Homeopathy Tips for 10/01/12 Another Milestone for Homeopathy

There have been several milestones in the history of homeopathy. In the beginning the first printed repertory that could be distributed to other physicians was definitely one of them. Then after more than one hundred years of printed repertories and Materia Medicas David Warkinton created the first computer program designed to repertize cases and synthesize the rubrics in a graphic form.

This in my opinion made the job of the homeopath much easier. Repertization became  easier, more accurate and  more available to updates and revisions in the repertory. As a result the body of information in homeopathy has become up-to-date and is constantly evolving. This has brought new life to homeopathy. The only drawback is that it requires a bulky computer to do the work. But that was infinitely better than even bulkier books. This problem has been overcome by the laptop computer but as mobile electronic devices have become smaller and smaller we now have the next generation of devices that can do almost as much as a computer but in a tablet format like Apple’s Ipad.

The repertory is the greatest tool for homeopaths as this is where we can find those symptoms of our clients and the remedies that may be applicable for the case. The Complete Repertory is the very best and most up-to-date and useful repertory there is. I recommend this repertory to ALL of my students. Roger van Zandvoort has tirelessly worked to keep the repertory alive and has succeeded brilliantly. He has made this repertory available on the internet FREE to anyone at his website www.morphologica.com.

In addition to the Complete Repertory he has developed with Eduard van Grinsven the Complete Dynamics program for repertization using the Complete Repertory. This is not the first repertization program but may well be the best program because he has made this available for FREE also. Now homeopathic students and professional homeopaths have a very sophisticated program for doing cases available for to them for FREE. Donations to the Complete Dynamics Project are gladly accepted. You can access the program using this link www.completedynamics.com

These programs for doing homeopathy require a computer. This has been somewhat of a limitation especially for homeopaths who travel a lot. Even a laptop computer can be cumbersome and heavy when travelling. Well, leave it to the dynamic duo (van Zandvoort and van Grinsven) to solve the problem! Available now for the Apple Ipad is the Complete Dynamics program in APP form. If you have the Apple Ipad you can now have a very lightweight device that can do homeopathic analysis with the world best repertory, all under a pound. Included in the CompleteDynamics program are 16 Materia Medica books (10 in English and 2 German and 4 French) 

Now for the first time ever you can carry your Ipad with you in your carry on knapsack and have all of the basic tools to do homeopathy at your fingertips. With support for wireless connections and docking for mobile devices being a new standard in the world, the best tools for the homeopath are now available in a lightwieght and easy to use format.  I have been an owner of the Ipad for a few years and enjoy it immensely. But I have not been a real advocate because it could not do all of the thing my computer could do and seemed very limited in regards to homeopathy. Now I can say without reservation that if you are a homeopath or serious homeopathic student owning an Ipad has become very important. Basic Ipads start at$499.00 USD and the new Complete Dynamics APP is $229.99 USD available here http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/complete-dynamics/id542291335?l=nl&ls=1&mt=8 

Having this combination of homeopathic information and mobile digital technology available would have made Hahnemann a very happy homeopath. He had his struggles as homeopathy still has today. But for the working homeopath our job has become increasingly easier as technology has advanced. Thanks to pioneers like David Warkinton and Roger van Zandvoort we are blessed with the best of the best. Now our challenge and task is to use these tools wisely and help as many people as possible. So for all homeopaths out there; do good work. You have the best tools available now.

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    God bless these masters. Really a very good invention and that to kept open free for all. If they can prepare a software to feed the symptoms and know the medicine it will be fine. Ofcourse there are much softwares for payment, but if there is free soft ware it will be very fine,
    thanks to you all for this information
    Tajmul basha
    Homoeo pathic practetioner.

    • Richard on

      Wow! I never dreamed of such a thing. Albert Enstein said that if he did not know the answer to something he knew where to find it. As our memories fade now we can say we know where to find it and faster than looking through pages. But I still use my books. Thank you for this great announcement and these men who aid mankind in such a way.
      R. Munn B.S.Health Ed.
      Homeopathic Lay Practitioner/Student

  2. Dr.Sarfaraz, Islamabad on

    In this computerized age this was a dire need and homeopaths may be getting lot of benefit

  3. Asghar Ali on

    Many thanks for sharing this information. On the part of Mrs. Zandvoort and Eduard van Grinsven it is a great service to the suffering humanity. May they be blessed by the CREATOR.

    Asghar Ali

  4. Dr. T.K.S.GOWDA on

    It is a great service to the mankind to help to overcome the suffering due to medical problem most effectively. We solute these great these great genius people for their selfless noble service

  5. Mah-jabeen on

    Many thanks for sharing this information. I solute these great genius people for their selfless noble service ,God bless these masters and DR Robert.Thanks alot

  6. Dr Rajkumar Kherwa on

    Respected Dr Robert and all,
    SIMPLY GREAT and very useful for one who believes in Homoeopathy or is, curious about it,
    Highly impressed by selfless services being extended by you,
    I would sure wish to appeal people here to participate, share, spread & show respect towards the noble cause. Remember today no one is ready to give share of information he has on the pretext of consultation, and may be we are forgetting the noble service we should provide the mankind.
    thanks and best wishes anyways to all the Homoeopaths and believers of Pathy.
    Dr Rajkumar Kherwa.

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