Homeopathy Tips for 10/07/08 No Remedy? Now What?

         There are so many remedies in our Materia Medica it is really impossible to have every remedy you need, in the potency you need, available for instant administration?  What do you do when you know the remedy you want to give but don’t have it?

         I have found that dealing with a reputable pharmacy that stocks many remedies in a variety of potencies is an absolute must being a professional homeopath. I use Hahnemann Labs for most purchases of remedies and can have them delivered in as little as 2 days by standard mail. But in any situation where I need the remedy in a shorter amount of time, I’m stuck.

         As you all well know, two days can be an eternity when it comes to changing health conditions. There are other ways to “make” the remedy that fall a little bit out of the norm for “standard remedy preparation”. But if these methods work then the possibility for help are worth the efforts.

        One of the first homeopaths I ever met repeated to me the saying “energy follows intent”. He repeated this so often I’m sure he was trying to drill it into my head so I would never forget this. He would make his remedies radionically and found them to work brilliantly. Needless to say I was very skeptical. So skeptical that when he prescribed Penicillium 4X for my son and made it by magnetically potentizing the remedy from an alcohol and water substrate, I though that there would be no reaction if I took the remedy. I was severely allergic to Penicillin and worried that the 4X potency would be too close to the mother tincture and cause a physical reaction. But because I saw him create the remedy from benign alcohol and water I was not worried.

        Was I surprised that after a few hours I produced all of the symptoms that I had had before during an acute allergic reaction to penicillin. Needless to say I was convinced.

        He had used a little device with magnets to produce the vibration and infuse it into the bottle. This is not what I would recommend for everyday use of homeopathy, but it proved to me it worked. Once my eyes were open to the possibility of creating something from nothing, then the idea of “energy follows intent” really started to mean something.

        I then  experimented with creating remedies from intention alone. Using only thought to intend the remedy and potency into water. Sure enough it worked. I remember doing a proving of Ozone 200C once with a group of fellow homeopathic students. We all focused the thought of Ozone 200C going into the glass of water. We all took a sip and the results were incredible. All of us changed under the influence of the “remedy”. There definitely was Ozone energetically infused into the water.

        Now when I am wanting to give or take a remedy I do not have, I simply intend it to myself or another. If the universe is supporting this action, then the results are nearly the same as taking a laboratory made remedy. I have found that the duration of the response is not as long though. This intentional thought needs to be repeated more often than if a remedy were given in a “physical” dose. I always include in my “prayer” that this be for the highest good. I think this is very important. If we set our intention then it must be aligned with the highest most. There are many helpers in the spiritual realm and they are always ready if we ask. But we must ask with a clean heart and for the highest good of all concerned.

       So the next time you know the remedy to give but do not have it, don’t wait days to receive it in the mail, give it freely and align your heart with the highest most intent. You may be quite surprised at the results.

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  1. Debasish on

    Respected Robert,

    Thanks for your advice.

    Warm regards

    Debasish Bandyopadhyay


    hay mr robert you are saying something like BROUCE COPEN,S REDIONIC COMPUTER DEVICE i purchase it before 18,years in 1989 ,

  3. Bharati on

    Namaste. It is really a great effort from You Robert to work every week on sending tips on Homeopathy. It is quite a lot of work and dedication towards our field. I highly admire you for your effort. May God give you constant strength.

  4. Jane Li on

    if all we need is intent, then why buy remedies at all? Why doesnt intent work whenever a homeopath gives a patient a remedy and everyone believes that it will work..but it does not. I know there are no answers to these questions..I am just asking retorical questions I guess.

    Hi Jane,

    Many times it is necessary to materialize our thought before it can be recieved. It is well and good to intend the remedy and when aligned with proper intent and asking for help can have remarkable results indeed. But also it is useful to bring the intention into the medium (water) and then take this. It is more “physicalized”. It seems to work better somehow. Maybe it is because we live within this “physical” universe.
    Food for thought.

    Warmest regards, Robert

  5. Melissa Burch on

    I am very excited you are talking about the Radionics machine. I too have found it working extremely well for changing potencies, creating new remedies and recreating known remedies.

    I have been working with Gary Christiansen who has been having these machines custom made for us. If you are interested in more information please email me.

  6. Melissa Burch on

    I forgot to put my email [email protected]

  7. Rhonda Majalca on

    Thank you Robert for all your hard work. Radionics is what brought me to choose classical homeopathy as my main mode of practice. I put Radionic on the back burner with your artical I see I can do both. Your article has brought me full circle. Thank you and God Bless

  8. Rooksie on

    I noticed this technique inadvertantly after speaking with my homeopath by phone. She recommend a remedy, we discussed it and after I hung up I noticed that I felt better,- really better a though I had ingested the remedy!
    Since then I have thought a remedy when I knew I didn’t have it in the house and it was 3am. Or other times when it would take an hour or two until I had access to a remedy.
    Thanks for writing about it.

  9. poonam on

    This is ridiculous. Thinking of a remedy and expecting its effect is not what is homoeopathy. As there are no substitutes, we have to give the remedy which is well indicated, to bring about the cure. In case we don’t have that remedy, palliation by less indicated is the answer.No doubt,prayers, of pure and gentle hearts rarely go unanswered.

    Hi Poonam,
    Never did I say not to give the physical remedy or that giving the remedy was not necessary. I do not believe that palliation from an allopatic source is always the answer to not having the remedy. A different remedy other than the most appropriately chosen remedy may offer palliation until the chosen remedy is available. In the meantime it is very appropriate to let energy follow intent and, without causing any harm, to mentally “give or recieve” the remedy. Like you say ” prayers of a pure and gentle heart rarely go unanswered.”

    Thanks for your comment,
    Robert Field

  10. naseer on

    repect robert

    i studies the Julain materia medica the

    medicine of pencillinum such a great remedy

    for sycotic like thjua and Natsul. It is deep

    and long acting remedy. I never use for my

    practice. After your experience i will try

    to use for similr symptom of the patient

    for the pencillinum. I have no experience

    the namily of new name of Ozone 200C or

    this is new medicine name or what is Ozone

    I shall be greatful if inform of the medicine
    or detail information look into materia medica. The topic is very interesting great
    knowledge received from your side. we highly
    appreciated .

  11. Anthony on

    Hi Dr Robert & all. I have been using a Radionic machine for 15 years with excellent results. However i prefer to use the original remedy if i have it. Thanks again for your desire to share.

    Hi Anthony,
    I agree. I always prefer to give a remedy that has been succussed over a radionically potentized remedy. No harm ever comes from having a pure intention of the remedy for the person in addition to giving the “physical” remedy. Interestingly it was in Australia that the radionic remedy I mentioned was prescribed. Thanks for you comments
    Warmest regards, Robert Field

  12. D on

    Dear Robert,

    Thank you for your confession!! At home we call this energetic transfer “downloading” the remedy. It is always prayer-supported. It works as well as taking the remedy in the usual manner as far as I can see, neither longer nor shorter.

    It all seems to depend on the person and what they need to go through miasmatically or spiritually at that time. I haven’t been able to “download” to everyone, but it’s still a useful tool.

    Do you also energetically alter existing remedies and potencies?

    We also use the “hard remedy”; and sometimes prayer is all that’s needed.

    Thank you.

    Hi D,
    I have not heared of it named as “downloading” before but it works for me. I rarely try to alter an existing remedy and always include a prayer with the remedy. Energy follows intent….if, as practitioners of this spiritual healing art, our intent is pure then the remedy is in alignment with our highest self. In essence we are completing our side (the homeopath’s) of the equation, as the energy of the remedy is “transfered” to the patient. This is in addition to the physical giving of the remedy.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Robert Field

  13. KIRTI on

    please tell me what is “radionic machine” and where is it available, how to use it,how is it useful?
    also tall me about remedy “Ozone” and in which materia medica it is described.

    Hi Kirti,
    Google “Malcolm Rae” and “Radionics”. You will find a lot of information. Ozone is covered in Clarks Dictionary under Oxygenium which Ozone is nascent oxygen. There are also references in Allen’s encyclopedia, Blackwood’s Manual, Boerickes MM, Farrington’s Lesser Writings, Murphy’s Nature MM, Vermuelen’s SynopticII, and Jayesf Into the Periodic Table. Anne Schadde of Germany has done a more recent proving.
    Good luck,
    Robert Field

  14. ginni on

    hi everyone,
    I often use intent to send remedies distance or or myself If I do not have the remedy available. Another excellant way is to write the remedy on a piece of paper and stand the glass over the word. Te viration of the word works really we.. xxGinni

  15. Robert on

    Hi Kirti,

    Ozone is fairly well explained in Clarks Dictionary of Homeopathic Materia Medica and Vermuelen’s Synoptic II. A radionic machine is a device with a potentiometer meter and magnets to vibrationally infuse energy into a medium or broadcast energy with intention to a living thing somewhere else by means of a witness or command card. Malcom Rae in England has the cards and devices I believe. You might Google them and see for yourself.

  16. Sarama on

    I am a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher, rather new to homeopathy. This is all so exciting that if I were 25 years younger (i am 83) I would definitely go back to school and become a homeopath! After over 40 year of meditation I do believe that energetic transfer can work — many years ago I had a former yoga student who became my patient when she had a recurrence of a severe kidney ailment. She refused to see a doctor, despite her husband’s insistence, because with medical treatment her kidney had ‘died’, shriveled and been flushed out, as i remember it. I am very intuitive, and was able to give her some good advice which did bring about a cure, but I had some misgivings about the fact that, if it didn’t solve the problem, there was not a backup kidney available – I guess kidney transplant were not yet in style. I meditated on her healing, which probably helped, but also resulted in my taking on karma from her and getting sick myself, according to my spiritual teacher. So we do have to be careful working with subtle forces that we don’t fully understand.

  17. orgonite on

    hello!,I really like your writing very so much! share we be in contact more about your article on AOL? I need an expert on this area to solve my problem. Maybe that’s you! Having a look ahead to look you.

  18. asya on

    you can also say the name of the remedy to a glass, etc. of water and- voila!- you have it- works perfectly well

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