Homeopathy Tips for 10/04/11 Acute Skin Remedies

The skin being the largest and least vital organ of our bodies has probably the very most symptoms for people in general. There are hundreds of diagnosed skin conditions and you would have to be a dermatologist to even begin to recognise their differences. But the most common skin conditions are urticaria and eczema. These effect more people than any other conditions and are usually acute and self resolving.

Eczema is sometimes referred to as dermatitis. The word derives from Greek meaning to boil over and is quite descriptive of the condition. Principle symptoms are redness, swelling, sensations of heat and itching.  The causes of eczema may be internal, external or a combination of the both. As with urticaria the causes are usually an allergic response that the body is finding a way to resolve. Food allergies, detergents, plant or mineral contact can all play a part in the development of allergic responses. Most common are foods including milk products, eggs, nuts, wheat products, fruits and shellfish.

Urticaria is more commonly referred to as hives. This condition is usually a pure allergic response. It can be caused by an acute reaction to fever or the sun and rarely has emotional causes. The skin is characterized by pale slightly raised swellings or wheal. These usually have a red area around them and are very defined. The condition usually appears quickly and can affect any part of the body. In severe reactions anaphylaxis is possible and presents a very serious condition. Swelling of the throat can close the airway and suffocation could occur.

The allopathic way to treat these conditions is with steroids in acute or chronic eczema and antihistamines in urticaria. Finding the cause and avoiding the allergen is the best prevention. This can be a daunting task of eliminating different foods and allergens and reintroducing them to find the culprit.

Here is a list of some remedies useful in treating eczema. These remedies are only a partial list and it must be understood that eczema can become a chronic condition. When this is the case you must receive a full case and prescribe for the person and not just their skin. They are much more than their skin and allergic responses. The skin being the largest organ and at the surface will find many ways to express the derangement of the vital force.

  • Bovista – Moist eruptions with a thick crust. Aggravated during hot weather and at full moon.
  • Clematis – Moist eruptions that itch horribly. Worse washing in cold water. Worse from the warmth of the bed. Eczema worse during the waxing moon and better during the wane. Aggravation at new moon.
  • Croton Tiglium – Eczema over the whole body. Burning pains that hurt to scratch. Affinity for the face and genitals.
  • Graphites – Eruptions that are cracked and moist and bleed easily. Rough skin that cracks easily and exudes a gluey moisture. Honey like crusts or watery and clear fluids.
  • Mezereum – Eruptions on areas that are devoid of fat. Intolerable itching, worse from touch and the heat of the bed. Copious exudation. After vaccination. Eczema on the head that is covered with a thick crust. Hair matted and glued together. Exudation excoriates other parts.
  • Natrum Muriaticum – Eruptions especially at the margins of the hair. Worse from salt and salt air.
  • Petroleum – Chronic moist eczema. Oozing after scratching. Aggravated in winter. Eruptions in the folds of the skin. Rough cracked, bleeding and burning skin.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron – Thick crusts. Oozing exudation. Burning and tingling. Offensive discharge. The more you scratch the more you need to scratch. Better from a hot shower.
  • Sulphur – voluptuous itching. Feels so good to itch. Burning and soreness after itching. Dry, scaly unhealthy skin.

Here are a few remedies for Urticaria;

  • Apis Mellifica – This is the leading remedy for hives of an allergic response. Swelling with burning, itching and stinging. Worse from heat and covering. A feeling of suffocation. Try Medusa if Apis does not work.
  • Causticum – Chronic hives. Worse in fresh open air. Aggravation by the heat of the bed.
  • Dulcamara – Red spots as if bitten by bugs all over the body. Itching. After scratching much burning. Worse from warmth and better from cold. Worse from exposure to dampness.
  • Natrum Muriaticum – Wheals itch smart and burn. Worse from exposure to cold, damp, salt or salt air.Whitish hives that become red and itching after rubbing.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron – Worse from getting wet. Worse in cold air. Burning after itching. Worse on hairy parts.
  • Urtica Urens – Wheals elevated with a white central spot and red areola. Stinging and burning pains better by rubbing. Pale rash requiring constant rubbing.

Treating either of these conditions it is necessary to look for exciting causes. If the condition is acute, meaning of a short duration and self resolving, then try a 30C potency and give as infrequently as possible. Let the persons reaction tell you when to administer the next dose. It may be necessary to repeat more often up to 3-4 times per day for a short while if the condition does not yield to a single dose. If the condition is very strong and the 30C potency does not last then a higher potency may be necessary. Go to the 200C and if it does not hold then the 1M potency. If there is a positive response then potency may be the issue if the condition does not yield. Otherwise it may be necessary to find a different remedy.

Treating skin conditions is tricky because many of the remedies have similar symptoms. Pay close attention to any other changes that the person may be experiencing. Remember the remedy is for the person and not the symptom. Homeopathy can help cure where drug treatments can suppress at best.

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  1. Grandhi on

    Dear Dr.Robert,

    Now I have got complete understanding between hives/urticaria and eczema. It is a good informative with pictures. Try to send forthcoming tips in similar fashion for better clarity.

    Grandhi Rao
    Resonance school of homeopathy

  2. dr rameez chougle on

    nice comparison

  3. Pushpakaran on

    Hello,Dr.Robert ,
    It is a very interesting,useful and informative article.
    Thanks for the efforts for promoting homeopathy.

  4. DR.M.K.GHOSAL on

    it is really amazing to study the article regarding eczema and urticaria.not only that i earn the knowledge on the subjects.expect more and more topics. thanks, dr.m.k.ghosal

  5. ramesh on

    i am really enjoying the material, i enhanced the knowledge about the dermatologies ,go through the material ,it is really useful

  6. Baweey Choudhry on


  7. peggy on

    Thanks. I have 4 friends who I now recognize need different remedies. They will be thrilled that they can find relief.

  8. Angad singh on

    nice compare for better understanding

  9. shanti kumar jain on

    nice comparison. I have come to know of the difference between these skin disorders better.

  10. m ramagangadhar on

    good and understanding knowledge

  11. MUSHTAQ on


  12. V.S. Ramadass. on

    Dear Dr. Robert,
    I have been affected with a sort of urticaria or hives. It is not similar one that have shown above in a photograph of urticaria but its nature is like this: First slow & increased feeling of heat inside the dress and within one or two minutes, it starts itching to an extent that we can not postpone scratching but to oblige it immediately by removing the clothe on the particular area with scratching violently for few seconds and then stop. Then it will start burning and again itching more which prompts scratching once again violently and stop, some times to an extent of tearing the surface to bleeding very little. After 2 times scratching, then slowly gets ameliorated. Some times, when I return from office and undress, then the itching will start so sweetly and violently. I have to scratch for at least for a few minutes till amelioration.
    Location : Mainly fleshy parts like abdomen, buttocks, in gap of buttocks, lower and upper lumbar regions; During its course, first appear on right or left, than changes the side and finally stops after lasting for a duration which ranges from minimum 3 days to a week or so. This malady initially was repeating after every 3 months and now a days no regularity. This is existing in me for the past 25 years. I have used Sulphur, Rustox, Thuja, Syphilinum, Mercury, Lyco, and many others but it never stopped. As on date the condition is existing. I could not succeed to overcome this malady.
    If possible please give me a suggestion. I like apple, eat daily. Due to canteen food, I was affected with acidity which is existing till date. Drinking large qty of water after a long gap. Like sweets and spice alike. Due to acidity, avoiding spice. Frequent boils in gums and later led to fleshy excrescence on either side of lower gums. Daily practicing yoga. Too fastidious. Like to be strictly disciplined and orderly way of life. More sexual thoughts. Aged 60 plus. Now a days, more prostrated due to nervous weakness.
    Please suggest if possible.

    V.S. Ramadass / Email : [email protected]

    • Robert Field on

      Look at the remedy Agnus Castus. It may prove helpful. Let us know if you tried it and what happened.

    • Dr. Archana on

      Mr Ramadass you can try RUMEX 30C 6 pills once in a day for a week, your symptoms r clearly indicating this medicine, but u must take this under supervision of a Homoeopathic physician



  14. shine on

    like ayurveda homoeo dwelt with vital force so the study and findings are very good it may be the asset for the new era

  15. gurmukh singh on

    thanks for valuable & usefull tips

  16. gurmukh singh on

    nice tips thanks

  17. Karen on

    I like what you said about chronic and acute…thanks

  18. Dr Sanjaya Vikram on

    Thanks a lot. It is very useful because medicines are also indicated with symptoms.

  19. Asghar Ali on

    I would once again like to request members of the blog to come up with their own experiances on the Homoeopathy treatment of which Dr. Robert is the torch bearer. In my opinion simple thanks do not serve the purpose.

    Asghar Ali

  20. Muhammad Siddique on

    With thanks, skin problem is common, Europe and Asia.
    I thinks it will be better, One come with practical experience from Asia and other from Europe, weather has a big affect on skin, so problems are not same

  21. Bhupendra Kumar Khurana on

    I had once been affected with acute urticaria which was initially treated with alopathic medicines but of no avail. I had once selected a medicine viz. Antim Crude 30 which was taken in the evening. By morning 90% of the skin was normalised. Thereafter I had taken Antim Crude 1000 one doze in the evening. By evening some swelling was noticed on some part of face viz. lips but no medicine was taken to disturb the action of the medicine. By evening every thing was normalised. Thereafter no recurrence of this ailment in life. When urticaria skin ailment is caused on account of indigestion it is a wonderful remedy to give salutory effect.

  22. Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

    Hello Robert, I think that Acute skin conditions are the way in which body is trying to restore it’s healthy state by expelling the toxins out of the body.Role of homoeopathy is to just facilitate the expulsion.So that there is fastest and complete restoration of health.

  23. kanchan puri on

    Dear sir,
    The information given by you is very good.I would like to suggest to add one more medicine for urticaria is Antipyrine. It helped my patients a lot.

  24. Syed Husain on

    Really an informative article on skin disease. The medicine recommended by you are better to a large extent. A few persons also mentioned the medicines they used. Actually the medicine which are being prescribed by the Doctors to the patient at the time of treatment on the basis of symptoms
    effects and patients, if get relief the same is good medicine and the list may further be increased.

  25. Dr.Sarfaraz Ali on

    Very useful article I take interest in skin diseases.THANKS for nice information.I am forwarding to other colleagues also

  26. dr naseer on

    dear sir

    beautiful picture of skin red like urticaria red spots symptom like

    rhust toz

  27. kakoli on

    Very useful article. My son 6yrs of age had urticaria and it spread so quickly all over his body that we had to give him a steroid dose. I was unaware of homeopathy treatment. One question is – will homeopathy medicine have a quick effect to stop the rapid spread of urticaria? thanks!

    • Robert Field on

      If you give the correct remedy in the correct potency, miracles can happen. Yes!

  28. dr.vijayendra v itagi on

    dear sir,
    thanks for such a explanation related to acute remedies.
    Alvas Homoeopathic Medical College.Moodbidri-Karnataka state-india

  29. lakshmi on

    dear sir ,
    Thanks a lot for very good expalnation.

    • Dr. Archana on

      Dr Archana
      Nice collection Even a non medico can understand this article

  30. G.B. Das Mohapatra on

    Dear Dr. Robert

    I regularly go through your Homeopathic Tips. Thanks for your noble work. I am a patient of Allergic Dermatitis, actually I am not confirmed. I have used allopathic medicine but it is only suppressive. I have been suffering since the year 1996, it was started back of my neck when I was traveling by train wearing a synthetic shirt. The symptom was just few irritating boils. After that it increased and spread over many parts. It starts like simple dermatitis(red small boils) and starts irritating after that when I rub, it even bleeds, after few days the skin becomes discolored and upper side of my finger another symptom of skin disease, i am suffering. The skin is becoming thick and some times it is cracking and itching. I am also suffering in other type of symptom, that just below my gender i am suffering in some dry boils which irritating more during last part of night and some times when I undressed. I think all these symptoms increasing when I am in suffocation, stress and eat mutton or chicken. I have used sulpher, comphor, Thuja, Arnica but I got no result. I am about 49 Yrs of age. I shall be grateful to you for ever, if you will help me by your valuable advice.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    GB Das Mohapatra

  31. yogesh on

    very good, excellent comperision

  32. B.K.Khuana on

    For treatment of Urtacaria I had personally been magically treated by the homeopathic medicine Antim Crude 30/200, which is of course not idicated generally. It is understood that when the disease is caused owing to indigestion it acts wonderfully. Try it and get befitted.

    • Hem Chandra Tiwari on

      Dear Khurana, Good Evening, I am patient of Chronic urticaria since 1993, suggest me good homeo remeady for get rid of such type of formidable disease

  33. Dr. Nancy Malik on

    Homeopathy has proved its mettle in skin diseases especially the chronic ones.

  34. hem chandra tiwari on

    victim of chorinic urticaria since last 20 yrs, request suggest homeo medicine for get rid of this formidable desease. I have several homeopath medicine used earlier but no sign of improvement till date, I am using 1/4 cetrizin in 2 days

  35. Srinivasa Raghavan on


    My daughter have a similar kind of problem, she is just 2 years old and the problem is there for 2-3 days. The allergy has spread’ed out all over her boy, She had this similar kind of allergy 15 days back (on New moon day), it was there for 3-4 days, but that time Ars Alb worked well and cured.

    Again, she had very similar symptoms but this time we tried sulphur, rhos tux, Ars Alb, psorinum with no result.

    Kindly, advice or any tips would be highly appreciated.


  36. nazrul on

    i have similer problems from 1997 doctor give first arnicamont30,new rush to 30 urtica uran 30 , now i feel good but not completed , if you have any thing for this

  37. sadhan on

    I had condition similar to the picture 2nd one above.It all started in the year 1992.I was diagnosed with roundworm infection from stool test.It was rectified

    .Again after one year it started.But this time nothing found in blood, stool and urine tests.

    The condition starts with itching one selled spot appears similar to mosquitoe bite.Then small swellings appear around it.All the swelling merge to become bigger.The more i scratched it felt better.The body heat also rose along with this.It use to subside after 5-6 hours.Sometime itching starts on the swelled parts even which had already subsided.Later it spread to eye brows lips.It was difficult for me to go out.Even if i went outside.It was severe when i got undressed espcially the place of undergarments lining, around waist where i wore pants.Place on feet where you tie shoelaces.

    I liked sweets, spicy food.It was happening even when i fasted.Nothing could seperate me from this itching.

    I tried allopathy, ayurvedic, and last homeopathy.Nothing worked.Later i left eveything and let the allergy on its own in the year 1999.i had adjusted to its condition.

    In 2000 , Miracle happened when one of my friend’s friend suggested graphites 30.It all vanished the day i took the first dose.(I didnot have eruption from the swelled parts which i read in the above article, but the allergy subsided).

    Again after one year 2002.It appeared again but it was less.i used to wear 4 fruits around the neck.They are called allergy fruit.It is sold in the electric train compartments in West Bengal.Slowly it all stopped.

    Again in the year 2008 it appeared again.I wore that allergy fruit.It was OK.

    Later in the year 2012 it surfaced again.But the allergy fruit is not helping now.This time i was under the Homeopathic medicine for stomach problems and small glandular type permanent swelling in the body(extreme flatulence,extre acidity, extreme constipation not even relieved with hydrastis or cascara sag.All these things related to stomach were there even before the thing of allergy stated.may be i was born with it.

    I am prescribed with Anti pyrin 6.it is improving but very very very slowly.If you all can help me with it .please help me to eradicate it once and all from my life……………..

  38. milon on

    I had condition similar to the picture 2nd one above.It all started in the year 1990 but i went to doctor he give me too medicine but noting result than i went for homopoty doctor in 2009 first he give me arnica mont 30 / articauran 30 / and rush tox 30 / after 2y but it is not gone , you have any medicine have use plz. give me idea.

  39. Ajay jena on

    very good article.thanks for giving us this miraclous knowledge

  40. S.Kalyanasundaram on

    My wife aged 60 is suffering from this urticaria since two years. Initially she was taking allopathy medicines, medrol 16mg,allegra150mg,etc. But some doctors advised to discontinue the medrol, steroid, which will damage the kidney in the long run.
    then she switched over to homeopathy, but she could not get complete relief. She was taking ayurvedic medicines under a professor of ayurveda. though it worked for few months and she got back the urticaria .Now she is taking treatment under a siddha praticiner and her rashes are disappearing. But she is unable to stop the medicines.
    On seeing your article, I hope to try the Antimonium crudum etc. I have a great faith in homeopathy and I have seen many cases are cured with little home medicines in my 68 years of life.
    A good article on urticaria. thanks for your effort.

  41. hem tiwari on

    suggest good homeo medicine for chronic urticaria

    • S.Kalyanasundaram on

      For my wife, Homeopathy medicines could not give relief inspite of her best belief in homeopathy. Now she is taking treatment under a registered medical physician,who is very very old. But his herbal medicines could bring relief to her.she is ok now at Madurai, but when she goes to Chennai, she gets back her urticaria. may be due to her body not able to adjust with the conditions existing in chennai.

  42. Awadhesh Pandey on

    You share such great information about the homeopathic and I want to share another point which has good information about the homeopathic and you can online order these homeopathic medicine http://www.schwabeindia.com/

  43. S.Kalyanasundaram on

    My wife is now completely cured with siddha medicines. She is not taking any medicine now. She went to north India and returned. Change of place as thought earlier also did not come in the way of her health. We have to thank almighty.

  44. Nand Lal Gupta on

    Dear Dr.

    My wife is 35 years old she is suffering from long time itching problem mostly in bed time in whole body part kindly suggest me Homeopathic treatment.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Nand Lal

  45. Hem Chandra Tiwari on

    suggest me homeo medicine for get rid of chronic urticaria

  46. S.Kalyanasundaram on

    After nearly one and half years, the urticaria has come back to my wife. In fact she stopped taking medicines a year back on the advice of the Siddah Dr. She was totally free from urticaria problem and again she has to visit the Dr. Now. She is now taking medicines under his supervision. We are not able to find the cause.

  47. santhu on


    My age is 30 years and I am suffering with chronic urticarial from last 60 days. If I stop using Allegra – 180mg tablet in these days, then swelling, itching, burning is continuing all over my body. Please advise how should I stop permanently this disease.
    With this I am not able to work confidently and hiding from the people.

    Please help me on this.


  48. vivek on

    My son is 7 years of age and last two years he is having problem of urticaria, it occurs and suddenly that area get warm. It appears on face and gets swelled. Observed that it mainly occurred when he has snoozing or cold. Though consulting to allopathic doctor’ they say it ll get cured by age.
    Can I get recommendation of medicine considering the diagnosis?

  49. Omtechmed on

    My wife is suffering from this allergy of hives from last 1 month. It happens at night time and heat works as allergy booster. So which of the above medicines is suitable for my wife.

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