Homeopathy Tips for 10/16/12 Morgellons Disease

Morgellons disease is the name for a new unexplained skin disorder that seems to be effecting more people all of the time. I have seen 5 cases of this in the last few years but I have an observation that may shed some light on this strange disease.

Morgellons disease is characterised by sores and lesions on the skin that itch intensely. This is accompanied by a crawling sensation on and under the skin. Often this is described as like a worm or a bug. The most recent case described it like a particular starfish with many tentacles extending all around the body. Every person has also claimed there are worm like threads or fibers that come out of the lesion. They each brought these fibers to the appointment for inspection. Each of them looked like a human hair.

Other symptoms include confusion and lack of concentration. It effects short-term memory, but interestingly the patient can remember intimate details of the disease. Often there is severe fatigue.

The CDC has researched the disease and found no evidence of infectious agents. Samples have been determined to be fibre from clothing and hair.  Half of the hair samples collected from patients tested positive for drugs such as marijuana, anti-anxiety medications or painkillers containing codeine derivatives. Skin lesions most resemble and insect or spider bite that have been aggravated by scratching. No parasites were detected. So it remains inconclusive if Morgellons disease is a new disease or another form of delusional parasitosis.

Every client I have seen has been to the doctor and all of them have said that the condition is a mental illness. This is particularly frustrating for the client because every one of them emphatically swears that this is not in their mind but a very real condition that they have no control over.  In each case that I have seen I have observed no lesions. Each of the people said that just a day before it was there and that I should be able to see it. The most recent person pointed to her skin and said, “There can’t you see that line? That’s it.”  After careful inspection she agreed that I might not see the same line she was able to see but she could feel the “worm” in there and knew right where it was.

Now here is where it gets interesting; each person was a drug abuser and each of these people had used heroin recently. So my scientific mind goes to work and asks the question, what are the chances of this? I believe there is a very close connection. This is where homeopathy can really help explain many things about the substance.

The two rubrics I chose that were common to all of the cases were;

  • Mind; DELUSIONS, imaginations; worms (15) : alum., am-c., 2ars., atro., bov., c-di-o., cann-i., cocain., herin., kali-c., mur-ac., nux-v., phos., ran-s., sil.
  • Mind; DRUG addiction, morphinism (67) : agar., androc., 3Apom., arg-m., ars., 3Aur., 4AVEN., bar-s., bell., 3Bos-s., bufo, 3Buth-aust., calc., cann-i., cer-i., 3Cham., chin., chrysan., cic., cimic., coff., des-ac., diox., dysp-o., erb., excr-can., falco-p., herin., holm., hyos., ip., kali-ma., 3Kola., lac-dr., lac-f., 3Lach., lant-o., lob., lsd, lute-o., 3Macrin., mand., merc., mur-ac., nat-p., nux-v., onc-t., op., ox-ac., 3Passi., peg-h., phasc-c., phos., 3Pisc., plat., posit., puls., sep., stram., tab., taosc., thal., thul., thul-o., tub., vip., zinc.

Remedies that cover both rubrics are Ars, Cann-I, Herin, Mur Ac, Nux V, and Phos. I would also include Cocain. as even though this does not appear under the rubric Morphinism it is an addictive drug and should be there.

Other common ideas shared by some of the clients were that this was some kind of conspiracy. The disease was created by some mad scientist and deliberately released. They could not share any details of this but that it was the most logical explanation for them. This may tie in with the fact that every medical doctor dismissed the disease and told them it was all in their head. They were suffering from delusional parasitosis.

The remedies that I have given have been Lachesis, Hyoscyamus, Cocainum, and Heroinum. In the course of receiving the case I also asked about their life in general. So different remedies were applicable to different clients even though they all suffered from the same disease.

The Lachesis case had jealousy as a very strong symptom in addition to the disease. when they shared stories it was never really very direct. I had the feeling that I was getting a modified version of the story. All in all it felt very snake like and manipulative.

The Hyoscyamus case had great suspicion and believed the conspiracy theory. This was so strong in the case that I could not ignore it. There were stories describing sexual incidents and it became clear it was a Hyos. case even though the delusions worms was not there.

The Cocainum case was characterised by very strong adherence to the physical symptoms and the crawling sensations. The person had a very hard time deviating from this subject. There was an intensity to them that supported Cocainum as the remedy.

The other two cases I gave the remedy Heroinum. The classic drug abuse and in love with it. Neither of them expressed any interest in stopping their use of heroin. Both of them claimed that their memory was being effected by the disease but could remember intimate details of different attacks they had of the disease. This symptom showed up in Materia Medica in an article written by Dr. G.M. Callender in 1927 and published in Homeopathic World. Another interesting parallel to the article was that the sufferer had delusions of people in the room that would appear and disappear ghost-like. This client of mine was passionately into ghost-hunting and had taken classes in clairvoyance.

Now here is another interesting observation of these clients. None of them returned for their follow-up appointment. I have no idea how any of the remedies worked for them. I have very good compliance and  rarely does the client not return. Each of these clients were desperate to have me help them. One would think by their pleas for help they would follow through with treatment. I call all my clients to remind them of their appointments, but if they do not show up it is not my policy to chase after them.

So my conclusion to the question of what is this strange disease, is that it is a delusion that is induced by drugs, particularly heroin. Heroin produces a euphoric state of mind but I believe also has a very marked effect on the sensory nervous system as well. When a person is in withdrawal from heroin addiction they experience many flu-like symptoms. One client described it as three days of hell. The most awful pain like the flu but 100 times stronger. So if a substance can produce this kind of sensation when the drug is stopped imagine what it could create in every other realm like the mind and body and the delusions of worm or bugs crawling all over them. They can see the worms coming out of their skin. And all of the sensations are either painful or very disturbing with each insisting that something very alive was in them and out to get them.

So if you have a client that reports there are these worms in them that are trying to come out of the skin the first thought might be Morgellons disease. After each of these cases having drug abuse as part of the case my conclusion is that this disease is another name for delusional parasitosis. It is rare but my experience is that it is linked to the heroin abuse.

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  1. Raphael on

    Hi Mr Field, thanks for those interesting notes.
    As you mentioned it yourself, the link between morgellon disease and heroin use is rare.
    On the other hand, opiates addicts often report those sensations of bugs crawling on/in their body. It is not rare at all, its a well known symptom. I also doubt that every opiate addict will get those fiber/hair like things coming from their wounds.
    Also, the conspiracy theory of morgellon being circulated since a few years on the internet and elsewhere (where many people suspect chemtrails to play a role), someone showing up with those symptoms and claiming that it is somewhat part of a conspiracy might just be taking their part in the debate (and not merely creating those conspiracy theory out of a paranoid/delusional pathology, that is).

    So : unless we could rule out every hair/fiber to be just some normal fiber/hair that previously got into the wound (during an harsh scratching of the wound)…or for those crystal-like exsudate type of morgellon, ruling out all of them as being crystal meth being dumped out of the body (another common side-effect)…then, we’re still facing a phenomena that deserve to be taken seriously, as a disease that is not reducible to drug side-effects.
    And for homeopathy, that could mean a new type of symptom that do not exist yet in any Materia Medica (especially the older ones).
    Hence, a nice challenge for those homeopaths with an interest in research.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Raphael.
      Thanks for your comments. I agree that more research should be taken. What I have found to be so interesting is that all of the clients used Heroin. This I wanted to share and yes it is a common effect of those opiate drugs. I hope that someday it will either be proved or disproved in regards to the exudates from the skin. Thanks again,

      • olivia wyatt on

        I’m suffering morgellons symptoms, but I never took Heroin.

      • D on

        Not true, you guys are really ignorant

    • Andrew on

      We have seen that there are fluorescent properties in some of the fibers and that these fluorescent substances contain proteins from some highly unusual and non-human organisms. It is ironic (or maybe not) that almost all of these exotic organisms have had their entire genomes studied and published. This would be essential for any serious trans-genetic manipulation. Indeed, these fluorescent proteins suggest that the organisms that produced them were genetically manipulated and tagged in some laboratory, for what purpose we do not know. The proteins come from some pretty nasty things, including organisms that make biofilms and violacein — both which disable the human immune system, cause East Coast Fever and can insert random genes in our human cells!

      We see further evidence that Morgellons victims test positive for Agrobacterium, a unique bacteria that is widely used to genetically modify plants and which can genetically modify human cells. Again there is the suggestion that a laboratory was involved in the origins of this substance.

      Whether it is by design or by accident, it is apparent that Morgellons Disease was man made. The reluctance of the CDC to take an active role in investigating this outbreak further suggests that, on some level, the government — or some highly influential corporation — is culpable.

      Meanwhile people are suffering, committing suicide and spreading the disease to family members and their neighbors. There is no known cure and the disease eventually causes physical and mental disabilities.

      The most affected regions are California, Texas and Florida. Despite the suggestion that victims seem to have worked with soil or gardening (and must have come in contact with Agrobacterium that way), the two major occupations of Morgellons victims are nurses and teachers. Urban areas have more cases than rural areas. There have been confirmed cases in cats, dogs and horses. By all parameters, Morgellons is already pandemic.

      (Copied this excerpt from an article I read on the subject. Pretty scary stuff. – drew)

      • NMx on

        Interestingly, I have a friend who has had chronic fatigue for nearly 30 years… I read online where someone said they cured their chronic fatigue with Silica 200… I told her… she tried it and after a few doses… she began to develop symptoms of Morgellons, fibers, crawling, worms… It would seem that the silica drove these elements out of her and we’re thinking they must have been deep within her body for a long time unbeknownst to her. But the really interesting part is that she lives in L.A. and I also lived there at the time she got sick. It was during the time when they had the “Malathion/Medfly” controversy… Turns out they sprayed L.A. many times over a number of years with high levels of Malathion which were tainted with other agents as well… At that time I developed symptoms: passed out (a long with 2 other friends that I know of… cold on the floor for no reason after this spraying), I became chronically “lightheaded” and ultimately developed Hypothyroidism and Fibromyalgia… I’m sure it is from these sprayings. At the time I had Vitamin B & C Shots and it pulled me out of the fatigue so I didn’t get the chronic fatigue my friend had. But we’re now wondering if Morgellons was actually introduced to California thru these constant sprayings… Of course now we have daily Chemtrail sprayings with all kinds of evil agents in the mist… making more and more people sick… I wish people would quit calling Morgellons victims “crazy”… this is a medical lie and obviously orchestrated from the very top… to let it proliferate and become pandemic…which I believe it has because I see people everywhere at every age with skin sores…

    • Kalpanamayee Devi on

      One month back i feel some thing at my back. i remove that soft spongy dark thing from my skin. immediately that area started bleeding.i wanted to know what was that . so by using a lens i examine and that was looked like a tiny snake having mouth and eyes. Later i searched in the website and find the same type picture under the heading, “morgellons” a skin disease.

  2. Michelle on

    While I have not seen any cases of Morgellon’s exactly (threads coming from skin), I have seen two cases of people with complaints of bugs. One was an elderly man who complained of bugs on his legs and he responded well to opium which is, of course, a common rx for the elderly.
    The other was a middle-aged woman who claimed she was infested with them and that they were biting her. She responded well to ars initially but I don’t think it was resolved and I do not know her to be an addict.
    Good article- thanks

  3. Leana on

    Very interesting, thank you

  4. Lori Hubbs on

    I wonder if this might also be an effect of some of the GMO problems we are seeing. Monsanto’s Round Up Ready is in our food and in our gut and intestines and reaking havoc on our bodies. An excellent film on this is “Genetic Roulette” and was available on the Internet free for a time. I am a Nurse at an Allergy Clinic and I can attest to much of what is talked about in the film. Also, besides street drugs, we are seeing an epidemic of poly pharmacy, our bodies are not designed to procees the many pharmaceutical drugs people are taking every day. Young and old alike are taking massive amounts of pills. We are seeing major problems from this as the body attempts to deal with all the chemicals.

  5. Trish on

    Alot of the Sx you described are syphilitic in nature: including the addiction, the delusions, the paranoia, the attacks(of the “bugs”) and the destructive and uncontrollable/repetitive nature of the complaints. In the one case I have seen of Morgellon’s Dx, the Rx I gave was Syphilinum which helped immensely until I no longer heard from the patient.

  6. Dr Shah Jehan on

    Heroinum: .Heroinum basically prepare from crud Opium The opium addicts treated my me . According to the symptom present ,I advise medicine.A patient addict 2 grams crud opium chewing of daily basis from last 30 year regularly..When he didn’t take due to not availability the of the crud opium. The following sign and symptoms appeared ,At the time of intake sneezing,Shivering, Severe sweating,Crawling some thing feeling inner the skin,Pain whole body.Dizziness,Not able for physical and mental working.Insomnia.Appetite diminish at last dysentery with pain.
    I treated the person with homeopathic medicine Ipecac 30 and Arena sat Q and opium 6x drops at night.and strictly enforced from addiction..
    Medicines conterminous for a month.
    Now he is 100% rehabilitate from the opium addiction.But here talk about Heroinum the same symptom appear in Morgellons disease is characterised by sores and lesions on the skin that itch intensely. This is accompanied by a crawling sensation on and under the skin. Often this is described as like a worm or a bug.As my experienced Crud Heroinum potentized for 6x .It willbe cured the Morgellons disease.
    Dr Shah Jehan
    Homoeo Physician

  7. Sci on

    Hello, I don’t think someone can give tips of treating the Morgelon disease after 4 patients who did not even come back after taking the remedy and not knowing anything about the cause and very little about the symptoms.
    The symptoms are not imaginary at all for most patiens and there are foreign fibres coming out of the lessions of many patients.
    I know personally a single case of morgelllons but person was older and never took any drugs. After many years of research he wrote finally an article in a german alternative magazine about the link between morgelons and the chemtrails (Raum & Zeit). They spray all kind of things from the planes including fungs and patogen microorganisms and this is tru, altough only a few know yet about this.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Sci,
      I am mearly sharing my observations not complete cases. In every instance the person did not know the exact cause of their disease. So without a complete investigation, laboratory work, and countless lab hours ( all of which I am not capable and the client could not afford) the cause remains a mystery. Yes in fact they did not return so I can not claim a cure, which I have not done. This article was to describe my observations not to make any claims otherwise. I do not profess to be an expert on this disease. I can only say that I find it highly coincidental that all of the clients were addicts. Now that is more unusual to me (because it is a verifiable experience) than any claims of biological or genetic tampering which I am not trying to dispute. If anyone can benefit from my observation then I am happy. If anyone chooses to discount my observation, I am still happy. I have no vested interest in this disease as such. Only to share my observations. The choice is yours.
      Thanks for commenting,
      Robert Field

  8. Dr.Abdul Mannan Howlader on

    Very useful for people of tropical counyries like us.Thanks to Dr. Robert for his efforts.

  9. Hannelore Hühne on

    There may be some patients who are drug addicts, most of them are not! Also, the skin damage in some cases is so obvious that the opinion of doctors that this is psychogenic cannot be understood at all.

    H. Hühne

  10. N Jones on

    I got this disease 3 months ago – at the same time as my sister and her husband (we do not live together), and their dogs and one of her horses! It started with bites of some sort of mite then all the Morgs symptoms followed. None of us, (especially dogs and horses) are addicts, and that is such a patronising and unskillful diagnosis for a homeopath to make from a mere 5 patients; no wonder they didn’t return. Most Morgs sufferers don’t just ‘think’ things are coming from their skin, but can produce the ‘things’ like worms, tiny black creatures, fibres etc, and, if you watch the skin long enough, you can see – and record it happening. To immediately dismiss it as delusional parasitosis like the medical profession is a great shame as one might expect a homeopath would have a broader view and deeper thinking about their patients’ problems. For fellow sufferers; we have had great success with taking diotamaceous earth and using on the body (food grade) Sulphur remedy, garlic oil and tea tree etc. My sister and her husband and animals have no symptoms whatsoever now.

  11. morgellons on

    Morgellons is a radio signal is sent to the 2.6 Ghz. Morgellons active, we breeding worms. This is a radio sequence that is broadcast on the usual UHF radio and mobile. Shockingly this is the radio signal can erupt, the subcutaneous disease Morrgellons. The Military Psychophaten the dream a long time to get as Borrelia for Awakening give some of Electromagnetic pathogens. This was created by Swiss pharmaceutical company lists the frequency of each birngt to awaken the common pathogens of electromagnetic influence. The revival of Borrelia is performed at 4 Hz. The radio signals are active Morgellons create any extra good on the AM and longwave band. The FLORAKO RADAR SYSTEM IS USED TO phoenix project. The signal is broadcast on the 2.7 GHz band in a pulse width modulation. There are people trying to kill or paralyze the way. Morgellons disease is one of the Electromagnetic associated diseases that are bred artificially. This is a war against the public and the meanness that this Morgellons active signal is transmitted over the radio and Handyenze produced in those affected enrome damage. The Morgellons active signals are very good to fortuitous with long-wave receiver and slowly radiated with 3 or 4 Hz. The project service to paralyze people. The frequencies in the GHz Berreich were successfully performed with human experiments in 2010 in Switzerland, where the person concerned in concrete works “disposed of” were. The pattern in the 3Ghz Raudiobereich has an influence aud the RNA and DNA damage produced, in connection with the barium is Fully spray diligently, a more efficient Bepatterung under the skin are performed. The sometimes cruel human experiments in Switzerland are used for the conversion of the Grosspharmakonserne. The Morgellons active sequences along Natel networks to Ghz range received. This calculation Swearing peoples and against human rights, the radiation protection will still watch the next 7 years until the cruelty was vomited.

  12. Michelle Kenny on

    This disease is very real, I am treating a 14 yr old girl with strange fibres and an unbearable itch and trust me neither she nor her parents are drug users of any kind, this article is a joke, are you being paid by the government to ridicule people that come to you for help? this is something the government does not want getting out, I have seen the heavy chemtrail spraying and the masses of cobwebs everywhere after the spraying.
    I started the girl off on ledum 1M 1pillule 3 times a day for 5 days, she broke out in pus filled blisters on day 3, she had a rank infection odour off of her for a week, she couldnt sleep with the crawling sensation, when that subsided I put her on Borrelia burgdorferi 30 c , she is doing really well, her mood has improved she’s got more energy, the stiff jaw is relaxing, this is no conspiracy theory, this is very real!

    • SinCityBarbie on

      What are these meds you gave your patient? Please explain.

  13. Roger Barr on

    Have you watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj8pAgUZLJI

  14. Joan Woodward on

    I want to address the issue of “brain fog” from Morgellons. I don’t think people get brain fog from Morgellons. What happens is all at once a person has to take all kinds of drugs – antibiotics, Albendazole, Ivermectin, the person starts putting pesticide creams on their skin, Elimite, Derbac-M, etc., and the person has all of their belongings infected with parasites, so you end up in shock all the way around. I lost all my clothes, mattress, couch, and here I was setting off bug bombs in my home all the time, taking all of these different meds and putting toxic pesticide creams on my body, face and head. The big one is putting stuff with chemicals on your scalp overnight, it goes into your brain eventually. I am one year with skin parasites I can’t get rid of and the only way I can sleep is to put either Elimite or Derbac-M on my hair and then put a plastic cap on my head, so yes I wake up with brain fog. My point is that people are not getting some type of brain fog from the disease, it is coming from the shock and horror of losing all your belongings, it comes from having to take so many toxic meds for a long time, from all the new things you have to put on your skin, and from the shock of being bit and hatched on. Anyone would go into shock and have a hard time concentrating, never mind the 16 hours a day it takes to clean and do laundry and take showers and live without a mattress and without many clothes and on and on it goes. It’s a full time job to try to get the bugs out of your environment, clothes and off of your body. Because doctors do not treat this, you also have to spend hours a day researching cures on top of all of the cleaning. Anyone with parasites all over them and doctors will not help them will get a bit messed up in the head. I think if doctors treated it and people could get rid of the disease, they would no longer have “brain fog” because they wouldn’t be taking 10 different drugs to try to treat it themselves, they wouldn’t be losing all of their belongings and they would not be living in fear and being bit and stung and they wouldn’t have to spend 16 hours a day dealing with this disease on every level.

  15. donna on

    I have been suffering for the last 6 months from what I believe to be Morgalleons. It all started two years ago after going on a trip to california/las vegas. At first it was the crawling in the feet and intense itching on my lower leg. The itching was so unbearable, I almost had to pull over while driving. I received bug bites. After going to my dermatologist numerous times, I had no success. After using a new steroid cream last December, it seemed to release something that ended up being 6 months of intense problems- crawling, fibres and hairs and particles coming out of me-white sand like specks, worms like things and bugs-bites. At first for four months, I treated myself and my home like I had bugs.Now I finally got treatment from a naturopath that I hope works. Coca 30C and Bowen treatment. I have had tried so many treatment on my own including bleach baths, clove baths-coconut oil and spraying with hydrogen peroxide. I have had no luck with specialist doctors and they have treated me as if I am seeing things when they have seen the black fibres themselves. I am a working professional and this has affected me in that it has been almost impossible to keep working. I think back on the last two years and I have also had chronic fatigue -so sleepy when I drive home, I fall asleep at the wheel. I would love to see the medical community take this more seriously. It is so frustrating and debilitating; not to mention you feel you are alone with a condition not recognized and is it curable? I hope the naturopath remedies are enough cause the other medical doctors won’t even acknowledge this condition. The television show The Doctors had an episode on in 2009 that I can totally relate to. After experiencing and still experiencing this horrible disease/disorder, I truly hope there is more awareness so people do not have to suffer so.

  16. Carolyn Triance on

    I came across this piece by chance and was struck by the rashness of publishing something on the web based on experience with a handful of people and on a study by the CDC that has been widely criticised. Perhaps it is time for you to research this condition again, as latest research shows that in most people these symptoms are linked either indirectly or directly, not with recreational drugs, but with tick borne illness (Lyme disease). Please see the following: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5072536/

  17. SinCityBarbie on

    Interesting, however, I have been conducting my own investigation and found that the patients believed to be suffering from this disease began using heroin AFTER experiencing symptoms of morgellons. Usually 6+ months of disease followed by drug use, possibly as a way to deal with the depression and pain this disease causes. Perhaps something about this mysterious ailment actually induces drug seeking behavior.

  18. D on

    B.S.! I do not even think you are associated with Homeopathy or know much about Morgellons

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