Homeopathy Tips for 1/06/09 Cough

      It’s the new year and the cold season is upon us now. I hear the sound of the cough due to common cold about everywhere I go. Here are some tips for helping with homeopathy.

     The cough is a natural way for the body to remove phlegm. It should not be suppressed. Each person has their particular expression of their body’s attempts to heal. Giving allopathic cough suppressants will not help their healing process and should be avoided. If some relief for minor throat irritation is needed try equal parts lemon juice, honey and warm water. Take a teaspoon at a time and hold in the mouth and swallow to coat the throat. It can be very soothing.  Avoid medicated cough drops that have camphor, menthol and eucalyptus. They can interfere with the healing response to the well selected homeopathic remedy.

        As in the case of any infectious disease watch closely that the cough does not develop into a more serious condition. Cough due to the common cold is usually during the resolution of the infection. Fever should have already passed. If a fever accompanies the cough and is persistent then a more serious condition may exist.

         Remedies that may be useful for cough include;

  • Aconite – for a cough due to exposure to a cold dry wind, coming on suddenly, arising from a tickle in the throat. It may be worse in the evening and at night.
  • Antimonium Tartaricum – Cough sounds loose. Course rattling of mucous heard in the chest but very little mucous rises.
  • Belladonna – Dry, tickling, teasing cough; as from dust oin the throat. Spasmodic cough worse at night, compelling the person to sit up in bed.
  • Bryonia – Cough hurts a distant part of the body. The person must hold their chest to avoid the discomfort. Worse for movement. Cough leading to gagging and vomiting. Wants cold drinks.
  • Causticum – Constantly clearing throat. Cannot cough deep enough to bring the mucous up. Drinking cold water relieves the cough. Leaking of urine during the cough.
  • Corallium Rubrum – The machine gun cough. When the rapid paroxysms run closely together at short or regular intervals, every 30 seconds or a minute apart.
  • Drosera – Spasmodic cough ending in gagging, retching and vomiting. Prolonged fits of choking cough. Worse in the evening and after midnight.
  • Hepar Sulph – Cough after the slightest exposure to cold air or a draft. Even putting a hand out of thew covers can lead to the cough. They want to be bundled up and cannot bear to be uncovered.
  • Kali Bichromicum – Cough with a brassy sound. Tough stringy mucous that hangs down the throat that may be yellowish.
  • Nux Vomica – Cough that is dry, titillating and fatiguing. Worse in the morning and after eating or drinking.
  • Phosphorus – Cough often after a head cold has gone to the chest. Tickling low in the trachea leads to the cough. Worse from warm room into cold air. Desires fruit, juices cold liquids. Worse lying on the left side. Heavy feeling on the chest.
  • Pulsatilla – Dry cough at nigh, worse lying down and better sitting up. Loose cough during the day with yellowish or green expectoration.
  • Rumex Crispis – Dry incessant or violent cough caused by a tickle in the throat. Cough ceases when the head is covered by the blanket but least air will trigger the cough again.
  • Spongia Tosta – Cough is very dry and tight.  Worse in dry cold weather. The respiration sounds like a saw cutting through a dry pine board.

     As with all acute conditions it is best to be a very good observer and take the case. Sometimes the littlest thing can lead to the remedy. There are many other remedies that include symptoms of cough. If you have any remedies you would like to share please do so in the comments box below.

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  1. dr.t.prabhaker MD(HOM) on

    pertussin:A very good cough remedy.A nosode for whooping cough.Cough with Cyanosis.Laryngeal spasm,cough not responding to indicated drugs,cough provoked by intense tickling in trachea,larynx,bronchia.

  2. Gurumurthi.N on

    Dear Sir
    Thanks for your valuable information.
    I am expecting continued co-operation.

    Thanks & Regards


    • keerti dubey on

      dear sir
      thanks forcough medecin information.

  3. Adnan Hadeed on

    Dear sir/madam,

    Thank you for sending me valuable information about homeo remidies to cure cough.

    Would you please send me some suggestion how to cure hearing problems,lack of hearing in the left ear,continiously noises in the left ear hearing power loose 88%. If you know any medicine to relief from this problem please,help me and give me some good and powerfull medicine name as symptom that I may get relief from this cronic problem.

    Thanking you and awaiting for your positive reply.

    Yours tuely


    Hello Adnan, I can address this in a future newsletter. Thanks for your patience.

    Robert Field

  4. Ahmed Masood on

    Hello Robert
    I got it, I think my wife needs Belladonna.

    Thanks a million

  5. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Hallow Mr. Robert, I am happy you selected the right subject for the right serason. My grandson needs one. I am studying it.
    Thanks a lot,

  6. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Hope you will get good responses.

  7. dr. poonam batra on

    I have found Sanguinaria useful when cough starts from dryness in the throat and is better by passing flatus.
    Cuprum met when cough has a gurgling sound as if water being poured from a bottle, which is better by drinking cold water.
    and of course croup trio-aconite,spongia, hepar, spongia, according to the change of the character of cough.


    Hay mr robert how are you and it is the season of today,s topic and please told me one remedy for uper respiratory tract infection,
    can i give the KALI CARB

  9. Dr.Arshad on

    Hi Sir,
    I have good clinical homeo combinations formulas for cough.
    Genenral cough:
    Another formula
    Dry Cough:
    Rattling Cough:
    Sulphur is inter current remedy waith all above formulas.Pls.share with me any informative homeo [email protected]

  10. dr praj on

    i have got good results with sanguinaria esp in infants.thaks for the useful information which will help in acute cases.

  11. Dr.kumaravel M.D(HOM) on

    Dear sir,
    I have found RHUS TOX 6 or BRY6 for begining stage of cough without epectoration.JUSTICA30 for cough with expectoration.

  12. ginni on

    My son develops a loud hard cough when he has been burning the candle at both ends. He is not a smoker but smokes socially when partying. the reaction is instant. He’s really healthy and a sports coach but tiredness goes straight to the chest. usually give him a dose of tuberculinum and when its with flu influenzinum. Does well but is it possible to release and cure the cough.

    Hi Ginni,
    Tiredness from the cough one might think of Stannum Metallicum. But only if it really fits. It’s always best to take the full case history and prescribe to the totality.
    Good luck,
    Robert Field


    Dear sir,
    This is very easy and help to find a single remedy from a lot I think it should be contuing for season cause.

  14. Dr.R.Sathiya priya on

    The keypoints given by u for cough is very helpful for me.Thanks.Kindly suggest medicines to prevent caries,cavities and decay of teeth in children.
    Dr.sathiya priya.

    Hello Dr Sathiya Priya,
    One will always think of the Calcarea remedies first.
    There are others that effect teeth as well. One must search the Repertory and apply good homeopathic principles to the case.I cann address this in future issues.
    Warmest regards,
    Robert Field

  15. Mah-jabeen on

    Robert thanks your valuble information . but iwant my anser about my pastiont.

    Hello Mah-jabeen
    I don’t know what case you are refering to. Please give as much detail as you can. It must be a full case for me to respond appropiately.
    Thank you,
    Robert Field

  16. Dr. A. H. Nasir on

    Dear Robert. Thankyou for regular tips about the seasonal problems. Some of the medicines you have suggested, I used according to the symptoms and found very helpful to cure the cough.

    Would you please suggest the single remedy medicine to increase the hight of eight to twelve years children. Thankyou.

    Hello Dr Nasir,
    Calcarea Phosphorica will help a young adult to grow when the potential is there and they just have not had a growth spurt yet. It also helps moderate growth that is too fast leading to growing pains. It will help.
    Robert Field

  17. DR.RISHIT on


    i want information about medicines for VITREOUS FLOATER(OPACITY) & about results of the same.



  18. Dr naseer on

    These clinical tips are from eminent and serious practitioners. Readers are requested to trust in these clinical tips only when the indicated /constitutional remedy fails- otherwise you may fail.
    You can also contribute. Worthy clinical tips are invited from eminent practitioners like you. You have to mention the complaint, name of medicine with dose, potency and mode of repetition. Visitors comments on these tips are also published here.
    Remember we have negative attitude towards fabricated clinical tips.
    Let us contribute for improving the quality of Homeopathic practice. Email : [email protected]

    The Power of Ignatia
    21st November, 2008 was a gloomy and disheartening day for the residents of Hillview Avenue when an ambulance carrying the dead body of Dr. Masood reached the vicinity. Everyone was mourning and shedding tears over the death of such a popular, compassionate and caring physician who remained in the hospital for about one week after a road accident. It was especially an irreparable loss for the widow and three children of the departed soul. Yet another blow and misfortune from the heavens fell when the ailing father of the grief-stricken widow breathed his last just after four days. The widow of Dr. Masood was torn into pieces with the series of these two colossal tragedies. After 3-4 days, my wife enquired as to whether there is any remedy in homoeopathic system which could console and act as anti-depressant. Ignatia flashed into my mind which was anxiously waiting for her. The remedy was thus administered in 1M twice a day for three days and amazingly, the widow started coming back to life within one week with a sound sleep at night. Thanks to Allah, she has also started taking interest in her home affairs with the soothing effect of Ignatia. I salute to the power of Ignatia.
    Homoeo Dr. Sultan Mahmood
    Hillview Avenue,Rawalpindi (Pakistan)

    J.N.Sircar Clinical Tips
    Sender: Dr.R.Madan BHMS
    23,Govindan Road,WestMambalam,

    1.Pituitary-Sudden acute pains like angina,renal or biliary colic,if no clear modalities are present.
    2.Staphylococcin-To reduce pustule formation[like hepar],summer boils[200],fever[30]
    3.Lac defloratum-Any kind of pain with profuse urination.
    4.Insulin-Progressive emaciation of children though eating well.take lot of sweets.
    5.Cortisone-Excellent for frozen shoulder,intercoastal rheumatism,asthma<lying,<midnight.
    6.Leucoderma-Mica,ASF,Merc sol.
    7.Eel serum-In coronary thrombosis alternate with crataegus
    8.Lycopersium-Asthma from dust
    9.Sanguinaria-Asthma from incense stick.
    10.Thyroid 6x for scanty menses,30 for heavy bleeding.
    11.Methylene blue-Fever not reducing with usual medicine.
    12.Colostrum 6x-Infant diarrhoea due to mothers milk,sour smelling.
    13.Leprosy 3 drugs-sulph 30-loss of sensation
    After sensation returns-Hydrocotyle30 for reducing skin
    Lastly calotropis

    Tips by Dr. Sultan Mahmood
    Hillview Avenue,Rawalpindi (Pakistan)
    Email : [email protected]

    Alumina-200 in alteration with Merc. Sol-200 is efficacious in curing intense itching when worse with warmth
    Coffea Cruda-200 in alternation with Kali. Phos-200 is useful for treating insomnia
    Never forget to give Sulphur-200 as inter-current remedy in sexual weakness
    In Ptosis (Drooping of eyelids), try Causticum in high potency in alternation with Gelsemium and Kali Phos.
    2-3 doses of Kreosotum-1M are sufficient enough to control the urgent call for urination
    In violent dry and fatiguing cough, Rumex-30 has given me good results
    Consider trio of Colocynthis, Gnaphalium and Rhus tox while treating sciatic pain
    In Anorexia, the combination of Cocculus-30+Pulsatilla-6+30+China-30 recommended by Dr. P. N. Pai has been found useful in many cases
    Most of the cases of Dysentery have been cured with Colocynthis and Merc.cor
    Trio of Arsenicum alb., Ipecac. and Natrum sulph has been found reliable in Asthma

    Dr.Veerabalaji Kumar. Email : [email protected]
    Streptococcinum 1000 helps bring down high fevers in sore throat or viral fevers when the indicated remedies do not help.

    Dr.V.P Bansal Email :[email protected]
    Anaemia,Menses early , profuse, Frequent U.R.I. / Asthma, Calcarea Carb Potency — 200 C, Repeation — once in 10 day,After repeating 3 times increase potency to 1M

    Dr.Vinod OG Email :[email protected]
    Eczema when it is ulcerated is a great head ache no..try Hepar sulph 200 3 dose in powder form which should be taken in one spoon of water till the pain subsides along with Apis 30 3 pills twice daily..you will get a time to select a medicine in the mean time also reduces renal complications. then RA factor and ASO titre if well selected remedy fails Penicillin 200 7 doses in powder form on alternate days ie 14 days with but for one month, repeat if necessary for another month. if not getting the desired results add 2 dose Streptococcin 1m 2 dose after the 14 days medication. never forget to evaluate cardiac complications in badly managed cases, go for an echo. please let me know about the response..

    Dr.S.K.Banaerjee Allen College of Homeopathy Email : [email protected]
    Apathy – to illness Gels, Phos Ac, Plumbum Met.
    Abortive – Pinus Lambertina (less than 3/12 gestation),(15dr bd = 40% success in 3/52),Caulophyllum (over 3/12),NB. Consider constitution & month
    Abortion – habitual – NBWS – habitual abortion – ?month ?constitution
    Anus – burning Sulph, Ratanhia, Cantharis
    Anxiety+++ Kali Arsen
    Anaemia Ferrum Phos, Aletris Farinosis, Ferrum Met,China (anaemia + oedema +’pumped out’)
    Acidity – (when well-selected remedy fails) Robinia tinct, Nat Phos. 6x, Hydrastis tinct
    Antibiotic Rx – (has depleted vital force) Medorrhin (OAJulian)
    Anal fistula – Paeonia
    Anus wide open – Phos, Apis
    Altitude sickness – Coca
    Autism – Kali Brom, Tarentula, Zinc Met
    ADD – Kali Brom, Zinc Met
    Antisepsis – Calendula, Echinac, Gun Powder, Myristica, Tarentula, Merc Cor
    Alopecia – from hormone changes, HRT, ChemoRx, DXT – Thallium 30 or 200c,Pilocarpus (Jaborandi) – 1oz tinct. in 4oz coconut oil, massage in, don’t wash out – 2-3/52 action,or 10 – 15dr tinct massaged in at bedtime,or Arnica (when result of shock) can be used in oil
    Appetite stimulant – Alfalfa

    Bell’s Palsy – first 12 hours – Aconite.Prolonged – Causticum (aetiol cold dry wind),either side – Merc
    Burning trio – Arsenicum, Phos (in spots, nervous system) Sulph
    Biliary colic – Berberis, Cardus Mar, Fel Tauri, Cholesterin, Chelidonium,Calculobili
    Brain fag – Aethusa Cyn, Brahmi (Boer p1054)
    Burning cancer – (often with DXT) Anthrax, Euphorbium, Arsenicum
    Belching (LOUD) – Kali Arsen, Arg Nit, Asafoet
    Bladder CA – Taraxacum, Terebrinth, Solidago (in bladder CA with suppressed urine, it can prevent use of catheter)
    Backache – with leucorr – Mag Sulph, Eupion (with pain back to pubis) with menses – Sepia,with pregnancy – Bellis P
    Blood pressure – high systolic, low diastolic – Baryta Mur
    Bone metast/sarcoma – Nat Silico-fluor, Angustura Vera, Crotalus Casc,with burning pain – Euphorbium
    Breasts – pendulous – Chimaphila Um,to dry up breast milk – Lac Can,to increase breast milk – Ricinuc Comm tinct

    Chest (lack of reaction) – (ie when vital force is depleted) Laurocerasus as intercurrent
    Cough – NBWS pnuemonia/flu – Sticta (dry), Erydicton, Pix Liquida,asthmatic wheeze – Hepar, Kali Carb, Phos,bark – Dros, Kali Brom, Spongia, Sambucus,catarrhal – Arsen, Dulc, Ipec, Phos
    dry sibilant – Spongia
    dry tickling – Rumex (in throat)
    cough ends in vomit – Mephites
    1st violent then weaker & weaker – Ant Crud
    hacking with haemoptysis – Acalypha Indica
    hawking – Sticta
    rattling – Ant Tart, Kali Sulph, Occ Sanct, Lycopod
    machine gun – Corallium
    croup – Acon, Spongia, Hepar (Boenning Trio – all 200c) also Kali Bic, Hepar, Iodum
    Cradle cap – Silica, Calc Carb, Mezereum
    Cataracts – Silica, Conium, Calc Fluor (‘prophylatically’ – Cineraria tinct, undiluted, few drops daily)
    Centrifugal action – Xray
    Convulsion tria – Acon, Acetanilidum (when predisposition to febrile) Strep
    Coryza (stringy) – Kali Bic, Lyssin, Hydrastis
    Coryza, alternate days – Lac Can
    Catarrh – to clear block in Rx of – Lemna Minor (30-200c),Sang Nit 30c, Teucrum Marum (more for paediatrics)
    Bell – Dulc – Kali Sulph,Constrictive sensation – Cactus
    Cramp – writers – Mag Phos, Plumbum Met
    CFS – Conium
    CCF – LVF – Lach, Phos, Venoms
    RVF –Stropanthus, Dig
    Climacteric onset Sx – Sulph, Lach, Graph, Mancinella, Morg Bach, Sanguin, Sepia, Calc Carb
    Conjunctivitis – Euphrasia wash (& protect from sunlight),in neonates, where vomiting – Puls 50m,“ “ , Mum h/o gonorr (ie yellow leucor.) Arg Nit
    Calcan. spur on heels – Calc Fluor, Hekla Lava
    Congenital overgrowth – ie extra digit, ear pinna – Carcinosin
    “ destruction – ie cleft palate, spina bifida, cardiac PDA – Carcinosin
    Cold sores – to manage – neat

    Thank you Dr Naseer,
    You have made a great contribution to all homeopaths. Thanks You!!! This is all very useful information.
    Robert Field

  19. Dr. A. H. Nasir on

    Dear Dr. Robert,
    Thank you very much to suggest the medicine on my request. Your quick response is highly appriciated.

  20. dr.kapil gautam on

    thanks for giving the homoeopathic suggestion.
    I want to the suggestiion related to the falling of hairs,and hair problems, please give me some tips for this problems.
    thanks you.

  21. K.M.Sreenivsan on

    Thanks for the tips which are variations of my general priscription

  22. fraid on


    First of all I would like to thanks for ur tips.And ur fruitfull suggestions.


    Now I would like to ask that my friend has a serious problem that he LOSE his balance when he stands after sitting for some time.
    and he fells down some time.
    SO, kindly tell……………
    1 >> CAUSES
    2 >> TREATMENT


  23. PRAVIN JANI on

    Hi-Dear sir,
    Thanks that in your Website-You are giveing name of the Medicine-so it is very useful for all-really This is Good & helpful service-
    Thanking You,

    Pravin Jani

  24. Mr. GB Das Mohapatra on

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your useful teaching on the disease of cough and other common diseases. A best and useful website

  25. dharampal insan on

    gud mornig sir,
    i am an mechanical engr. now i face problem of accidity. i use filtered water bye 4m market. nux vomica petient. age 27y male 4m rajasthan. i useing in these days nat sulph6x, nat phos6x, and carbo veg 30. without any discus of any doctor bcoz any homeo doctor not available in my city
    i fell a ges rod in my throt (galla)
    but i do not get profit.
    so that plz u tell me about my tretment at my e mail as [email protected].
    thanks with warm regard

  26. dr mrinmoy sasmal on

    thanks a lot for your tips

  27. Nancy on

    Homeopathy cures even when Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails

  28. Dr Meera on

    Hi Robert ,
    thank once again for your tips .I got very good results by using kali mur for the cough .

  29. Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

    In cases of dry short cough with desire to clear throat,
    Justicia gives great results.But in any case an un baised case-taking leads to the SIMILIMUM.
    From this article I’ve learned about various rare remedies.

  30. davey2010 on

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  31. Rajesh Kumar on

    dear sir,
    i want information about medicines for muscles pain.

    with thanks & regards,
    rajesh kumar

  32. Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Thanks for the tips given by Dr. Poonam Batra on January 6 2009. She stated that she had found Sanguinaria useful when cough starts from dryness in the throat & is better by passing flatus.I think the symptom will be completely epressed if the following words are added;- ‘& is better by passing flatus upward and downward ‘. Regards.

  33. aliya shaikh on

    really informative

  34. Mohammed Hussain on

    Dear sirs

    Can you suggest a cough remedy for the cough only when talking and making a speach.

    Best regards

  35. jyotsna chandak on

    give me chance to say you THANXXX.
    My daughter 3yr3months, weight 10kg , she is not interested to eat food, i hv to smash and hold her and one spoon food one spoon water, i use to give her. She having thirst but she don’t understand that. even for poty she is not saying…….pls pls help me

  36. sachchida nand pandey on

    i want to improve congential ptosis by medicine .so please give me best medicine to improve minor ptosis

  37. Abul K alam.J on

    My Respectble and OUR DEAR DOCTER,I am very much APPRECIATE about your DEEP KNOWLEDGE.In this time I want to know IS THERE ANY MEDICINE TO CURE CATARACT ?Thank you sir—-AZ aad

  38. testing on

    Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe that this web
    site needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the advice!

  39. Adolfo Minteer on

    Coughing is the body’s way of removing foreign material or mucus from the lungs and upper airway passages camera or of reacting to an irritated airway. Coughs have distinctive traits you can learn to recognize. A cough is only a symptom, not a disease, and often the importance of your cough can be determined only when other symptoms are evaluated.”

    Take a look at all of the most popular write-up on our personal online site

  40. projektowanie sklepów www on

    Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d
    like to send you an email. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing.

    Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

  41. zarabikhan on

    can I give my 4 month old baby Ant tart 30 c for chest congestion with rattling sound,loose cough and blocked nose.If yes,then can you tell me how to make a liquid dose

  42. ashok tiku on

    a very good source of information. it has knowingly or unknowingly feedback from doctor and patient as well.

  43. rajashekhar [email protected] on

    Cough by bathing &suffering from hepatitis Agc. Please guide me from homeoapathic remedies

  44. Md Abdul Mannan Howlader on

    The cough is a common disease in a country like Bangladesh. Today I myself is affected by cough- I do not know how it happen.

  45. ILYAS on

    Dear All
    Bromimum 30….I used it when there is a cough with lost of voice ,coug agg when lying down, Can’t sleep at night.
    M.ILYAS..Alternative medicine from IBAM

  46. Cindi Caison on

    Talking about thyroid, I was suffered from the disease for almost ten years! Doctor told me it can’t heal and only can be control with medication, but I am fully heal now by just using natural remedies… good job, pharmaceutical companies – for keeping us the patient a loyal customer.. but not me anymore. Watch this video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci8xn-ttb6M

  47. Keia Guia on

    Good afternoon,

    I am a hopeful student if yours as soon as the universe provides funds. As a home practicing student of homeopath, I am curious as to where you buy, purchase, obtain your herbs etc. I am currently trying to go deeper into my studies by growing more but have come across several plants that I am having a hard time finding seed or plant for. What is your way? Also, what would you suggest for a lower income, single mom and a serious self-study student, to expand ability, knowledge and collection of homeopathic essentials?

    Thank you,
    Keia M. Guia

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