Homeopathy Tips for 9/09/14 Learning Homeopathy

I have a problem with education. Education is a system for indoctrination. A system where one size fits-all. Where standards usually fall to the lowest common denominator which is the student that usually is the least capable. Then there is the problem of organization of the educational system and the regulation involved. In the education model you are told what to study for and then show proficiency by testing. Education needs evaluation. For evaluation to be fair then all students need to pass the same test. Eventually there is no room for individuality. This is definitely not encouraged.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. This works if there is a body of water and fish in it. And he has a fishing pole. But really there is an art in fishing. How to hold the pole and flick the wrist. When to set the hook and reel the fish in. If this were taught in a didactic, written manual, it would take a lot of practice for this person to learn to fish. Most likely they would eventually get the hang of it.

But if you took the person fishing and showed him/her how to do it including the subtle nuances and tricks they would learn much faster and be a better fisherman forever. This analogy is best applied to becoming a homeopath. Resonance School of Homeopathy , being a homeopathic school, is not involved with education regarding homeopathy. We are training homeopaths and there is a big difference.

If the point of homeopathic education is to help people become homeopaths, then I think there is something seriously wrong with the homeopathic educational system. This system is starting budding homeopathic students with hours of dry lectures and tons of reading Materia Medica to learn remedies and pass written tests. After several years the student may have the opportunity to see a more advanced homeopath do a case. To me this approach is wrong. It creates prejudice. The reason this is so, is because when we learn about remedies before ever seeing a case we will invariably want to prescribe that remedy we know something about. This is human nature.

I think a better system is to bring the student to the client and let them begin to learn to work together right from the start. The hardest part of being a homeopath is knowing what is asking to be healed in the client. Because no two people are the same, and no two cases are the same, there is no way this could be learned from a book or lecture. This art is the sole crux of being a homeopath. This is the most vital aspect of learning; learning to see the case and understand people. Once this foundation is learned, everything else is academic. This is why we teach with only live cases and all students are student/homeopaths at Resonance School of Homeopathy. The student learns from the foundation up, not the other way around.

When a student comes to finding a remedy he will have already determined the most vital aspect of the case, that which is asking to be healed. Then the process of finding the remedy is much easier. Learning to read Materia Medica with an idea of understanding the energy of the remedy, and whether it is applicable to the case will always leave the student/homeopath learning. They have been shown how to learn vrs. dry information about remedies. They will have a case to hook the remedy to and have knowledge of that remedy for life. They have experienced it.

I see this in all my students; they know remedies by their essence and energy, not because they have been taught the remedy. There is a big difference. There are no tests to study for or information to memorize. Yet I have seen my student/practitioners know remedies even better than they think. I just had one student tell me she was reading a book about homeopathy and there was a short story about a case and she said, “Oh, that sounds like the remedy Aconite, and sure enough it was.” She has never been taught Aconite in a dry lecture or tested for it. She has learned it by doing cases and understanding the remedy by its essence.

When a student/practitioner has a new case before them their job is to be the unprejudiced observer. All cases at Resonance School of Homeopathy are opportunities for learning. They are learning how to learn so they can always be improving and evolving as a homeopath. This happens from day one of class. They learn by doing. This also adds up to experience. Most other schools bring a few cases to work on during the entire program. Most of these can be paper cases too. At Resonance School of Homeopathy all cases are live cases, real people, with real problems. The student/practitioner has the privilege of bringing these cases to the class. They are also intimately involved in the case, follow-ups and all communication with the client. They are learning how to be homeopaths, not learning about homeopathy.

In the course of a year our student/practitioners will have seen over 50 new cases and around 168 follow-ups to cases. After four years that’s over 200 new cases! This adds up to real experience. After a few years they are confident to go out into the world and call themselves a homeopath. They have experience.

So the profession of homeopathy does not need more educated students. It needs more experienced student/homeopaths. Student/homeopaths who have confidence and expertise in the art of homeopathy. Student/homeopaths who know how to learn and who become great masters. These student/homeopaths will be the future leaders in homeopathy as well as the best practitioners.

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  1. Aaron Wolfe on

    Robert, great words Inspirational and very acurate. You teach us there is a marked differance between reading about a remedy and really knowing that remedy in its essence, and when it is needed. To be able to experience homeopathy like this from the very first day of class is remarkable. This type of learning implants those remedies deeper in each of us by experience and really knowing what is asking to be healed through association of live cases. Thank you Robert

  2. Asghar Ali on

    Dear Dr. Robert. Homeopathy tips are always inspiring. Getting educated through live cases is certainly the best system to understand malaise the patient is suffering with and to identify the needed remedy; elsewhere I note that cases are built on fiction and supposedly treated with success.

    Please keep educating us.

    Asghar Ali

  3. Sarfaraz ali'Islamabad on

    Very useful article for grooming true professionals

  4. dr.mohammedhussain on

    Dear Dr. Robert. Homeopathy tips are always inspiring. Getting educated through live cases is certainly the best system to understand malaise the patient is suffering with and to identify the needed remedy; elsewhere I note that cases are built on fiction and supposedly treated with success.

    Please keep educating us.

  5. Michelle on

    When I burn myself in the kitchen, I do just what Hahnemann says in the Organon was common knowledge at the time- put the part up to the heat. I put it towards and away from the heat several times until I can tell it is healed. The only burns I have that take weeks to heal are the ones I fail to treat in this way. I have found it is even better than cantharis for a burn that is not too large. I have also used cantharis in water topically(seeing it is a ‘mechanical’ not dynamic problerm) for a large burn with good results.

  6. AA on

    I couldn’t agree more. I have been trying for years to put this across to teachers but no one likes to get out of their comfort zone and address what is really needed.
    Way to go.

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