Homeopathy Tips for 12/07/17 Why Homeopathy is Real Medicine

The foundation of any system is primary to it’s understanding. There are always basic assumptions that the entire system will be built on. For allopathic medicine it is assumed we are physical beings. In order to heal the biology of our being we need to apply a physical substance or intervention to effect the change. The entire system of allopathic medicine is based on this idea.

In Homeopathy we recognize the vital force as being the primary energy animating the physical body and all other process of being human. This is an energy and is not identifiable as physical; although the physical could not exist without this vital force. This is radically different than the allopathic approach. Because the modern practice of medicine has captured the dialogue surrounding these primary assumptions, most people will argue that there is nothing in the homeopathic remedy so it does not qualify as a medicine.

Lets look at the definition of medicine in Websters New World Dictionary: Medicine – 1. The science and art of diagnosing, treating, curing,  preventing disease, relieving pain, and improving and preserving health. 2. The branch of this science and art that makes use of drugs, diet, etc. as distinguished especially from surgery and obstetrics. 3. a) any drug or other substances used in treating disease, healing, or relieving pain. b) A drug or other substance , as a poison, love, potion, etc. used for other purposes. 4. Among North American Indians, a) any object, spell, rite, etc. supposed to have natural or supernatural powers as a remedy, preventative, protection, etc. b) Magical power or rite. 5. a medicine man. To treat medicinally. To give medicine.

So to paraphrase the above definition, medicine is the science and art of treating and curing disease and improving and preserving health. Medicine includes other substances used in healing even those having natural or supernatural powers as a remedy.

If the animating force of all our existence comes from the vital force then it stands that the expression of dis-ease also comes from the vital force. Even though we recognize physical changes that happen the primary cause is from the vital force. So the treatment of disease must be at the level of the vital force to be effective.

Modern medicine uses physical substances (drugs) that effect the biology. This biological change is to help aid the body by changing some aspect of the physiology. Often this change will put all other systems within the physiology into imbalance. This is challenging other systems to compensate and is a net decrease in healing power. It does not do anything to address the reasons why the vital force has produced the symptoms of dis-ease. At best this system of drugs will suppress the vital forces expression of the dis-ease. At worst it will add to the dis-ease as the body tries to detoxify from the chemical drugs.

Based on basic universal laws, all life force is in the process of creation and expression. We live in an expanding universe. So the vital force is also in the same process of creation and ever expressing until it leaves the physical body. This process we call death. When I explain this to clients many agree and say we are spiritual beings having a physical bodily experience.

The safest way to turn around the expression of dis-ease is to inspire the vital force into a healing response. To inspire is to animate or influence without a direct effect. Because the homeopathic remedy does not have physical substance then it could not act directly upon the physical organism. This is the main argument against homeopathy from the allopathic world. Recent studies are now trying to legitimatize homeopathy with study into nano particles that, because they are described in the physical world, have an animating effect on the physical body.

We must not forget that medicine includes other substances used in healing even those having natural or supernatural powers as a remedy. Being unable to identify  physical properties of  any homeopathic medicine when they have been potentized beyond Avagrado’s number of dilution,  puts the remedy into the realm of the supernatural or spiritual.

What better way to communicate to the vital force than by the potentized remedy. If there is resonance with this energetic medicine then the vital force could recognize it and respond. This is because of susceptibility. Remember Homeo means similar and Pathy means suffering. If the energy of the remedy carries a similar energy to the energy of the dis-ease expressing from the vital force, it will be inspired to respond.

This is true healing. The very energy that has created the dis-ease is now healing it. Homeopathy is always looking for cure and not just amelioration. Unfortunately we do not always see perfect cure but we can rest knowing that we have done no harm and have attempted to safely inspire the vital force into a healing response. This is true medicine. Why Homeopathy is Real Medicine





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