Homeopathy Tips for 5/06/08 Art and Science

There are two aspects of Homeopathy that seem to be diametrically opposed to each other but are absolutely necessary for Homeopathy to work. These are the “art” and the “science” that must be brought together to form a whole picture of dis-ease and the correct selection of the remedy. At first glance it seems as though it would be impossible to marry the two. But careful investigation as to the true meaning of these differing aspects can bring homeopathy to the level Hahnemann himself experienced.

I speak often about “seeing the case”. This is where the “art” part of homeopathy comes in. The ability to be free of prejudice and let the client “paint the picture of their dis-ease”. It is much like art appreciation; where there is nothing to judge about the work of art but to simply take it in and allow it to create the feeling inside. The difference is that it is most detrimental to follow feelings when case-taking. Feelings are usually your previous experiences and it is not good to go down a path you have been on before when case-taking. You will miss everything the person is reporting. Rather it is something more akin to taking a new journey that you want to be present for. Then everything the person reports will be fresh and new.

As the case progresses a new painting or portrait will appear. From this new picture it will be much easier to “see” the deviations from health and the expression of dis-ease. This is the true art of homeopathy. Now after “seeing” the dis-ease  it is necessary to translate this to the repertory.  The selection of rubrics and the case analysis is somewhat more of a science than art  because of it’s linear nature.

When it is time to select a remedy this again seems at first more science. Materia Medica is filled with facts, again a linear idea. But the remedy must have a similar essence or signature for it to be in vibrational harmony and have resonance with the dis-ease; otherwise it will not be homeopathic. So when reading Materia Medica it is necessary to use an artists eye  to study it. Try to see the picture of dis-ease that has been painted from the observations of the proving. This is where the real picture and pure essence of the remedy resides.

A recent case of mine provides a good example of looking at the remedy through artists eyes. The case is of a middle aged man whose entire story was one triumph over another surviving against incredible odds. Yet the core of his suffering came from a self destructive pattern in his life. He always came out on top though and has a hero’s story. Aside from the element of drug usage in his story the remedy Heroinum was prescribed. It has worked like magic and his bad back of 25 years is the best it has ever been after 4 months on the remedy. It is no accident that the word “hero” appears in Heroinum.

Many times the doctrine of signature plays a very important part of understanding a remedy. Other times myths and folklore will tell the story of the remedy. One good Materia Medica I enjoy alot and has been a great addition to modern homeopathy are Frans Vermuelen’s Prisma Series.  These books are  great tools and additions to your homeopathic books and I have found them to be invaluable in my work. He has included much more than just the observations of the provings. The information in these books are very useful in understanding the nature of the substance, the folklore, chemistry and common usage of the substances of the Materia Medica. I highly recommend these books. They are a good source to bring the “art” part of understanding the remedies in an easily assimilated manner.

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  1. Dr.ghulam mustafa on

    Hay! Mr.Robert
    Hay is a Art and Robert is a science
    it is now proved that there on substance particle in potency and globules .there is ferquency traval from one vahical to another due to this frequency it is called science and when a sick person healed with single globule (corect remedy and corect potency) then it is called ART.

  2. shirley on

    Here is a list of Minimum Price books by Frans V. Is this the series you speak about? Which one or all?

    Synoptic Materia Medica 2 – The Complement to Prisma
    Synoptic Materia Medica I -now out of print-check for newer edition
    Synoptic Materia Medica III-not available
    The New Synoptic One – 2004 edition

  3. Robert on

    Hi Shirley,
    The Prisma and the Synoptic Materia Medica 2/ Complement to Prisma are the ones I use. I have not seen the New Synoptic One 2004 edition. Maybe it is both books in one? Call Minimum Price and ask for information.

  4. Lucinda on

    Of course I love the art part of the process but somehow the science part is reassuring. So many people have been in the land of homepoathy exploring before I got here. I still get lost but it’s good to know the maps and guides are out there. Thanks, Lu

  5. Dr.Nittur guruprasad on

    Mr.Robert, it is an art, yes it a science.
    Understanding the patience problem[ disease by diagnosing] is an art in homeopathy. Selecting a peoper remedy is also an art, due miasmatic problems[where allopathic doctors cannot]. But acting of the remedy is a science.It acts scientificaly on the body and mind, the patient will be eased and freed.

  6. dr naseer on

    Respected ROBERT,

    according to kent repertory in begining of first page about the Arts and science.

    Arts is Mechinical methods to difficult job science proved by dr.Hahneman in his first proving introducated a new system of homoeopathic system of medicine. arts called
    casetaking according the similarity of medicine.

    It is more knowlege of materia medica experience
    of casetaking regarding similar homoeo medicine both have difficult.

  7. ginni on

    can someone tell me how to order these books I need to ship them to the Lebanon xx And anyhow why do we have do draw a line between Art & Science they work so beautifully together. Scientific discoveries with the art of understanding and putting them into practise. blessings on you all Gx

    Hi Ginni,
    The best source for Homeopathic books is Minimum Price Homeopathic books.Their phone number is 1-800-663-8272 http://www.minimum.com
    Another source is Homeopathic Educational Services. Their phone number is 1-800-649-9051

    Give them a try.
    Warmest regards, Robert Field

  8. Manoj on

    Hi Robert,
    Is the homeopathic remedy “Heroinum” available to purchase from any homeopathic manufacturer ? I tried searching but could not find any manufacturer that lists heroinum for purchase.

    Thank you once again for the wonderful tips on homeopathy. They are very helpful…


    Heroinum is available through Helios Pharmacy in the UK.
    Their phone number from the USA is 011441892537254
    Their FAX number is 01144892546850
    They have many remedies that are not available in the USA.
    Thanks for all of your comments and questions,
    Robert Field

  9. I.Rabbani on

    Being an homeopathy I have about two years experience, but no formal degree, from where Can I get diplome degree free of cost, any body else help me, I will be most oblidge

    Hi Rabbani,
    I am not sure that with no formal training and only 2 years experience that there is any school who would issue a diploma. I do not know of any free program.
    Robert Field

  10. mah-jabeen on

    Hi RObert.i am an homeopath in Pakistan . i have 4 years diploma but i am not satified my education . in homeopath. i want further education in homeopath in UK WITH MY PRACTICE , YOU , TELL ME A RIGHT WAy ? thanks alot

    • inzamamul on

      come to india for having good studies

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