Homeopathy Tips for 10/13/09 Influenza Update

The last time I wrote about influenza was back on May 5, 2009; Influenza Pandemic?  Since then we have heard much about the influenza pandemic. One of the comments I had then and still do today is if there is a pandemic, meaning mass populations around the globe of people who are suffering from the flu symptoms, why haven’t I seen any cases of influenza locally? Well in the last two weeks there have been 7 cases of influenza that I have seen. This does not seem like a particularly high number of people suffering, compared to any previous year. But I must say the fear around the suffering has been extreme. It seems the media blitz is having it’s effects.

There have been 3 remedies that have been most useful so far. Two cases required Arsenicum, two cases Bryonia and 3 cases needed Gelsemium. This is about average in terms of common remedies necessary during the flu season. I differentiated the remedies based on their symptoms. One thing common to all of the cases was the question, “Is this the swine flu?”  There seems to be a collective consciousness about being sick with flu symptoms. Each person had been “overdoing it” prior to getting sick. It is obvious that once their energy had been depleted, they became more susceptible to the infection.

We all know that susceptibility happens to the vital force before it could ever be recognized by the individual, but each of these individuals were run down and tired. They had not been taking good care of themselves prior to their illness. All experienced a time when they felt off or “not right”; like they were getting sick. This lasted on average from 6 to 12 hours. Had they contacted me during this time I would have suggested they take Occilococcinum 200C one dose and wait. If more symptoms appear then it is time to start taking the case and looking for clues for the best remedy.

Restlessness was common for two of the cases. This combined with burning sensations in the throat and fever alternating with chills led to Arsenicum Album 30C as the remedy. In one of the cases it helped during the first 24 hours but then stopped. The symptoms changed to greater thirst, light sensitivity and nausea that led to changing the remedy to Bryonia.

In three other cases there were runny nose, droopy eyes and mild fever with great lethargy. Gelsemium was prescribed. In one case along with the physical symptoms the person had a very difficult time explaining how they were feeling. They could tell me the objective symptoms, ie. fever, sore throat and cold symptoms but to explain the quality of those symptoms they she a very difficult time answering questions.  The answer was often, “I don’t know,it just hurts.”

Both Bryonia cases had the common symptom of worse for movement and greater thirst. One also had light sensitivity accompanying nausea. The Bryonia cases also had some lung involvement with dry cough.

All cases resolved themselves within 5 days. There seem to be no lasting effects. One of the Gelsemium cases was a child in grammar school. He has been successfully being treated for asthma and when first came to my office one and a half years ago was getting colds that always went to the lungs. His mother was desperate to find alternatives to the inhalers and drugs the allopathic doctors were prescribing. She was very concerned for her child this time because of the swine flu epidemic scare. I assured her that he would be OK and to call daily until he was substantially improved. The flu symptoms of sore throat, headache and runny nose were the beginning symptoms. What led to the remedy was the comment from mom that his eyes were at half mast. After repeating Gelsemium 30C four times per day, the cold symptoms never dropped to his lungs and the entire illness was resolved in four days. Needless to say, mom was very pleased and continues to be a big supporter of homeopathy.

The best way to treat the flu is to prevent it and be prepared. Maintaining good hygiene and healthy lifestyle habits will be your best prevention. Getting good rest and keeping yourself healthy is easier than trying to treat illness after it settles in. Having a remedy kit of common flu remedies available will be your best solution if you get sick. You can order a remedy kit with 45 common remedies for influenza by calling 1-800-336-1695 and asking for the Homeopathic Medical Clinic Pandemic Influenza Kit. It sells for $100.00 and comes in a small handy carrying case. This is something that you could easily keep with you in your pack, purse or handbag and travel with. Remember to avoid X-ray examination if traveling through airport security screening.  One of the big downfalls of homeopathy is needing a remedy and not having it available. Be prepared; you can then help yourself and your family.

I do not know if any of these flu cases were in fact the “swine flu” strain. I do know that all responded to homeopathy and that the extent of their symptoms were resolved in a very quick manner for any influenza. So my opinion is that the flu season has begun. School is in session and I expect that there will be more cases of influenza in the near future. I did not see any evidence that this influenza was any more virulent or dangerous than any other influenza’s I have seen in the past. I hope this is helpful to all of you. Please share any of your experiences. We can all learn from each other.

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  1. Kumar, Malaysia on

    wonderful solutions during the pandemic season which blazed by media.i did’t see any different between influenza and common cold. we homeopath should be vigilant, caring and follow up daily until the patient cured. thank you.

    kumar, malaysia.

  2. VS Rana on

    Mr. Robert,

    Any medicine in homeopathy for a getting older day by day, say around 80years of age of a person, to keep him fit and immune, so that he sould not catch any infection easily. His body should remain with full of strength and always remain fit healthwise. Because I notice in some elderly persons, having respiratory problems, short of breathing, some time dry cough due to lack of oxygen which is due to their inefficient respiratory system. Pleass advise or recommend some medicine or homeo suppliments, if available.


    • Robert on

      Hi VS Rana,
      You would really need to give the person a good constitutional remedy based on them as a whole person and not just for old age indications. Remember the remedy is for the person and not the dis-ease.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Robert Field

    • Dr.H.C.Malaker on

      Dear doctor you should advice patient over aged 50 to start breathing exercise as breathing exercise certainly fullfil oxygen shortage of human being supply of proper oxgen keep a man fit to fight with a disease,in senile stage ppls suffer from respiratory problem.Our timely medicine as adviced by Learned Dr.Robert Field with breathing exercise may help.Thanks,malaker

  3. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    What about for
    Sore throat,…eyes left or right start burning,itching,watering,or both eyes, …. sneezing,nose running,mild headache in temples, occiput….stay for a day or two, … then goes off ….repeatedly.
    will Ars.alb help?

    • Robert on

      Hello Kurup,
      Quite possibly. The characteristic pain and sensation of Arsenicum is burning. There are many other remedies that have burning sensations as well, so the case must be anylized closely and good prescribing must happen. Ars Alb is a good flu remedy. Usually it has great restlessness and thirst for small quantities often.

  4. Dr.A.M Howlader on

    Iread with interest ur article on Influenza in which u have given a vivid of symptoms along with remedies.The tips provided by is very much timely and excellent in these days of Swine Flu fearness althrought the world.U will be astonished to know the the facts that with the news of Swine Flu that may be coming here in Bangladesh people started wearing MUSK with heavy cost and I think a section of traders made huge fortune by selling such cheap MUSK at high cost and made their fortune at the cost of the general poor peoples fearness.In our BANGLADESH no Homeopath so far comes oyt with any possible remedies that can help cure the Swine Flu.Can u provivide us with any preventive Homeo medicine?Thank u very much for giving a shorter number of medicine such as Arsnic,Gelsimium and Brynia.

  5. dr baseer on

    respect Robert

    very important remedy provide for influnza

    the following symptom for infunza is important.

    1. body aching

    2. fever

    3 sneesing
    4. headach

    . 5. epdermic individulization is important for medicine and medicine.

  6. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Thanks Dr.Robert Field for your timely tips for treating of Influenza(grippe,flu) your tip is most excellent to treat the patients observing the total modalities.I generally use Arsenic Alb, Acconite Nap,Bellodona,Sulphur,Phosphorus,Bryonia,Eupatorium perf,Euphrasia and Gelsemium.Once i had an opportunity to read Dr.Lucs article where he has mentioned that Arsenic Alb can be used as a preventive of Swine Flu,what you think Dr.Robert Filed?.Dr.A.M.Howlader has mentioned that no doctor of Bangladesh has helped with the preventive medicine of Swine Flu its not correct.Doctor personally doesn’t declare any thing over media due to their limited resource.It is the responsibility of homeopathic Board of Bangladesh.Wearing MUSK is good for health so far i know, while traveling on the road.Warm regards,malaker,Gaibandha,Bangladesh

  7. John Benneth on

    Dr. Robert and Resonators!

    Great work Robert! This is a MUCH needed article because everyone has to be acquainted with what the flu can do if unchecked and unprepared. . as seen in the unbelievable historical record, where homeopathy outperformed regular meds 28 to one in preventing fatalities during the 1918 H1N1 epidemic.

    But before I get it into another long draft, I must report top the faithful that while in Reno I had the unusual honor and edification to have lunch with the great Dr. Field, and he illuminated me on a wide variety of topics in and out of our craft, such as the astounding work by Hamar in the Germanic New Medicine.

    It was a memorable experience.

    In my own experience with the flu this year, when I started feeling like I was getting it a couple of weeks ago, I took a doze of Gelsemium, 30c.

    The feeling at first was leaden and apathetic, but the next day I was not only well, I was better than ever, I felt like I was on steroids.

    I have since treated numerous cases with it. For everyone in my family came down with it this week after my son invited a friend home from school . . first my wife, the symptoms seemed to fit her overall picture of Arsenicum, so we tried it, but it didn’t work, so I went back to Gelsemium and the grip unhanded her.

    Then on Monday my son came down with it, so I treated him with Bryonia, to no avail, so I went back to Gelsemium, and opnce again he responded within a couple of hours, praising its effects.

    As I was getting ready to leave town, my daughter complained of symptoms, so I left her with the tube of it for her and to readminsiter to my son. But at last report, since I left, my wife and son reportedly have relapsed, and my daughter is still bedridden, anbd IU seem to have lost my copy of Perko.

    If memory serves me right, studies of Oscillo have reported that it decreases symptoms in about a third of the time, and that the usual downtime w/o it is about 3 days.

    But in 1918, if homeopathy had been more widely accepted, my estimate is that it could have saved tens of millions of lives! Now it just seems a little more than an annoyance, but its hard to forget the horror stories of 1918 and feel forewarned . . .

    Unfortunately, homeopathy requires more than a knowledge of the materia medica, [in which Perko lists over 70 remedies in her book on the treatment of the flu] but real skill on the part of the pracitioner in reading symptoms.

    My abbreviated repertory now is at eight key remedies:

    Gelsemium sempervirens
    Bryonia alba
    Eupatorium petrolatum
    Baptisia tinctoria
    Rhus Toxicodendron.
    Arsenicum album

    Perko lists the use of Influenzinium as a preventative and Pharmacies in India have been mobbed for it.

    The Indian government is also handing out doses of Arsenicum.

    Perhaps we could convince Hillary to do the same.
    best wishes and health to all, and more bravos for Dr. Field and the Resonance School!

    John Benneth
    PS: Check out my article on the topic at http://scienceofhomeopathy.com/swineflu1.htm

  8. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Thanks Dr.John Benneth for your list of key medicines of Influenza.The URL as you mentioned for swine flu doesn’t exists.Please look at the matter,warm regards,malaker

    • John Benneth on

      Dear Dr. Malaker,

      The link appears to work, I don’t know what’s wrong or why it shouldn’t take you there.
      Thanks for the feedback.
      love to all,

      • Dr.H.C.Malaker on

        Dear sir,please appologize me as click on the link and it is seen its say that the topic doesn’t exists in because of that i already submitted a comment really im very shocked for that.Please come regularly in this forum and help us with your best achievements on clinical trial.Days have changed so we expect fruitfull result after applying our own medicines.I have kept a copy for my own guidance.Warm regards,malaker

      • Dr.H.C.Malaker on

        An appeal to all the learned member of this great forum please share your best clinical achievement here so that we can high up our treatment among all the sufferers safely.My heartiest congratulation will remain on Dr.Robert Field who is trying to help all the participants of this forum after rendering day and night hard work making good tips for diseases.Warm regards,malaker

  9. grwriter on

    My son had swine flu, I treated him with TamiFlu and herbal remedies including Air Power, Frankencese and Myrrh for feet and golden seal. He is still tired and short of break three weeks later which concerns me. When he tries to swim, he cannot complete the practices because he has trouble breathing due to sports-induced asthma but it has never been this bad. What is the best remedy to help clear the lungs and make breathing easier. I currently use Arsenicum and never got the flu from him.
    Thank you

    • John Benneth on

      From what I have been able to learn, according to classic genus epidemicus prescribing, you repertorize on the predominant complaint or symptom.
      The predominant symptom would be the one the patient wants to lose most of all. Ask them and they sshould be able to say what it is, often body aches, splitting headache, or stomach. Don’t forget the mentals.
      In this case it would be respiratory . . and for influenza, Sandra Perko lists 67 remedies . . ! So right there, if you don’t have a materia medica especially suited for the flu, you’re in trouble. I use The Homeopathic Treament of Influenza by Sandra Perko, an excellent work.
      We could put a flu rep online if there is interest, although my OCR function is not working, so right now it would have to be images only, unless I can get the OCR working, critical to indexing for keynote searches.
      To continue on the method by hand. . . you make a vertical list of those remedies under the heading of the predominant symptom, in this case RESPIRATORY. Then you list out the lessor symptoms horizontally at the top to form a grid, or matrix below. Then go through each catgegory and put a mark in each box that applies under that heading. When you’re through, you may have narrowed it down to one or a few remedies, which you can study for more cues.
      For instance, some people like company when they have the flu, while others do not and want to be left alone. Arn. for example, hates to be touched.
      Here we have the challenge of homeopathy. Going through 67 remedies takes time, the work is exhaustive. It requires a depth of knowledge of the materia medica and its corresponding symptoms, and an ability to quickly assess symptoms in the patient and match them to the mat med, an ability that can only be acquired by most people through intensive study. It is no wonder that this is such a rare science, and despised by lesser those who do not have the patience and dedication for it.
      No wonder Oscillococcinum is so popular. It has a very good reputation, but I don’t don’t know how well it does once the flu has you in its “grip.” This is where the homeopathic physician comes in. Preventive measures are best, as is early treatment.
      To start, we should list the remedies under predominant symptoms by the page with spaces for lessor symptoms left blank to be filled in, that can be printed out and used as worksheets.
      Does that make sense?
      We have to keep the chatter up. Ask questions. We have to get this all online for easy access. I have some programming skills and want to attempt creating a flu remedy finder, so all we have to do is simply plug in symptoms and the program finds the remedy, but it may be more than I can handle. Any thoughts or assistance would be most welcome. WHAT WE NEED HERE IS A SORT OF MANHATTAN PROJECT for a flu remedy finder.
      Stay tuned.
      Good luck, best of health and love to all.
      PS: Perko suggests Influenzinium 30c, one dose before flu season as a preventive.

  10. Kamaljit Singh on

    kindly audate all your remdies to my thios email id in further.
    thanking you

  11. drrawkrishna on

    Iread with interest ur article on Influenza in which u have given a vivid of symptoms along with remedies.The tips provided by is very much timely and excellent in these days of Swine Flu fearness although the world.U will be astonished to know the the facts that with the news of Swine Flu started in our twine cities here in Secunderabad, AP, India. Five cases of swine flu detected Gandhi Hospital. People started wearing MUSK with heavy cost and I think a section of traders made huge fortune by selling such cheap MUSK at high cost and made their fortune at the cost of the general poor peoples fearness.In our twin city (ie.Secunderabad & Hyderabad).Here I am giving a Arsenic Album ,Gelsimium to my patients as preventive for Swine flu.

    Thank you!!!


    [email protected]

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