Homeopathy Tips for 3/01/16 Vibration, Resonance and Susceptiblity

Vibration, Resonance and Susceptibility are the three major ideas that explain homeopathy. Without a clear understanding of these principles and how they relate to each other, it is very difficult to ever explain homeopathy effectively. As Homeopaths we are always explaining the concepts of homeopathy, but I find that it is one of the more difficult tasks of any student. Even practicing Homeopaths find homeopathy difficult to explain. Here are the key ideas to keep in mind.

Vibration is present in all form. At the quantum physics level of understanding it is all about vibration and the non-physical glue that holds matter together. This weak force is a force that keeps all atomic structures in perfect relation to all of the particles making up their existence. This is something akin to spiritual glue in a layman’s perspective. This spiritual glue has a vibrational quality when matter is formed. It is what holds the particles, atoms, molecules, and organism together so that it maintains it’s physical properties and form. It is because of this that we can identify one type of rock from another, an amoeba from a horse, a person from a chimpanzee. There is a spiritual, vibrational glue holding all matter together and in a form that we call by its commonly identified name.

This spiritual energy is released when a remedy is potentized. When we take limestone (Calcarea Carbonica) or Bushmaster snake poison (Lachesis) or the mother tincture of the Monkshood (Aconite) plant we are capturing the physical form of the substance to begin the process of releasing the spiritual vibration of the substance. Each dilution and succussion releases the bond holding the molecules together and allows the energetic spiritual glue to be imparted as a vibrational pattern in the medium of water. This vibration becomes more potent as the dilutions progress. It is this vibrational pattern that gives the quality that is recognizable by the vital force.

The vital force, itself a vibrational, energetic and spiritual energy, is very sensitive. When we are carrying the energy of dis-ease, it is a vibrational pattern present in our energy. The vital force has responded to a morbid influence and we know we are ill by the manifestations of symptoms. The vital force can recognize the energy of the remedy because of resonance and susceptibility. We become susceptible to the energy of the remedy when the vital force is producing symptoms that are vibrationally similar to the remedy.

Just as two tuning forks of the same key can respond to each other without a physical influence, other than the resonance of sound, the vital force will recognize and respond to the homeopathic remedy because of resonance. It can recognize the vibrational pattern of the remedy because it is susceptible to it. If the remedy had no resonance then there would be no response from the vital force. It is the concept that supports Homeo = similar, in homeopathy.

The homeopathic remedies do not “do” anything. They act as an inspiration, a way that the vital force can respond because of the susceptibility and resonance to the vibrational energy of the remedy. This is a key idea to keep in mind as we prescribe. All to often we think of the remedy as a physical drug like in western allopathic medicine; the remedy is for X, Y, and Z. But the reality is, the vital force is a spiritual energy that is responsible for the expression of the symptoms as well as the healing of the symptoms. This all happens at a vibrational, energetic level. It is all about the vital force.

Remember that we are vibrational, spiritual beings. It is only because of susceptibility that we could ever recognize the subtle energy of a remedy. And it is because of resonance that we respond to the energy of the remedy. Keep these ideas in your mind always. When it comes time to explain homeopathy you will have a much easier time of it. And when your client sits before you, you will have a clearer idea of what is actually happening at a vibrational level. It will also be easier to find a remedy that can address the vital force, inspiring it to heal.



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  1. caroline stack on

    Wonderful. Is it ok to share this on Facebook?

  2. Robert Field on

    yes, you can like this on our facebook page also and friend us to receive it there also. plus comments are welcome here and on facebook.
    Robert Field

  3. DR RAPH on

    HI Robert,
    In Ghana when you talk of homeopathy, it is very sad, the practitioners come on the radio and talk about diagnostic machines able to detects diseases after which they give homeo remedies in color water, forgetting about the material medica, the repertory and their five clinical senses as their main tool,

  4. stace katzman on

    This is very helpful. I need to keep hearing this. Thank you Robert

  5. Kul Bhushan Sharma on

    When a remedy, in liquid form, is diluted exponentially, a stage is reached when it is converted into energy – the vibrational energy. Remember the Einstein’s law? E=mc2? An immense energy is released and it remains absorbed in the liquid medicine. A drop of it is sufficient to excite the process of resonance of the ailing organ.

    The sensation of pain is an indication that the organ in the body is not vibrating to its normal level – and the medicine helps to restore it to its normal level.

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