Homeopathy Tips for 7/03/18 Coherence

What happens when the vital force is inspired to heal? What is healing really? It all comes from a perspective. When we are looking at the nature of all things then we must look to the largest common denominator. This would be the energy behind all creation. It comes from an intelligence that has created vibration. Out of the unified field comes a densification of energy that eventually coalesces into matter. There are many layers to this densification process. Our current time/space reality would be the end result with all things physical being the end manifestation.

What if our consciousness were able to perceive other layers of this manifestation and respond to them? I say we are doing this all the time but have little awareness of the process or state. When we do have glimpses of this we say it was serendipitous or synchronicity.

If all matter is vibration then we are vibratory beings seemingly stuck in the lowest vibration of matter. Yet we are also mental and emotional beings. Our thoughts have an energy and are vibrations also. We are constantly trying to make sense of our world and experiences. When we are faced with something that has no easy explanation or solution we have a mental conflict. I say the root of all dis-ease comes from mental/emotional conflicts that are unresolved. The brain, being the master controller of the body as consciousness comes into matter, stores the energy of these conflicts.

Often when we bring a conflict to resolution the higher realm of vibration must make it into the physical and it gets expressed as disease or illness. When a homeopathic (similar-suffering) remedy has inspired the vital force to a healing response the physical body must respond. The released energy of the conflict will manifest into physical reality and try to resolve the vibrational difference. This unwinding is often chaotic as new energy is released. Once this energy starts to organize again it becomes coherent.

Coherence is defined by Websters New World Dictionary as; a sticking together, having cohesion. The quality of being logically integrated, consistent and intelligible; congruity.

As we look at the levels of energy coming into manifestation this energy that has created us starts to become better organized and coherent. This energy is still our flow and as we reorganize we become more coherent. In simple terms we get out of our own way and let the divine move through us.

When this happens our lives become more organized. Things get easier. The physical vibrations we call illness starts to resolve. Magical things start to happen and we say it was synchronicity or a serendipitous event. In reality we are simply more open for the divine to express through us and we are the living extension of this intelligence.

Our awareness increases and if we are able to use this healing energy to make lasting changes we are then the expression of our own spiritual evolution. This I believe is the purpose of our existence. In every sense of the word homeopathy is spiritual medicine.

Coherence is to become more integrated and intelligible. This means we have a greater ability to make sense of our lives. As Hahnemann says in Aphorism 9;   …so that our indwelling, reason gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.

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  1. Kul Bhushan Sharma on

    My thinking:

    As per Einstein’s law of thermodynamics, matter and energy are inter-convertible.

    When matter in liquid form is diluted exponentially, eventually it is converted into energy, E=mc2

    This energy is kept stored in the liquid medicine. Further dilution is simply a process of refining the energy levels so that when administered into a vibrating organ, a resonance effect takes place, the so called a healing process.

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