Homeopathy Tips for 1/05/10 Treating Family Members

One of the greatest challenges for homeopaths is to treat a family member or someone very close to them. It seems we have our greatest prejudices with those we are most familiar with.

When we know someone very intimately it seems that because we know them better than others it would be easier for us as homeopaths to treat them. This is quite contrary to what really happens. Our familiarity can create prejudice that is very hard to overcome. Treating family can be a real exercise in letting go of our preconceived ideas. It is not always easy though.

Knowing someone so intimately is like wearing colored glasses that we did not know we had on. Everything about the person seems familiar. We may have come to accept them just as they are.  The little gestures or ways of thinking become second nature for us, but can be challenging to see when we put our homeopaths hat on.

We must be very diligent and fine tune our awareness when treating family members. We must consciously take off our colored glasses to see them accurately.  We must see them as naked and new, like we have never seen them before. It can be difficult at first. If we are attached to our “vision” of them then seeing them differently can sometimes upset out view. We may see things that we do not like or have never seen before that can be disappointing.  At this time it is our greatest opportunity to grow without prejudice as we discover new things about our loved ones.

When seeing them new and accepting them as they are are done with a conscious intent to hold love, in-spite of seeing them differently now, we can grow in ways never imagined. If we are unsuccessful in this, treating family members can then be very challenging.

If it is possible, have a very competent homeopath treat your family members. If it is not possible, then be very conscious of the challenges that you have. Be open. Carry the intent to see clearly and accurately. Ask for help. Remember that you are wearing the colored glasses that you cannot see. When you consciously take them off, be prepared to see the person in an entirely new way. Listen to their story as if you did not know them. Hear the words that they speak and take good notes. Try not to infer too much into the story about what you “know” about them. Let the case unfold before you as a case you have never seen before. Try to let go of all assumptions. Hold love in your heart and you may very well be successful in finding the similimum remedy that can help them heal like no other.

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  1. Yvonne Siblini on

    Fantastic revelation Dr. Robert, I have come across situation with my family and it has been difficult. I have managed to find a perfect remedy for my son which eventually helped him excell in his studies.

    What we need to do is take of our blinds and take the case then disconnect. Disconnecting does take quite an effort as well as taking off the blinds or you could call it being unprejudice like you just said above.

  2. Dr.Rajendra Fegade on

    Nice Descussion. Its best as well as very helpful information for all homoeopaths.

  3. K.Rajagopala Kurup. on

    It is really so!
    I always try to match with their mental symptoms, and where it matches I was always successful.
    But alas, where it does not , I am no where?
    So generally I ask some other Dr. to treat.


    This tip explains nicely the way to be followed as in aphorism 6 of 6th edition of Organon of Medicine by Samuel HAHNEMANN -“Unprejudiced observer”

  5. Dr. A. M. Howlader on

    Dear Dr.Robert,
    Thank you very mucc for presenting a subject that will help the practising homeopath to treat the patient and take the case history very minutely and it will obviously open a new era in their field of practice.We are astinished evrytime you come up with new idea that help us very much.Thank u again.

    Dr.A. M.Howlader
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  6. Lora Evans on

    I really liked these tips Robert. I have found treating family members to be very challenging because I have to constantly let go of *my* information about them and just let them be as they are. I am so grateful that I started and have continued my studies with the Resonance School because the feedback and mentoring that I have received from you has been very helpful with ALL of my cases, but most notably with family members. You have helped me step back and see without my colored glasses when I have been unable to. I thank you! Always! Lora

  7. M.El Siddig , Canada on

    Hi Prof. Robert
    Thank you very much for the precious knowldege , Actually I found this difficult in chronic not in Acutes because of the layers in the Chronic.
    M. El Siddig , Canada

  8. naseermuhammad on

    dear robert

    Happy new year wonderful tip of family member treat ment as doctor and more confident. we hope to study
    trace out a similar remedy to family member as well as
    all the patients. It require great deep studies of every]
    medicine as key note and character symptom of all materia
    medica to cure by similar medicine. interesting in chronic cases cure by the law of similar all the doctors
    stress the law of similar it require great knowledge of
    clinical experience as well as studies daily deeply.

  9. mah-jabeen on

    thanku very much Robert, its anice tip.

  10. K,Gopalan. on

    tThank youdr Robert In acute cases and in injuries of children Iam succeessfully curing all cases .For chronic cases If the neck is lean and not proportionate to head and body and the patient is aggravated by consolence nat mur is the remedy. There is no nomenclature of diseases in homeopathy. If the patient is not ableto sleep at night he will never allow others in that family to sleep .THIs is the peculiar symptomof Argentum nitricum. Igave this remedy and cured him .

  11. margarita on

    Tks a lot indeed for all your tips. XO

  12. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Happy New YEAR to every Reader and Dr Peter. Truely you mentioned Dr peter. I experienced that might be the selection was wrong/ not to symptoms accurately. My wife became ill more than before. Both of my sons threw my medicine box out of home. but applying antidote she recovered. Some fails to diagnose the remedy due to fear in mind.

  13. Muhammad Nuruzzaman on

    Dear Dr. Robert,
    Its a wonderful tips for the new year.
    Thanks a lot.

  14. Dr.gopalakrishnan on

    Iam a new reader of you .This topic is one of the basic stone of homoeopathic treatment and our Master enlighted it very clearly in the organon thank You Sir

  15. Dr. V. Krishnamurthy on

    There is difference between the patient’s way of talking with family members and before a doctor. Therefore, when my family member falls sick, I first take them to a doctor (homoeopathy or allopath) , carefully listen as to what the patient tells and then come home and repertorise on those symptoms.

    Alternately, you may ask the patient to WRITE DOWN ON PAPER and show it to you. After all, all our provers were asked to write down their symptoms developed during proving. This helps a lot in finding the remedy

  16. abdul waheed on

    To read mental symptoms like Will, Timidity, Fastidioousness, may be easy in relatives but their Desires, Aversions, love and hatred remain hidden, as kith and kins pose to be different than what they are, pose differently for their vested interests.
    Whereas in patients it is difficult to assess their Will,Intelligence and for likes and dislikes a few queries can be made, but for love and hatred it becomes awful to dig out informations. Will someone comment..?

    Will any practitioner or student or teacher comment on this problem.

  17. dr.akbar on


  18. Sibghat Aziz on

    have to do…same.

  19. p.k.dasgupta on

    Dear Dr.Robert.
    My heart fills with gratitude for the manner you have made it so simple.A true technocrat can only do this.

  20. dr.akbar hossain on


  21. dr.garima on

    hello dr the first line of this article itself seems to have been written about me….but now i think it is a common agony of all homoeopaths…..thanks for the precious advice and hope now family and friends will be treated more properly…..

  22. george on

    excellent article,an eye opener

    • Vilas Adhyapak on

      Sometimes we are prejudised by the relation,status,occupation of the man sitting before us.Such as he comes from a low cast,he is a peon ,he is a successful wealthy person ,he is a teacher,he is a lawyer and so on.These things also put coloured glasses on our eyes.Better to put away these calidoscopes.

  23. Wafaa abdul Samad on

    I would divide this topic into two parts that prevent choosing the right remedy when approaching family members: 1- I believe one has to be unprejudice, prejudice is a veil that hides the details, the view; But to be unprejudice is sometimes, not always, just beautiful theory not more; when we know someone closely, intimately, it is already information that we can’t throw out, or we don’t know what to throw out from it. It is almost the same when a homeoath treats himself, he is convinced that he knows himself well so he could mix-up all the information, the useful and the useless one; Probably he may miss the important symptoms as he supposes ALL are important.
    2- The other problem with treating family members is that it is a reciprocal dilemma, the homeopath may put colored glasses AND the treated may dissipate the embarrassing truth( there could be endless hidden truths that would be much informative and guiding to the right remedy); one may feel much more confortable with someone who doesn’t know and therefore who won’t judge him or knows his weakest points. So here we must be sure about both parties (the homeopath and the sick person) especially when the talk is going beyond an acute fever or acute injury..

  24. Dana on

    To be unprejudice- very difficult with your family.I have big difficulties in treating my husband ‘s chronic rhinitis. I have the feeling that I miss something..
    Very good and useful article. And so true!

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