clients have digestive issues. This has changed significantly in the last 15 years. One has to wonder why this is so. It is my belief that the food we are eating is poisoning us. Modern agriculture and Genetically Modified Organisms have change the health of humans on this planet. We are guinea pigs in a giant experiment. No long term testing has ever been applied to the new “franken-foods” (GMO’s) that are in 90% of all commercial food available in the U.S. This I believe is having enormous health implications. The saddest part of this story is that people have not been given a voice and consented to this modification of our food. The big Agriculture and Chemical companies responsible for this have bought off government oversight and are operating with immunity. The food they grow does not even need to be labeled, thereby removing our chance to even choose differently. Once these GMO’s are released into the environment there is no taking them back. Forever the genetics of plants are changed.

We must educate ourselves and do the best we can to know the source of our food. It has become more important than ever to eat organic. Yes it is more expensive but at no time has it been as important as now that we start to clean up our diet. We are what we eat. Gluten sensitivity has become prevalent. I believe that it is not necessarily the fault of GMO since most wheat is highly hybridized but does not contain the genes of other organisms. What has changed is the agricultural practice of spraying crops with Glyphosate (RoundUp) herbicide to force the maturation of the seed kernels before harvest. This increases the yield at harvest. It also puts a fresh dose of herbicide chemicals on our food. No one is telling us about this. I believe some part of gluten sensitivity is from the poisons we are consuming and not necessarily the gluten. The way the chemical works is to force the plant to not take up nutrients and die. If it had a similar effect in humans I can see why obesity, diabetes and other chronic digestive issues could be the result. All of these diseases are on the rise.

Other challenges we are facing is from radiation exposure. Since the 1940’s and the release of man made radioactivity into our environment,  humans have been challenged with more health issues. Cancer is the most expected result for radiation exposure and it is definitely on the rise. Nearly one in two people are expected to have cancer in the near future. Radiation levels in North America have skyrocketed since the triple meltdown at the Fukushima  power plant in Japan. The radiation cloud from airborne releases have traveled around the globe. In my practice about 30% of all clients have benefited from remedies based on radiation exposure. The most common symptoms are a decreased immune response where a normally healthy person gets an acute illness and then does not recover as expected. When this has been the case the results have been conclusive as everyone has reported a shift and return to wellness after the remedies.

The other aspect of radiation exposure is it’s long-term activity in our environment. All animals are bio-accumulators. When a cow eats grass that has taken up radiation it concentrates in their tissues. Aside from the horrible effects of CAFO livestock being fed genetically modified food, and drugs injected in nearly every animal, the radiation is in the milk and meat. There is no routine testing of any food products for radiation. Some fish from the Pacific have been tested and in 100% of Pacific Blue fin Tuna  radioactive Cesium has been found. I would not eat anything coming from the Pacific Ocean now. The release of radiation is still happening and millions of gallons of radioactive groundwater is leaking into the Pacific Ocean daily. There has been no mitigation of the problem at Fukushima. This problem will remain as long as the radioactive fuel is radioactive. I do not see much hope for our oceans in the future.

There are about half of all days in Reno Nevada where the skies are filled with a cross hatch pattern of chem-trails. These are not the type of contrail from a jet airliner that disappears after only a few seconds.  These chem-trails last for hours and spread across the sky in a cloudy haze that blocks the sun. No one will admit anything in regards to what is being sprayed upon us. The common remark is that it is just cloud seeding for weather improvement. Aluminum which is not found naturally in the environment has been found in very high levels in remote forested areas where mans influence can not be blamed on a spill or something else. Aluminum should just not be found there. I believe there are many other chemicals and heavy metals that are released into our environment and having a pronounced effect on our health. When nano sized particles are inhaled over an extended time the health effects can be enormous. I wonder sometimes if chronic respiratory illness, asthma and bronchitis are exacerbated by the spraying.

Never before has this planet been so electrified. With the advent of cell phones and wireless technology, nearly every electronic device is broadcasting electrical radiations into our environment. These radiations have a similar cumulative effect as a radioactive particle, although they are different. One can assume they are safe if exposure is at a distance. But exposure is now closer than ever and most living creatures, especially in developed countries of the Northern Hemisphere, are being bombarded 24 hours a day, every day. We are bio-electrical organisms ourselves and these additional radiations can not be good for us.  They can have subtle and profound effects on our health and well being.

These are just a few of the major ways man’s influence on our environment is effecting our health. One would think that as rational, thinking human beings we would not be doing this to ourselves. The corporate nature of commerce and government has removed the individual from all responsibility. We somehow need to wake up and find a new way to make changes in our world. I am not a doomsday-er as such and believe that humanity can make a change. We simply need to find the will to make it happen. We need to continue the dialogue and share with others what we are discovering about our word. There is an observation of the hundredth monkey: When enough monkeys change a behavior it is noticed that all monkeys everywhere spontaneously change their behavior also.

Homeopathy plays a more important role that ever in helping people heal from the assaults on their health. Because it is safe and effective it is quickly becoming a primary medicine rather than an alternative medicine. I have more and more clients telling me that no matter what the health challenge they might experience they are not willing to take drugs or do a suppressive allopathic treatment. Increasingly the leading cause of death is by western medical treatments. I am not suggesting we do away with western medicine altogether. If I am in an accident or experience trauma western medicine is the very best there is. But chronic illness is a whole other challenge for western medicine, and with the current treatment protocols, I would say it is not doing very well.

It pays to be informed. Knowledge is power. With it you have more freedom of choice. Find out about the ways man’s influence to our environment is effecting all life. You will not find much in the main stream media. But with the internet there is a world of information available to us. Study up. Get informed. Continue your studies in homeopathy, the worlds safest and most effective medicine. It’s importance is more than ever now!


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  1. Ariel on

    Yes, with knowledge we can make wiser choices. I consider my strongest vote to be the one I make with my money since it currently seems to have the strongest influence. Every time I choose to purchase organic or non gmo or local, I’m voting for better food and a more sustainable way of living that is in harmony with the whole of creation! I consider myself blessed to live in an area where I have those choices.

    On the subject of cost, in many cases it is cheaper to purchase organic whole foods than conventionally farmed prepared foods. Joel Salatin wrote an article in Mother Earth News citing many examples… Even the most expensive organic potatoes are considerably less per pound than a bag of Lays gmo potato chips. May we all learn to choose a little more wisely every day!

  2. Gina on

    Ariel makes a good point about supporting the better way with our finances! To add on to that train of thought: Healthy people pay far less in medical costs, over the counter toxins (“medicine”) and such. Orgnanic foods and herbs, homeopathy and healthy life choices are all good for your personal economy!
    The best thing we can do though, is change our thinking & habits. Then, wait for people to ask us our opinions, or why we look so great, or get over that awful flu so quickly? That’s your opportunity. Don’t beat your drum and shove your opinions down everyone’s throat. That will cause resistance. Gently lead the way and more will follow! Love knowing so many of us have already begun, here’s to more every day! Thank you to everyone who has lead us this far & may we all continue our journey in a positive direction!

  3. Robert Lal on

    Sometimes we have no option to get organic items, however, this knowledge of radiation will make readers aware of the surrounding they live in.It is indeed a very good informative article.

  4. Sarfaraz ali'Islamabad on

    This is very important subject.In our present culture unfortunately we are taking many carcinogenic substances with our foods.These are various kinds of preservatives,stabilizers,artificial colors and odors.We must see this aspect also.

  5. arif bashir on

    Good Article, informative one, Please write on ” Retina Detachment and it’s Cure in Homeopathic”. I will be Thank full you .

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