Homeopathy Tips for 10/14/08 Who is the Homeopath?

     Some responses to the last newsletter left me very encouraged about who we are as homeopath’s. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in our “role” as health care providers and miss the bigger task at hand. There is a model I teach all of my students that I want to share with all of you that helps define who we are as homeopaths.

     Every science is based on a primary assumption. The primary assumption in homeopathy is there is a vital force that is non-material; spiritual. If we recognize this as the foundation for our healing art then a spiritual model becomes necessary for a greater understanding of our part as the homeopath. 

     Another assumption is that there is a creative energy animating and bringing all things into existence. This creator we have historically given the name G-d. So if G-d is creating all things then I (homeopath) and my client (suffering client) are an extension of G-d’s creation. In essence there is really no separation other than our ego identification of self (Hi, I’m Robert. I’m a homeopath. You must be the patient). I personally do not like the word patient for our clients. No one wants to be patient when they are suffering.

     Holding this model in mind anytime I wear my homeopaths cap is very useful. It puts me into direct alignment with all creation and reduces any separation from my client. I see this as triangle with G-d at the top and Client and Homeopath at the bottom corners. The triangle is the strongest geometrical form in the universe. It is the holy trinity.


                                                                     /              \

                                             Suffering Client    <———>    Homeopath

     As a homeopath my intention is to be a channel for G-d’s work. Hahnemann says to be an unprejudiced observer. In order to be an unprejudiced observer I try to be an empty vessel, completely open without an agenda. It is my time to allow G-d’s inspiration to run through me and trusting that everything shall be revealed through the Client so I can “see” what is asking to be healed. Otherwise if I have an agenda, a prejudice, or even a desire for something other than being a servant of G-d’s work, then my separate, ego self will show up and I will not be the open channel to allow G-d’s work to be done. 

    I know this may all sound a bit “spiritual” but in essence homeopathy is spiritual medicine. How else could a physical substance be potentized beyond Avagrado’s number of dilution, and not a single molecule be present, yet still effect the healing of a suffering person?  

    This brings us back to the question, “who is the Homeopath?”. He is a person who is on a spiritual path and who’s intention is aligned with the Divine source of all creation.  Keeping a model of the trinity will help you stay clear and allow the process of case receiving to happen.  When you stay in empty alignment with the present, without prejudice, then everything will flow through you and you may be surprised at the results. When you give the remedy and include a prayer that it be for the persons highest good, miracles happen. Energy does follow intent. You will soon realize that you (the homeopath) are not the healer.

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  1. naseer on

    respect robert

    your topic for doctors and students are

    very good.

  2. suresh on

    Great thoughts and bringing Homeopathy in the right perspective. Thanks a ton.

  3. Ray on

    Hi Robert,

    Your knowledge and apparent experience of ancient eastern spiritual truths is refreshing, here in the west.

    Here is a web site that might be useful for you, and for your other readers similarly inclined:


    I find this “western” practice similarly inspired:



  4. Hazel on

    GEe, whos been teaching you about G_D. Seems like you don’t know anything about him. First of all he is not a trinity.How do you think that makes him feel when someone thinks he is something that he is not. If you remember when Jesus was on earth, someone ask him if you could see the father and his reply was you who have seen me has seen the father, because I am a mirror image of him. I’m sure if you look in the back of your Bible in the index you will find a scripture that will change the way you think. If not then you need someone to explain things to you!

    Sorry Hazel, You missed it. Never did I refer to G_d as the trinity. The trinity forms between G_d at the top of the triangle and client and homeopath at the bottom corners. This commentary I share with you has nothing to do with religion or the Bible. This is about spiritual law and recognizing the creator as the same creator of the client and the homeopath. Thats all. Please don’t let talk of G_d offend you. I share for the benefit of any religious belief for the benefit of all especially through homeopathy.

    Thankd for your comment,
    Robert Field

  5. Marie on

    Very good. It is my belief that anyone who does some thing and believes in it – Who ever G_d is to them – will work. Without God and the laws he put into motion on this earth we would NOT have homeopathy. We would simply be masking the symptoms. What would we do without the law of gravity or what happens when we attempt to defy the law of electricity? Keep doing what you believe is right in your heart. Allow others the freedom of chosing BUT let’s see which gets positive results.

  6. Dr Mukund Suvagia DHMS on

    thanx doctor
    its really thought provoking article
    many a time v just keep on doing many things without looking back to the foundation of that..
    your vision n intension both remind of the same thing…
    good luck…

  7. mah-jabeen on

    hi Rober, that is a good thauth.

  8. megha jain on

    i really adored the way you presented the definition of homoeopathy

  9. Taylor Cash on

    What a lovely and informative post! It quickly put all the pieces of the healing puzzle together. Not only that but what a loving way to explain healing to a client / patient. Thank you for such an informative Spiritual tutorial!
    Taylor Cash

  10. A B Anand on

    Only people who understand that God is playing a role in what we are doing can understand Homeopathy. I have seen it work really work. I became a learner and I am still learning ,after I went thru all the tests prescribed by the allopath and nothing was found wrong with my chest and breathing problem after sudden exposure to hot and cold, and he told me that I was only having ‘mental problems’ and I was well. How these dilutions work is only a miracle of God and Hanemann was his true child to have given the suferring world a new hope.

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