Homeopathy Tips for 8/09/16 What I’ve Learned After 25 Years in Homeopathy

After 25 years as a homeopath it is a good idea to assess what I have learned about homeopathy and healing. I’ve condensed it down to the top 15 most important things I have learned that all of my homeopathic work is built upon. Here they are in no particular order.

  • Always set your intention – Before starting a case it is vitally important to stop and set your intention. This is a moment to align yourself with your higher self, G-d or whatever spiritual guides you prefer. It will align your energy and make yourself available to help from higher powers. It will settle your mind and help you be more present. It activates your imagination, as well as your intuition. You will see more, hear more and understand more about your client.
  • Let go – We are our own worst enemies when it comes to doing homeopathy. Our thoughts of doubt, worry, will I find the right remedy?, do I understand what is really asking to be healed, is it this remedy or that remedy, all combine to doubt and pulling us away from knowing. When you find that your “monkey mind” is going it is time to stop it and let go. Knowing will rise when the internal chatter of our own story fades away. It is perhaps the most difficult thing to do, but by far the most rewarding. Your intuition will turn on and you level of knowing will increase dramatically.
  • Always ask for help – As you set your intention  and align with higher powers it opens a door to higher spiritual help. Once the door is open we need to step through and ask for help. There are an infinite number of helpers in the spirit world ready and willing to help. They will not interfere unless asked for help. It is the quickest way to get out of our own way, especially when we are stuck.
  • We are not the healers – The only person who can heal is the person doing the healing. As a homeopath we are a part of a persons process in healing, but the net effect is that the remedies we prescribe act only as an inspiration for a person to heal. It is between them and G-d as to how, why and when they heal. Once the remedy is given it is out of our hands until the next time to observe and access their healing process.
  • Always expect a miracle – When a remedy is given, give it with such clarity and surety that you can expect a miracle. Why not expect a miracle; it is always entirely possible that healing could be nearly instantaneous. After all, the instant the vital force recognizes the remedy, the healing response begins.
  • Not everybody heals – This is a brutal and sad fact. Even with the best homeopathy not everyone will heal. It is good to temper our expectations when we see that expected responses do not happen. Always continue to search for a better remedy. Always do your best. Sometimes even our best is not good enough to save another.
  • Always temper our disappointment – If we experience a person who does not heal then we should not take this so personally if we have done our very best and know this. What more could anyone expect of us? When failures come keep your head high and keep looking forward. Do your best to temper the disappointment.
  • Our failures are our biggest teachers – Homeopathy is such a vast and deep science and art that we will never stop learning. It is not through our successes that the biggest learning opportunities lie. It is through our failures that we can always learn more. It is not that we should rejoice in our failures but greet them with humility and search for the deeper causes of our failure. In this we will always learn more.
  • There is NO case without knowing what is asking to be healed – If we do not fully and deeply understand our client and, by it’s essence, know what is asking to be healed, we will seldom find the correct remedy. Always search for the knowing-ness and confirm it with your client that which is asking to be healed. You could never find the correct rubrics or remedy without knowing this first.
  • Mental illness is not easy to cure – It seems because we have free will and the ability to choose, including our thoughts, mental illness that is deep is sometimes very hard to cure. Mental symptoms are important in all dis-ease expressions, but pure mental illness is a deep state of disease that is sometimes hard to cure. There may be improvements but the complete annihilation of the disease is very difficult.
  • Some cases are very complex and need more than one remedy at a time to inspire the best healing response – This seems like it is against everything Hahnemann has taught in the Organon., and it may well be. I am not suggesting complex, over the counter remedies and a shot gun approach. I am suggesting that it is possible that two states of being are equally present in the dis-ease picture and two or possibly even more remedies are required to inspire the biggest vital force response. This is not true in all cases and most often only a single remedy is necessary. But when the dis-ease is complex and different remedies are clearly indicated, the person will respond better to both remedies when taken at the same time. Great care and clarity must be had to do this accurately and effectively.
  • Some people are VERY sensitive to homeopathic remedy energy – When you see that the persons response to the remedy is very strong and they respond in more acute or violent ways, we must dilute the remedy or change potency scales. We can do multiple dilutions in the same potency and it will soften the response. Or we can change to the LM potencies and put them in water. Or sniff the remedy. Or simply hold the remedy. Homeopathy is powerful medicine and for sensitive individuals we must respond appropriately. We have many ways to mitigate and work with their sensitivities and still inspire the vital force to heal.
  • Staying current is the highest expression of health – By staying current I mean current with the ability to respond to life’s challenges. When we are challenged we do not always have instant answers or solutions to our dilemmas. But staying current is still the challenge. If we do not look deeper to gain the knowledge or wisdom of our challenges they will eventually find another form of expression in dis-ease. Staying current means we are doing our best to always find our happy place and resolve the conflicts that are always rising. It is through these challenges that the roots of dis-ease can take hold.
  • Healing takes time- Even though we expect a miracle we do not always see one appear. Healing takes time. It is through time that we acquire knowledge and wisdom. This is our spiritual opportunity for growth. If we were always suddenly shifting we would not have the same opportunities to grow. Healing takes time.
  • Learning should be fun – We retain much more information when we have an experience to hook it to. The emotional state of our being while we are learning will determine how much we retain and understand. When we are in a happy, easy, fun place, it sparks our interest and we open up to learning much more. We will retain more and have easier access to information in our minds. When we study homeopathy, open up and make it fun. This is when your time will be most usefully used to learn. Make it fun.

I hope this is helpful to all of you. If there is something that you have learned and would like to share, everyone will benefit. Please share below.

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  1. yogamamaonline on

    Great reminders

  2. Arline Fernandez on

    Thank you for your dedication to helping us evolve into wholeness!

  3. Deborah Inskip, RN, APH on

    Such a great condensation of your years in homeopathy! Always a pleasure to read your newsletter.

  4. sarfaraz ali on

    An impressing account

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