Homeopathy Tips for 10/22/13 Radiation Update Part 2

I am amazed that with the number of readers of this newsletter that there have been only 6 comments to last weeks newsletter, Radiation Update. The disaster at Fukushima is a global disaster.  It is amazing to me that the interest in this is so minimal. Possibly it is the nature of radiation because it is silent, and can’t be seen, smelled, tasted, or felt when the exposure comes in the form of nuclear fallout.

I also have another idea that is based on the principle of normalcy bias. Normalcy bias is the mental state of people entering a disaster. It causes people to underestimate the possibility and the effects of a disaster. People with normalcy bias have difficulties reacting to something that is unfamiliar. They tend to interpret warnings in the most optimistic way possible. They will tend to infer a less serious situation from any ambiguities in warnings.

Due to the fact that the Fukushima disaster is not being reported with the mainstream media and a normalcy bias existing within the population, it seems that it is not on many peoples minds.   There is limited research being conducted and our government does not seem to be concerned about the testing of food for contamination. There needs to be a public outcry.

Kimberly Roberson has written a book about her experience, as a mother, with Fukushima and the creation of the Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network. Her book ,Silence Deafening  is a wake up call to action. I encourage everyone to read this book. It is a primer in some ways to how we must ultimately take responsibility for ourselves and be diligent concerning our food source. It is also a clarion call to take action at a global scale and again take responsibility. Indeed there has never been a change in the world that did not start within an individual first.

Another source of very valuable information and a MUST READ is the book Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Our Future Generations, by John Apsley II, MD, ND,DC. This book is very impressive. Dr. Apsley describes in detail the disaster and what has occurred at Fukushima Daiichi power plant. He has given detailed information about the effects of radiation and in particular the Petkau effect and the Bystander effect. These describe much research about the long term effects of low dosage exposure to radiation. In the long term the effects are much more devastating than a short burst of higher dosage of radiation. Because the fallout is littered over the Northern Hemisphere, all food grown here is suspect. Radiation fallout is in our food supply.

Dr Apsley also has created a protocol called The Regeneration Effect, a system of food and nutritional supplements needed to detoxify and inspire the body to release radiation and return to a healthy state. His protocols are easy to follow and very detailed. I especially like that he has detailed his protocols for body weight, from infants to large adults.  This book is a detailed way to support the body in releasing the effects of radiation and to regenerate after radiation damage. Dr Apsley includes end notes with references to every article supporting his work. For every person concerned with maintaining their health and lessening the ill effects of radiation this book is the best guide I have found. It should belong in every practitioners library.

For one of the very best sources of information regarding the ongoing disaster in Fukushima check out www.fairewinds.org This is the site created and maintained by Arne Gunderson and his wife. Gunderson is a nuclear nuclear engineer and has worked his entire career in the nuclear industry. He has intimate knowledge of the regulatory commission and how nuclear power plants are constructed and work. He has been the leading source of information and has opened the door to the coverups that Tepco Power has kept regarding the severity and amount of nuclear material released into the environment from the ongoing meltdowns. He continues to work tirelessly to bring the reality of the situation to the public eye.

Another source of valuable information is from Dr Helen Caldicott. Dr Caldicot has been an anti-nuclear activist for over 40 years and knows intimately how radiation effects us. Read this article www.helencaldicott.com/2013/07/the-medical-implications-of-fukushima Dr Caldicott explains radiation and the effects on Japan and the rest of the world. She sums it up best at the end of the article,”We are seeing, and understanding, that all fallout becomes local.”

My hope is sharing this information is that it will wake people up to the fallout that has already arrived from Fukushima. This radiation will not go away for many, many years. Humans are bio-accumulators. The food grown in North America has been contaminated by Fukushima fallout radiation. There is no way to avoid this. We must now become more vigilant and take a greater responsibility to protect ourselves. We must also realize the global implications of this disaster and nuclear energy and nuclear warfare. It is time we do something about this. The future health of this planet is in danger.

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  1. Sarah on

    As a child, I was exposed to radioactive iodine from Hanford plant (where the government made the atomic bombs for WWII). I have had thyroid problems my whole life; and after 15 years litigation in class action suit against government and Hanford received a settlement of $1,000. Now, the Japanese bomb themselves and the whole world, daily, with no powerful world entity to oppose it.

  2. Evlo on

    In lieu of chemicals used in Syria, there was an imminent danger to Lebanon and I was told that ARS, CARB-V, NUX-V besides the RADIUM-B would actually help

  3. Keith Kale DO on

    Fukishima – check out the word. Fuk-US-hima. Wikipedia defines ‘hima’ as 1 – snow in Sanskrit (like in Himalayan mountains) and 2 – ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION in Arabic. So we have
    Fuk-US–environmental protection. Isn’t that what’s happening now? WOW!!

    • Robert on

      Hi Keith.
      I did not know this. Thanks. It makes perfect sense doesn’t it? There are no accidents.

  4. Ariel on

    I think because radiation is silent and overwhelming… It’s hard to find a way to respond to it, yet if we follow our intuition it will guide us perfectly if we are aligned with our Divine Source. For example, in February I inherited a lot of vitamins and supplements. The Icelandic Kelp was one of the few that I have been drawn to take on a regular basis. I’ve since read that it can offer your thyroid a natural source of iodine so that one does not uptake as much of the radiation. I think it is important to find a good healthy source of kelp, as much of it is now contaminated. It’s one step toward surviving this disaster. The beauty of homeopathy is that it helps us return to our natural state of alignment so that we can be guided by the subtle messages of Spirit… Even in the midst of the chaos we are currently living in.

  5. patti on

    I imagine there are a lot of people like my family out in homeopathy land that do care and are taking steps to protect their families but are not posting in places like this. We talk to our friends and work amongst them to make them aware of the dangers but since it’s clear the government will not be honest, it seems more reasonable to affect the people that we can that are close to us. Where we live got a large amount of radiation from Fukishima. So much that they removed the sensors from our largest city because it was pegging them and they didn’t want people to panic. My husband will not allow me to buy raw milk anymore because the cows grazed on grasses that are likely radioactive. We confirm where our dairy for butter comes from to get it from the safest place we feel we can find. We completely stopped eating fish. So, people ARE doing things, they aren’t necessarily vocal about it. We made sure to get all of the main radiation remedies, as well as iodine, etc. to help our bodies. We have a small piece of land and try to grow as much of our food as possible. If my organic garden this year is any indicator, the radiation IS affecting crops in the US. We had some weird things happen to plants in our garden and our yield was half of its normal amount. But we also refuse to live in fear. We will do what is prudent and wise for the health of our family and let the rest lie in the hands of God.

    • Robert on

      Hi Patti,
      Thanks for your comment. I too am an avid gardener and have experienced similar deformed fruit. I have had carrots with carrots growing off of the carrot. Definitely a mutation. Tomatoes with a horn like growth on them. The radiation is in our soil and is being taken up by the plants. I too believe it is better to still know the source of my food if possible and grow my own. I can easily discard those fruit and not eat them. Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Rosalie on

    I was under the care of Dr John Apsley in the 90’s. What a remarkable practitioner and thorough researcher and one who thinks into possibilities. I refer to that healing crisis fairly often and his dedication to assisting me by researching a great deal and offering a spectrum of treatments. I look forward to reading his more recent work. Indeed, knowledge is supportive, tools invaluable. Thanks, Robert, for all you do and share. Rosalie

  7. johnbenneth on

    I can certainly understand the lack of comments . . and mine was one of the six comments you say was left in the last post. Even though homeopathy is probably the only way to deal with toxic radiation exposure, it’s not believed because homeopaths as a profession have allowed the presumed authorities to dismiss homeopathic principles and materials as irrelevant and inert.

    I think that among other things similitude can also be likewise used in radioactive waste decontamination. But getting this idea across or even attempting to discuss it has been . . difficult.

    Everyone, it would appear, thinks that there is no answer to nuclear waste decontamination, and until they do think there is, they won’t be open to hearing explanations or remedies. At this moment, it’s an overwhelming subject for just about everyone. That will change when more people believe there IS an answer . .

  8. Karen on

    What can we do as far as prescribing remedies for this?

  9. Dr Mah-jabeen arif on

    Dear, Robert Thanks all this usefull information.plz tell me prescribing remedies for this? thanks again

  10. rose on

    The main issue currently is EMF radiation, as it is in nearly every home (including mine). As it is a low level type of radiation, it too, has passed under everyone’s radar. Though I have noted, people are beginning to see that cell phone radiation can lead to brain cancer (a few have, anyway). But few, if any, realize smart meters (and all the applicances now being made with smart electronics in them), are being put (or already are one) every American (and other countries) home.

    My own self healing journey has shown me that even dental xrays, are an issue.

    And, many people are signing up for wifi, another known, radiation source.

    And let’s not forget exposure to voltage, that too is an issue, though it can be relieved some by Earthing (grounding) products.

    While most people are not visually suffering the effects of EMF radiation, that doesn’t mean, it isn’t quietly injuring and killing people currently.

    My own intuition, hasn’t demonstrated any hot particles, in my own environment (though I don’t live in Japan, or on the islands, directly in line with the radiation plume).

    California is next to be hit (if it is to happen here). So who knows, what the future portends. Best to be up on all cannabis literature (as it is very helpful, for the pain and cancer, that comes with radiation exposure territory).

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