Homeopathy Tips for 10/13/15 Why Homeopathy is So Confusing for People

I find homeopathy is one of the most misunderstood and confusing subjects for many people. Here’s why; it is not represented accurately. Aside from gross misrepresentation on behalf of those wishing to discredit this wonderful healing art, it is too often confused with the allopathic model of medicine.

Most often when I ask my clients what they know about homeopathy, the most common response is,”It’s herbs and vitamins, right?” No it is not. Homeopathy is a system of medicine. The remedies are energetic medicines and not homeopathy. Homeopathy is the reason to give the medicine and not the medicine itself. This is very confusing for most people.

When a person goes to the health food store and has a malady of some sort, they may come to the aisle for homeopathic remedies. There may even be a little booklet to help them find a remedy for their suffering. The whole time they are still thinking that the remedy is something like a drug, or herb. It is to help their suffering, the malady or illness from effecting them.

Now in the allopathic model of medicine you take this particular medicine for that particular illness. The same idea is carried on with homeopathy. Homeopathy is the reason to take a particular medicine, not the medicine itself. Based on the law of similars, homeo= similar and pathy= suffering. The reason to give any particular medicine is to help treat the person expressing the particulars of their dis-ease. Not the disease name in particular. Even with homeopaths we often mistakenly refer to a particular remedy as the remedy for some specific dis-ease. This may be true some of the time but is not true all of the time. There may be 150 different remedies in our repertory for some particular dis-ease name.

Because the remedies come from all of the kingdoms; plant, animal and mineral, they often get identified as a supplement. This could be herbal if it is from the plant kingdom or mineral supplements if from the mineral kingdom. I can see without a full and proper introduction many people would make the assumption that these energetic remedies are grouped into the same category as supplements.

The truth of the matter is that homeopathy is a system of medicine to treat and help inspire a person to heal themselves. So often when drugs are taken the person will say they needed the drug and it healed them. The drug does not heal a person anymore than a homeopathic remedy heals a person. The drug will suppress the expression of the disease and the remedy may inspire the person to heal themselves. But without this context to understand the effects of these medicines, the indoctrination of the western allopathic model prevails in a persons mind.

I spend 15-30 minutes of each new client visit explaining homeopathy so the person really understands why they are taking the medicine and that they are the healers. This education sometimes needs to be reinforced in follow-up appointments also. As much as the person hears what I say, they still haven’t opened their mind enough to grasp it and  will default to the allopathic mindset.

Homeopathy is individualized medicine. It is life medicine for the person. It is energetic medicine and not materialistic in the remedies or the person. It inspires the vital force through the principle of resonance. It has no direct effects. This is why it is such safe and yet powerful medicine. There is no other healer than the vital force of the person. Just like drugs do not heal, remedies do not heal either. They inspire only. The only healer there is is the person with their spirit like, vital force.

The allopathic model and the indoctrination that is supported by the medical schools,insurance companies and drug companies keep these facts about homeopathy and their allopathic drugs quiet. They do not want to empower us in the belief that we can heal safely from our dis-ease. As a whole we have become dependent on their model of health and disease. Even to the point that we do not know the truth about homeopathy.

This is why homeopathy is so confusing for most people. It is a radical departure from the allopathic mindset. It is not physical medicine and yet inspires the only and most powerful force in a person the vital force, to heal itself. There is no system of medicine as safe or effective (when done correctly) as homeopathy.

3 comments so far

  1. Christine Rodriguez on

    That was very educational for me Robert. THANKS

  2. ellen kire on


    What a wonderful explanation on what is homeopathy and our homeopathic remedies- easy to grasp- for homeopaths and clients!


  3. Emily A Boronkay on

    Always helpful to see ways to speak about homeopathy. I’m definitely practicing my 3 minute elevator speech.

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