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  1. sameer on

    dear brother
    i want to know about the diabetic problems …..

    • mukesh goel roshanlal on

      on daibetic iwant to know the drugs that can keep in control

  2. Dr.soumya Bhattacharyya on

    Dear Dr.Robert all your tips had been very much usefull to me since i started getting mails.Now
    i am doing my M.D in homoeopahy in Materia Medica
    will you suggest some thesis topic for me please.
    and some books for advance study.I will be very
    greatful if you do so.Thank you.

    Hi Dr.
    A thesis should be something that you are passionately interested in and want to learn more about. I assume that this applies to homeopathy for you. But what aspect most intrigues you? What is it about homeopathy or how does homeopathy compare to any other modality? The very reasons that you have been drawn to homeopathy are the real subjects to explore in your thesis. Good luck.
    Robert Field

  3. dr rashmi on

    i am verythanks to dr robert who inspire me to become a good homoeopathic physian.

  4. selva on


    I have suffered “hodykins lymphoma” disease in last one year.In my doctor’s says do born maro transparent(BMT) for this. But he told very risky and 50% chance only for curable. So my parents are affair to proceed with PMT. Is it any chance to cure this disease in homeopathy?

    Hi Selva,
    You should consult with a local homeopathic physician. Homeopathy is safe medicine and may help you heal. It can be used in combination with any other modality very safely. Get professional help.
    Warmest regards,
    Robert Field




  6. DR Syed Najm-ul-Hassan on


  7. shankar on

    Dear Dr.

    I am a finance professional deeply interested in homeopathy. Is study of homeopathy possible through distance learning?



    Hello Shankar,
    Yes, Please go to the website http://www.resonanceschoolofhomeopathy.com for more information. Thanks,

  8. Dawood on

    What homeopathic medicines you would recommend for “Gout”?
    The patient has feet swollen. Thanks for your input

    • dr fari on

      tell me about the remedy of pid

    • ravi on

      take bryonia 30 2pills on sunday on emty stomach

      • h dr iftikhar ahmed on

        V informative

  9. dr fari on


  10. Chakkarapani PSER on

    Dear Sir,

    Please suggest the homeopathy medicine for GENERAL HEALTH for school going children – boys & girls age between 12 and 20 years.

    Kind regards
    Chakkarapani PSER

  11. dr.ashutosh on

    lots of thnx…dr…

  12. sushila on

    please guide about my husband he is having alergy in eyes (mucus iching redishness) and indigestion gastric trouble, heachad most of time one side, he take alot of burps even if he drink small quantity of water. in morning he go two or three times to pass stool. in case if he avoid than headach will start. from last six months he is takeing nux-vomica filling batter but not good enough. i will be thankfull to you if you suggest any suitable medicine for him.

    • Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

      Kindly take Magnesia sulph 200 single dose.early morning on empty stomach.wait for 2 days.. do not take any other medicine.
      U can call me on 9881469566 for ur feedback and I will try to help u.
      Dr.aradhana Srivastava

  13. Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

    Kindly have magnesia sulph 200 single dose on empty stomach.
    and wait for 2 days..
    call me on 9881469566 for ur feedback.
    Dr.Aradhana N Srivastava

  14. Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

    Kindly have magnesia sulph 200 single dose on empty stomach.
    and wait for 2 days..
    on 9881469566 for ur feedback.
    Dr.Aradhana N Srivastava

  15. nency on

    hello sir
    one of my frd have baldness since 5-6 yr. he take many medicine but not cure baldness n he try all pathy but no result.so give me some idea to cure this.

  16. Tandra S Mukherjee on

    y brother was having difficulty in swollowing on visiting doc saidd aftr the routine test that a tumor is here on ct they found two spots in lungs &kidney he is 35yrs oldthe doc efused to operate &has now advised radiation & chemo.CAn homeo pathy cure him if so can you tell what homeo med to take whom to consult.

  17. rakesh on

    what remidy would you prescribe to achild who has a habbit of eating clay

    • Asit Kumar Chatterjee on

      give Alumina 200 twice a day until the child leaves eating clay.

      Consultant Homoeopath

  18. Mahavir Rajmane on

    Dear dr
    i am 62 years old and now a days feeling energy less, My sleep is disturbed and keep tossing through out night on one side to another , I sleep on stomach. Incomplete and un refreshing sleep.
    I feel too much hungry frequently through out day, i feel some releif after i take some food then again hungry after some time. i feel hot in stomach and eyes and feel better for some time after i take antacid .
    I go for toilet 3/4 times a day and many times the stool is undigested food.
    I wake up @ 1to 3 in midnight feeling hot in the stomach and feeling hungry, i eat something and again sleep.
    I go for frequent urination even for small quantity during day and also in night. For last two months i am putting on weight it is 85 kg now from 78 kg.
    recently i got examined my urine , blood, ECG etc..
    Urine examination was normal except 1/2 pus cells.
    blood examination LDL increased to 174 and HDL came down to 45 thus the ratios are disturbed. The triglyceride are also slightly above the normal level,
    Fasting sugar was 92 .
    The abdominal sonography (USG) and the ECG was declared normal. ( i have undergone the coronary bypass 5 years ago)
    I do go for morning walk min 40mnts to 60 mnts and try to to do stretching occasionally.
    I take Telista 80 and Tenormin 25 mg for BP and Ecosprin 75 after lunch and TG GOAL 10mg ( combination for cholesterol and triglycerides) after dinner.
    May i request for suitable homeopathic medicine.

  19. m k vijayan nair on

    what remedy would you prescribe for a cholesterol patient.

  20. shakeeb ahmed on

    my hair is falling tell me which medicines i have to take i am male age 30 years

  21. DrJawaharLalJaiswal on

    dear sir i have itching on the nape of neck and unable to cure it please help me to cure it

  22. Prof. Dr.Rajan Iyer on

    Greetings from India!!! . Sir, I am Prof. Dr.Rajan Iyer (MD,MD Acu. FF.Hom). I shall thank you to send me your newsletter / Homoeopathy Tips/ Suggestions etc (as a special case). to : orgonchi@yahoo.com. Hope you will respond soon. Regards, Prof. Dr.Iyer.

  23. Dawood Munir on

    Any medicine for the carpal tunnel syndrome?

    • Velvet on

      Du sprichst mir aus dem Herzen Turandot. Ein Orden gehört dem Mann verliehen. Wenn ich schon höre “16 jähriger Intensivtäter albanischer Het2&nfru#8k21; kommt mir die Galle hoch. Nun kostet er dem Staat (also uns) wenigstens kein Geld mehr und solche Taten kann er auch nicht mehr verüben.

  24. Mery on

    See what I liked http://homeopathyhp.com/

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