Homeopathy Tips for 3/04/20 Corona Virus

I have hesitated to report about the Corona Virus until now because the mainstream narrative has been so pervasive I have not had any clarity as to the reality of this virus/pandemic. I use the word pandemic with great caution because the number of cases worldwide and in the US does not equal pandemic at this point. I am not being naïve but cautious about the reality of this.

Currently the mainstream blitz of constant news coverage is beginning to create an hysterical response from the greater population. That is the reality as I see it now. The number of cases to date is increasing but the reality is that this minimal number of people effected is being reported as if millions are dying.

The fear that is being generated is starting to really take hold. I am talking with clients now who are asking questions about it and expressing deep concerns. At this point I am less concerned about the virus as I am about the response to the news of it.

The latest idea to battle this illness is quarantine and isolation. This is creating more needs for control of the population. Travel may become very restricted and I can see the day in the future where there could be random road check-points to further screen the population. This is already happening in airports. When vaccination for the virus becomes available I can see the day that whether you want this or not it could be forced upon an individual, all in the name of the public good.

At present the severity of this viral infection is slightly greater than a normal influenza. The death rate has been reported many times each day with each death reported quickly. This constant barrage of information has a sneaky way of infiltrating our subconscious and engenders fear.

Fear separates us from love and our connection to our divine self. This leads to susceptibility and suppresses our immune system. In my opinion this is the greatest threat from this event. It is not the threat of getting sick from the virus as much as is the constant state of fear the media is sharing about it.

My hope is that this does not expand into something like the influenza epidemic of 1918. Many died from this influenza. Homeopathy had the greatest success rate of all treatments. I am sure homeopathy will again shine as it always has in the treatment of acute illness. At this point there have not been enough cases to say what the best genus epidemicus remedy is. When it becomes clear I will share this with you.

In the mean time keeping yourself healthy and your immune system strong is the first priority. Meditate to calm your mind and stay connected to your source is one of the best self-care solutions. Limit your exposure to the strong media message is helpful but almost impossible in this internet day and age.  So a strong internal message of health and wellbeing that we can remind ourselves of daily, is a good practice.

Good physical hygiene and sanitary practices are important. Wash your hands often, especially after being in the public. Refrain from touching mucous membranes, eyes, mouth etc. If you must put yourself into a high density of people, ie, crowds, airplane travel, busses, ships, concerts, conventions etc., wearing an N-95 particle filter mask may offer a limited protection. Regular inexpensive Vodka will act as well as any sanitizing lotion or wipe. Carry a bottle with a spray nozzle and you can dis-infect your skin and other surfaces.

Taking supplements to support your immune system is highly recommended. Vitamin D-3 with Vitamin K-2 helps our immune system. Vitamin C and Pantothenic Acid work together to support this as well. Herbal formulas and essential oils for the immune system are recommended. Proper diet and rest are key to our immunity. Getting a good nights sleep is one of the best things we can do to keep ourselves healthy.

I keep with me the remedy Occilococcinum 200C especially when I travel. At the very first sign of not feeling well this remedy can be miraculous. Take it within the first 4 hours of having the thought, “I wonder if I’m getting sick?” and it can ward off an acute infectious illness like no other. If after that first four hours and the illness is starting to take hold I find that the window for this remedy has passed. Other more homeopathically suitable remedies are then indicated and Occilococcinum generally does not have the same effect.

If the Corona Virus develops to be truly pandemic there could be great disruptions to life as we know it. People will be encouraged to stay home and commerce could come to a halt. The availability of goods and services could be severely curtailed. This would have grave economic repercussions akin to the great depression possibly. This is not the time to be reliant on government to take care of you. Being prepared with food, medicine and other essentials for a minimum of two weeks may make any voluntary or mandatory quarantine much easier.

Knowing how well good homeopathy can help a viral infection far better than any other medicine gives me comfort about surviving the disease. My greater concern is the possibility of government control and the disruption of travel and life as we know it.

Don’t let fear rule your mind. Be prepared and keep your mental state healthy. This is one thing that no one can take away from you. Keeping the message you give yourself optimistic and strong will help keep you happy and healthy. You get to choose those thoughts. Do your best and be smart and aware. Life as we know it may be changing.  If so be ready in mind, body and spirit. It is the best way to insure your health.



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