Homeopathy Tips for 10/05/10 Learning Homeopathy Vrs Becoming a Homeopath

I get many questions about homeopathic study and find that there are distinct differences to learning homeopathy and becoming a homeopath. They are really two different things entirely. Let me explain.

Most schools of homeopathy offer courses on homeopathic history, philosophy, repertization and materia medica. These courses will give the homeopathic student much information; mostly from books. The course usually is designed to give you as much information as possible about the more common remedies and the philosophy of Hahnemann and Kent. This is usually reinforced by taking exams that grade on multiple choice questions and essays to determine if you have a correct understanding about the subject at hand.

This method of learning and evaluation is very lineal. It relies on memorization and deductive reason to pass the test. A good student may be able to excel in such an environment and get perfect grades. If after successfully passing the first several years of the course they may be ready to see a case in a supervised capacity. This is the most common method for training homeopaths.

The other way to learn is by example and experience. At Resonance School of Homeopathy we are training homeopaths and not teaching about homeopathy. There is a big difference.

Becoming a homeopath is an entirely different experience than learning about homeopathy. Learning from a book in a didactic way is flat and leaves much up to the imagination when learning about remedies. But primary to remedies is understanding what is asking to be healed in any case. This is not something that comes very easy for most people. It is one thing to understand the symptoms and be able to translate them into our repertory. It is another task entirely to see the core of a person and determine what is asking to be healed. Most people will give their case testimony in a very verbose and convoluted way. It takes great practice to stay clear and find the patterns of their sufferring. This can not be learned from a book.

The richness of any case is held in the words and descriptions as well as how a person gesticulates. The stories that they tell will always be where the true understanding of the case will be. Getting to this understanding requires great clarity of the homeopath. In the beginning of learning case-receiving most students become very overwhelmed. The most common mistake is to project their own experiences or descriptions of remedies on the client there by prejudicing the case.

We must always understand what is asking to be healed before we can find any remedy for the person. This process of learning to listen and find the thread of the case can only be learned in front of a live person or through video. It is a process that the student/homeopath needs much practice at. It can not be learned from a paper case.

Paper cases are flat and two dimensional. They do not have the feeling that a live case will bring even if the case has been delivered verbatim. Sitting in front of the client is the only way to really become established as a homeopath. In my opinion a student/homeopath should not be encouraged to practice without supervision until they have sat before at least 200 people.

Learning from live cases and follow-ups also brings the practical aspects of philosophy to life. The Organon is best understood when it is supported by real cases and real people. I find that my students learn what to do best by following and example. At Resonance School of Homeopathy all students are student/practitioners and are encouraged to bring clients to class that they will be the primary contact for. This gives them the opportunity to help manage the clients case with the full support of our staff backing them up. They learn by doing.

Being a homeopath requires confidence. Every client who sits before a homeopath knows innately whether the homeopath has confidence or not. In order to really get confidence, they need to have sat before clients many times. They learn how to control their own emotions during the case and how to handle themselves when the case does not flow or is very emotional. They can then be very present for the client and not caught in sympathy.

Sympathy will ruin a very good case. There is no way a homeopath in sympathy can see clearly. They are too involved in their own experience of the case to see their client clearly. Empathy is a better emotion to feel. It is more detached and still with much caring the homeopath will not go to suffering themselves to understand the person. When a homeopath is in sympathy they might as well give themselves the remedy they want to give the client. It is the subtlest form of prejudice. No two people ever suffer exactly the same. To project our own feelings on the client will bring disastrous results.

These are just a few of the many ways that becoming a homeopath can only be learned by doing it. Each homeopathic student will eventually come to these and many other challenges when they finally start seeing clients. Those that have seen many clients and done so with good supervision will be very far ahead of the learning curve. They have confidence and can sit before any client.

At Resonance School of Homeopathy we teach using live cases. All instruction, cases and follow-ups are videotaped and edited for easy viewing. Each student has access to each monthly session as the year progresses. Each year the student will see approximately 50 new cases and hundreds of follow-ups, learning the fine art of case receiving, prescribing and case management. If they are fortunate to come to the live class in Reno, Nevada, USA and study from the videos as well, they will see more than 100 new cases in one year. From this they get real experience.

No other program I know brings as much opportunity to learn homeopathy by doing it. From great experience comes great confidence. If the homeopathic student wants the quickest way to becoming a homeopath, Resonance School of Homeopathy is offering the program to help them achieve their goals.

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  1. K.Rajagopala Kurup. on

    A core point of course!

  2. Dr. P.K.Mayadunne on

    You are doing an excellent job.

  3. Gerald Field on

    Wow! I applaud your method of learning and experience. I’m spending more time with the videos and think I am learning better case-taking lately.

  4. Asghar Ali on

    I wish I could enrole as a distant student to benefit and become a HOMOEOPATH, rather than a practitioner of HOMOEOPATHY, to come to the aid of suffering humanity.

  5. syed husain on

    A very knowledgeable information on homoeopathy provided by you.

  6. Denise Robison on

    Hello Robert,
    I wholey concur, and appreciate that you continue to hold that truth out for everyone to get, over and over again–to listen to what is asking to be healed, this is how you truely offer a remedy that can change lives not just symptoms. I certainly see this in my practice as a healer.

    ~for myself, I find that I can see what wants to be healed in a client, but have fewer remedies that I truely am familiar with and that is where it gets challenging. I think studying from a comprehensive list might help me more easily access the right remedy in the moment that I recognize what is asking to be healed. If you know of such a list or how one studies from that angle, I would be greatful. Also, I think that reperatorizing would also help but I am not sure I am doing that right, I use only books and with more than a few keynotes, I end up selecting more based on intuition than reperatorizing. Your ideas would be welcome here.
    ~ I look forward to each Tuesday’s article and thank you for your generous teachings. ~~Denise

    • Robert on

      Hi Denise,

      Knowledge of Materia Medica is so very important. Once you have understood what is asking to be healed, then the rubric selection should reflect the core of the case. From this you can get good remedy possibilities. But there is more to this. Knowing the essence of a remedy, ie; a simple core theme that is through all aspects of the remedy and being able to match this to the case is where the real art lies. This is when you can see fabulous results that start to change lives. I have found that Frans Vermuels Prism series of Materia Medicas to be the most useful in really capturing the essence of the remedy. I also use Vega Rozenberg’s essences when prescribing and have found them to be 100% acurate and true if used appropriately. Unfortunately he has not written his book yet but has allowed me to share these with my students only having been a student of his myself. I am most grateful for his generosity. Using intuition is good but really you will probably have better results if you can support the reason to give the remedy with good Materia Medica and the essences matched as well.

      Warmest regards,
      Robert Field

  7. Tarakeshwar Rao.K on

    Correct and 100% true scientific approach in real meaning of “Vaido Narayano Harih”.

  8. Amulya Kumar Mishra on

    There is no substitute for perfect and experienced/tested

  9. Sudheer Uppadhayay on

    I am a practicing homeopath with a sound clientale whom i treat free of charge with a self sustainable dispensary.I need formal education on line but as i am a retired professor i can not afford high fees. Please help and oblige.
    You can test my ability as per your choice or by referring patients.
    Sudheer Uppadhayay

    • Robert on

      Hello Sudheer,

      If you leave a comment through the main school website I will return to you information I have about a special deal that can save you money. Go to http://www.resonanceschoolofhomeopathy.com and leave the message there. Thanks.

      Robert Field

  10. robert lal on

    It’s a good article to aware the readers that every patient is different from the other one, so one should be prepared to deal accordingly. THANKS TO Dr Robert for his effort to train the Homeopaths!

  11. DR. MONALISA on


  12. DR. MONALISA on


  13. sara on

    agradezco lainvitacion y el comentario me ha servido mucho leer y compartir todo lo que nos escriben

  14. Dr.Haran ch malaker on

    Its a very informative news letter.Thanks Dr.Robert Field for your hard work for development of homeopathy.The news letter is self explanatory how to become a real homeopath.Regards,malaker

  15. Vandana Shrivastava on

    I like to know about homeopathy and also and certificate for general treatment kindly tell me about method fort getting license for treatment

  16. daljeet kaur on

    I want to know whether a person can practice without obetaining a homeopathy certificate . Can he display his clinic board without certificate of practice.

  17. karuna Sarma on

    Correct and 100% true scientific approach. I have already done courses of Homeopathy. But i am not cofident to go for practice.
    Please advice how to start.

  18. R.N.Gupta on

    I thank you for this article.You have clearly differenciated between learning homeopathy and become a hoeopath.

  19. Sharon Rose on

    Robert if you are sharing Vegas Essences does that mean all his students of long term are allowed also or is he quite selective? By long term over 3 yrs at least. Thanks. for all you share.

  20. Revinipati Rama Chandra Rao on

    Homoeopathy is one of the best alternative medicines in the world. Not only the symptomatic insight/analysis, but the past history, hereditary circumstances, the mind/feelings altogether help the homoeopath a lot in selection of the remedy that ensures complete cure. I opine by my experience homoeopathy is better known for chronic diseases than for acute ones. I appreciate the services rendered by your school in imparting the great knowledge to the humanity wholeheartedly. Thank you.

  21. sara on

    el articulo es muy interesante ademas la homeopatia te abarca la sanacion en todos tus planos pues si leemos el repertorio en cada uno de ellos encontramos caracteristicas muy claras de los pacientes y al resetar vemos casi como magia la sanacion de cada uno de ellos gracias

  22. Jagdish Deshpande on

    I wish I could enrole as a distant student to benefit and become a HOMOEOPATH, rather than a practitioner of HOMOEOPATHY, to come to the aid of suffering humanity.

  23. umanath tewari on

    very very thanks for sending this mail to me..

    hope, u will conrinue sending such type mail.. regularily..

    thanking with best regards..

    umanath tewari
    indore, india

  24. Eileen on

    YOu certainly hit the nail on the head! I am an RN who has practiced in the traditional allopathic system for the past 20 years. I am a member of the AHNA and have been utilizing CAM methods but am much more drawn to alternative systems that treat the individual in a truly holistic manner and in a way that supports the body to heal itself. I have been searching for the right program of study and have to say that it is so refreshing to see how much emphasis is placed on case study and application. Anyone with motivation can read the material that’s out there. A program that mentors students to apply that knowledge does not appear to be readily available. Thank you for providing this very needed program!

  25. dr.m.sasikala on

    Is there any online course available?

  26. tariq on

    let me know how could i do this course of homoepathy

  27. satyendra kumar singh on

    knowledge point of view wide tecnice tools its

    • sara I. Gaviria on

      Graciass correo mima 455@gmail.com El ago 26, 2014 10:40 a.m., “Resonance School of Homeopathys Forum” escribió:

      > satyendra kumar singh commented: “knowledge point of view wide tecnice > tools its”

  28. Yvonne on

    Its being used by politician like Bill Clinton, maybe he shud become a homeopath and stop trying to make his wife a president cause this is the root cause of misery in the world.

  29. Keia Guia on

    Thank you so much. Iknow that I am created for healing and am certain that homeopathic study is a key field in hollistic healing path. I will continue to follow your emails and ask the universe to somehow provide the funds necessary for enrollment.

    Sending love,
    Keia M. Guia

  30. Syed Shah M. Arshad on

    I am a Science Graduate, I am 57 years old I like to be a Homeopath. One more thing I am a poor and hand to mouth.

    Please advise with possibilities of becoming an homeo.practioner.
    Syed S. M. Arshad

  31. Tariq on

    I want to be homeopath

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